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(+_+) The Future Perfect Tense (_)

N.B: To do this quiz, you should have a look at these pages
(1) The Future Perfect Tense,
(2) The Future Perfect Tense   Download
(3) "By the time" clause   Download
          Good Luck.

Rewrite the verbs between brackets in the correct form

1. Do please try to be punctual. We (close) by 5 p.m.       CHECK

2. By next year, they (complete) their ambitious project.     CHECK

3. By the time you fill in the form, it (be) too late to hand it in.       CHECK

4. By noon tomorrow, all the merchandise (sell) out.       CHECK

5. By this time next year, Martha (publish) her new thrilling story.       CHECK

6. Don't worry, we (invite) all your friends by 4 O'clock at the latest.       CHECK

7. She is a determined woman. She (buy) this luxurious car by next Sunday.       CHECK

8. I (visit) Agadir five times if I go there again.       CHECK

9. It's already 7 O'clock. When you get to the airport, the plane (take) off.       CHECK

10. I (have) 10 shares if you offer me yours.       CHECK

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