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*/ Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word from the list.


    01. John and Karim are my friends, of them are nice people.
    02. my parents are young.
    03. Hind, Reda and Houda are my siblings. of them are girls.
    04. I have got two cute pets, and I love them
    05. I bought 3 pairs of shoes. of them are black.
    06. my eyes are red and itchy.
    07. The tiger, the lion and the fox are fierce. They live in the jungle.
    08. The computer crashed yesterday, and my files are lost.
    09. Ted, John and Fred are students, and of them are hard-working.
    10. There are two more apples left. You can eat them if you wish.

"Love is a game that two can play and both win."     ~ Eva Gabor
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