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1ère Bac. Sc. => Tests => Reading & Writing => November 2014 => 55 minutes.

~ Reading Test ~

           My friend Mr. Brian, the British History teacher, is back to his home city, Liverpool, after his marvellous first trip to Morocco. While he was here, he visited many different parts of the country.

           He started his trip in Casablanca where he stayed only one day because it is like many European cities. He came for something particular. He loves the exotic Morocco he has heard about, the 'Souks ', the famous Historic Monuments, the 'Kasbas ', the narrow streets of the 'Medina ', not skyscrapers*. At the hotel, the receptionist advised him to visit Marrakech. There, he could find what he was looking for. When he arrived in the red city, he was very glad because he saw something truly different. He took photos, bought some handicraft and went sightseeing by coach.

           "If tourists want to feel the beauty of life," he said, "I advise them to visit Marrakech. The colours, the smells, the music, the dances and the people are all from the beautiful exotic times of simple life." He told the reporter of a local newspaper, "Marrakech is like Atlantis, it represents the precious treasure of human history ".

skyscrapers* : ناطحات السحاب



            A.     Answer these questions                 [ 4 pts ]

  1. What is Mr. Brian, and what nationality is he?

  2. Where does he live?

  3. What did he want to see in Morocco?

  4. What did he do in Marrakech?

            B.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify                  [ 4 pts ]

  1. Mr. Brian never visited Morocco before.

  2. Mr. Brian loved Casa a lot.

  3. He was Happy in Marrakesh.

  4. Mr Brian invites tourists to see Marrakech.

            C.    Complete the sentences with one word from the text.                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. In Casa, Mr. Brian stayed in a
  2. Mr. Brian compared Marrakech to

            D.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. " the country " (paragraph 1, line 2)  
  2. " it " (paragraph 2, line 1))  
  3. " there " (paragraph 2, line 4)  
  4. " He " (paragraph 3, line 5)  

            E.    Find in the text words or phrases which mean the same as.                  [ 2 pts ]

  1. " wonderful " [paragraph 1]  

  2. " special " [paragraph 2]

  3. " searching " [paragraph 2]  

  4. " journalist " [paragraph 3]

II.     WRITING   

            Write a paragraph about what you did last Friday?              [ 5 pts ]

These questions may help you


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