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Grammar => Parts of speech => Adjectives => Short => Comparative & superlative => Exercise

\_/    Gap-filling Quiz    \_/

Put the words between brackets in the correct form

1. This exercise is (hard) than the other one.         CHECK
2. Is Ifran (cold) town in Morocco?         CHECK
3. My mother's hands are (soft) than my father's.      CHECK
4. Ted is (tall) student in class.       CHECK
5. Who is (crazy) Tom or Ben?       CHECK
6. Dave is (mad) than his wife.       CHECK
7. My aunt is (slim) than my mother.      CHECK
8. That's (sad) story I've ever heard.       CHECK
9. The bee and the ant are (busy) insects I know.       CHECK
10. My kids are (noisy) than the chickens.       CHECK

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