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One question Quiz

        I am almost sure that the coming days will be of great influence vis-à-vis our entire existence on earth. Wars, terrorism, pollution, greed, to name only but a few, are the worst enemies which threaten our life on this lovely tiny planet. We are not the only ones concerned with the deterioration of our planet, Aliens are, too. Because if we achieve our goal notably the devastation of Earth with our weapons of mass destruction, they will be obliged to interfere to protect themselves by getting rid of our foolishness. We are to be considered as a pest for the whole universe because our greed may lead us to make recourse to violence, terrorism, poisoning of the vital elements for life: Air and water. A part of our behaviour will surely affect not only the planet earth but also our solar system or perhaps the whole galaxy. We are not the only ones in this vast universe. Other inhabitants are also meant with our hopeless management of our existence. What do you think they will do? I wish they wouldn't invite us to a mass death party... Because we are incorrectible, we won't even have time to be warned for they will automatically burst out the planet earth in spectacular fire work and our small scattered wreckage won't look like anything else. If we go on with our crazy experiments, our end will certainly be worse than mere extinction.

What would Aliens do if we continued destroying our planet?
A. invite us
B. warn us
C. destroy us