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2ème Bac. => Ticket 2 English => Unit 1 => Practice Writing => Describing a person

My best friend

How can I describe my best friend objectively?

        Brahim has been my intimate friend since we were in the primary school. He's a tall and slim young man with tanned skin and curly dark hair. He has brown small eyes in an oval shiny face. He always wears casual clothes in a very messy way.

        Brahim is very outgoing. He is an extroverted person who loves having fun all the time. He's got a great sense of humour, and he always makes me laugh. Brahim is a very generous and sensitive person. However, he can be a little tense at times. For example, when someone crosses him, he suddenly becomes very quarrelsome and wild.

        Brahim is very keen on playing games, particularly soccer. During the weekends, he spends hours either training his football team or watching matches on TV. In addition to that, he enjoys singing and dancing, as well, and he is fond of listening to pop music in particular. Everybody likes him for his modesty and sociability.

        All in all, I'm satisfied to have such a good person like Brahim as a friend. I really enjoy his company. I never feel bored or sad when I am with him. I'm sure we'll always be intimate friends.

  1. How many times the name "Brahim" is mentioned?

  2. What does Brahim look like?

  3. What is he like?

  4. What does each of the 4 parts talk about?

  5. Scan for gerund and infinitive use?

  6. Can you describe someone you know using the passage for guidance?

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