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Irregular K, L & M-verbs Quiz

What is the simple past of the verb? Click the right answer.

  • to hurt       =>       hurt

  • K-Verbs

    1. to keep
    2. to know


    1. to lay
    2. to lead
    3. to lean
    4. to learn
    5. to leave
    6. to lend
    7. to let
    8. to lose


    1. to make
    2. to mean
    3. to meet


    Rewrite the sentences in the affirmative form

  • I didn't meet the teacher yesterday.
  • I met the teacher yesterday.
    1. She didn't keep the gift you had given her.

    2. Last night, my grandpa didn't make tea.

    3. He didn't lend them money.

    4. She didn't leave for Paris.

    5. I didn't know the answer.

    P & R-Verbs.

    Irregular Verb List