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How do you Spell it?

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  1. One and one make ______.
    a. tow
    b. two

  2. It is always _____ on the cost.
    a. worm
    b. warm

  3. There are seven days in the ______.
    a. week
    b. weak

  4. The ____ is a tame animal.
    a. cut
    b. cat

  5. Leila wants to _____ a good film tonight.
    a. a sea
    b. a see

  6. Why don't you _____ a toy for your child?
    a. bay
    b. buy

  7. The title is on the ____ of the page.
    a. top
    b. tap

  8. You shouldn't drink _____.
    a. bear
    b. beer

  9. He wants to ____ tea in the glass.
    a. pour
    b. poor

  10. They _____ their letters of application.
    a. send
    b. sand


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