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1ère Bac. => Reading => March => 55 minutes.

~ Reading Test ~

            (1) My cousin Hassan is back to Morocco now. He has just returned from Egypt where he has stayed for two weeks. While he was there, he travelled to all different parts of the country.

            (2) He started his trip in Cairo where he stayed for three days. In the second day, he went to Giza where he spent all the day. Giza is known for its legendary pyramids. He has taken some beautiful photos there, and he has ridden a camel. Next, he went to Alexandria where he visited its ancient library.

            (3) From Cairo Hassan travelled to other places in Egypt. He has been to Egypt several times, but he likes visiting it. He has been visiting Egypt since 2001, and he hopes to find the Egyptians as welcoming in the future as they are now.



            A.    Choose the best title for the passage                 [0.5 pt]

  1. Hassan in Giza      
  2. the pyramids are famous      
  3. A holiday in Egypt      

            B.     Answer the question                  [4 pts]

  1. What nationality is Hassan?

  2. How long has he stayed in Giza?

  3. Why did he visit Giza?

  4. Do you think Hassan will go to Egypt again?

            C.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify                  [4 pts]

  1. Hassan has just arrived in Morocco from Egypt.

  2. Giza was the first place he visited in Egypt.

  3. Hassan has visited Cairo and Giza only.

  4. It is Hassan’s first visit to Egypt.

            D.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?                  [2 pts]

  1. " the country " (para.1, line 2)  
  2. " he " (para. 2, line 2)  
  3. " its " (para. 2, line 3)  
  4. " they " (para. 3, line 3)  

            E.    Find in the text words or phrases which mean the same as.                  [2 pts]

  1. famous (para. 2)  

  2. Then (para. 2)  

  3. many (para. 3)  

  4. generous (para. 3)

            F.    Match the numbers with the letters to make correct sentences                  [1.5 pt]

1. Hassan spent two weeks in Egypt and so ... a. because he loves it
2. He has visited Egypt several times ... b. he had enough time to visit other places
3. Egypt is a very agreeable country ... c. therefore, he likes to return in the future


II.     WRITING                 [6 pts]

            What are the advantages and disadvantages of fast food? Write a paragraph

These hints may help you:

(+) cheap (saves money) / saves time / delicious / no cooking / …

(-) cholesterol / unhealthy / disgusting / no family life / …


~ ~