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Understanding Brain Drain

By Mubarak Abdessalami


Understanding the phenomenon

                  What you should first understand is that "Brain Brain" is unlike "Mass Emigration". Brain Drain is the emigration of intellectual elite. It is referred to as "the human capital flight".

                  If you want to write an article about Brain Drain, you need to mention the following points.


  1. Definition
  2. Causes
  3. Effects
    1. Positive effects
    2. Negative effects
  4. Solutions

1. Definitions

2. Causes

3. Effects
      a. Positive

      b. Negative

4. Recommended solutions

Sample writing

      Brain Drain is the human capital flight. Most countries suffer from this problem.

      Write an article to your school magazine talking about the main causes of the problem.

A student's paper (1)
A student's paper (2)

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