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For & Against Essay

Argumentative Debate


Should we allow mobiles phones at school?


          There is no doubt that the subject of allowing mobile phones at school creates a lot of debate. Some people argue that mobile phones can help the students with their studies. Others say these devices only distract the students and disturb the class.

         One advantage of mobile phones at school is that the students can use its apps like the calculator, the dictionary and others for learning. This makes the students more interested and don't need to ask the teacher about everything. Another positive side of cell phones at school is their utility to save lives in case of emergency. For example, in case the teacher "has a heart attack" or a student faints, someone can use the mobile phone to call for help. Additionally, mobile phones can carry books and can be used to copy down lessons for revision later on.

          On the other hand, there are many arguments against bringing mobile phones to school. Firstly, a sudden phone ring can interrupt the lesson and everybody loses concentration. Secondly, uninterested students can use them during the lesson to text friends, to chat, to play games or even to watch movies. Another drawback is that cell phones can be used for cheating during tests. More importantly, it has been reported that the students who check their mobile phones regularly in class are the least successful.

         All things considered, there are strong arguments for and against bringing mobile phones to school. Personally, I think it is tolerable to bring the mobile phone to school as long as it is turned off. So often, both teachers and students might need it to make urgent calls, but during the breaks only.


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