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2ème Bac. Sciences => Tests => Language

Language Test (1)

  1. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given     5 points

    1. Someone should fix the problem very soon.
      The problem

    2. I can't meet you tomorrow.
      I wish

    3. "She didn't tell the truth", he said.
      He told me

    4. Although it was dark, the cat could see the scorpion.

    5. John got sick because he ate junk food.

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense or form     3 points

    1. Although he was warned, he went on (eat) junk food.

    2. She fainted after she (read) the e-mail.

    3. By next weekend, they (finish) the reparations.

    4. The teacher helped me (understand) the lesson.

    5. She has just finished (write) the report.

    6. I'm looking forward to (meet) you soon.

  3. . Put the words between brackets in the correct form     2 points

    1. The (strong) of the brain is what counts most.

    2. I love my grandma because she is a (humour) person.

    3. Do self-confident people have (inferior) complex.

    4. They need some ideas of (improve) for their next project.

  4. Match the words that go together to make appropriate collocations.     2 points

    a. societyb. educationc. solvingd. thinking

    1. Civic
    2. Civil

  5. Match each sentence with its appropriate function.     [write the letters between the brackets]   3 points

    1. Due to the bad weather, the flight was postponed. a. certainty1. [ ]
    2. They own advanced technology, yet they don't know how to use it. b. cause & effect2. [ ]
    3. They are saving money to buy more technological devices. c. defining3. [ ]
    4. Along with all his responsibilities, Peter is a human rights activist.d. concession4. [ ]
    5. The tourist is looking for a restaurant. He must be hungry.e. purpose4. [ ]
    6. Biotechnology is the genetic manipulation of micro-organisms.f. addition4. [ ]

  6. Join these sentences using the words between brackets     3 points

    1. We left home very early. We want to catch the first bus. ( so as to )

    2. He can't go to school. He doesn't feel well. ( as )

    3. I couldn't hear you. It was very noisy. ( due to )

  7. Fill in the blank with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the list.     2 points

    find out hand in turn down look up

    1. If you don't know a word, it in a dictionary or Google it.

    2. Now that I have finished my test, I must my paper immediately.