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Common Core => Tests => Language => May 2014

Language Test

  1. Put in the negative.     4 points

    1. I was at the café last night.
    2. Dan fixed the car.
    3. I have seen that film already.
    4. Latifa studies at the University.

  2. Choose the right answer     4 points

    1. I never go school ( at / in / on ) Sundays.             

    2. Malika and Ali are twins ( Two / Both / All ) of them are 12.           

    3. Rachid doesn't like tea, and he doesn't like coffee ( too / either ) .             

    4. How ( much / many ) time does it take to do this quiz?           

    5. I love going to school ( on / by ) bike.             

    6. Saida is Moroccan, ( but / and ) she lives in Paris.           

    7. Saida always comes to Morocco ( in / on / at ) the summer.             

    8. I am very busy. I have got ( no / any ) time for relaxation.           

  3. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list.     2.5 points

    I - me - my - mine - myself

    1. I sometimes talk to like a crazy person.
    2. Everybody likes new look.
    3. Steve and are friends. Steve always goes with to the cyber club.
    4. Look! That pigeon on that wall is surely .

  4. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense.     4.5 points

    1. The kids  (be very noisy last night.
    2. He rarely  (brush)   his teeth before bed time.    
    3. I am not hungry. I  (just / eat a banana.    
    4. My parents  (go on pilgrimage two years ago.    
    5. They  (look at my photo album at the moment.    
    6. We  (read six stories up to now.    
    7. Last night, while I  (try to sleep, my sister  (chat with her mother-in-law on the phone.    
    8. He hates  (be laughed at.    

  5. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms.     2 points

  6. 1. I don't think you are  (nasty)   your grandfather.    
    2. The donkey is not  (beautiful)   the horse.    
    3. I have got a few  (potato to peel.    
    4. Two  (half certainly make one.    

  7. What do these sentences express? Match the numbers with the letters.     5 points

    1. I am fond of eating couscous with my bare hands. a. Suggesting
    2. Can I come in, please? b. Likes
    3. Can we have dinner in the restaurant tonight? c. Ability
    4. Can you fix this mobile phone for me, please? d. Opinion
    5. Can she speak German? e. Permission
    6. As I see it, Internet is not all bad. f. Request