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Present Simple & Adverbs of Frequency

*/ Drag Fred's answers that match with Peter's questions

Peter: Hi, my name is Peter, What's yours?

Peter: How old are you, Fred?

Peter: What do you do?

Peter: What time do you usually go to school?

Peter: How do you go there?

Peter: How often do you do your homework?

Peter: What's your favourite school subject?

Peter: Do you like English?

Peter: Do you smoke?

Fred: I usually go to school at 7.50

Fred: I'm a student.

Fred: I love History. It's interesting.

Fred: I am Fred.

Fred: No, I don't. I never do.

Fred: I usually ride to school

Fred: Yes, of course, I do.

Fred: I almost always do it.

Fred: I am nineteen.

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