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Eirik Wangberg News

Words by Paul McCartney in connection with the 50th Anniversary of the album RAM by engineer Eirik:

“I actually did an interview the other day with a guy called Lou Simon from the Beatles channel on Sirius XM in America, and he said that it’s not only his favourite album of mine, it’s his favourite record of all time. Wow! Considering what great records there have been over the years, that was a pretty big compliment.”


USA Podcast about Paul McCartney and RAM - Fredrik Skavlan introducing Eirik Wangberg

Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews Source: NRK

NRK Nitimen, radio

EIRIK the Norwegian
TV special by NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

From EkstraBladet's front page
     Two articles follow from DENMARK's leading newspaper, EkstraBladet.

     The first article is calling me a liar by stating that John Lennon did not
     visit together with Paul McCartney a session I had with The Beach Boys in '67.

     As stated in my book, My life among stars, and with proof in hand -

     the newspaper released a second article right away, apologizing and calling my
     story "world news".

Important: Continues above to the right

Allan Lykke for EkstraBladet, Denmark's leading newspaper

Per Wium blog


    Good old friends on our way to ABBA The Museum for an interview.
    Janne Schaffer, ABBA's guitarist, and I in Hasselbacken at Djurgården in
    Stockholm. (Co-writer Stein Slettebak Wangen and my labrador Brand in
    the background.)

Norwegian Wood Fanclub offer from Libretto publisher

The Beatles Fanclub Norwegian Wood
Photo Linda McCartney and Roger Stormo Text Roger Stormo Book cover design Eirik Wangberg

by Audun Hagen

Guess what we got in the door the other day! Probably the first Norwegian-built electric bass guitar. Created and owned by Eirik Wangberg, who showed it during his book presentation at Rockheim 28th November 2015.

In the Kjetil Storvik book Stumbling Guitars - From Nilsen guitar to Fender Stratocaster (2003), it emerges that Wangberg built the bass out of necessity. Wangberg was in the late '50s leader of a youth club at Ullern in Oslo and engaged the band Jan Rohde and his Cool Cats. During a serious talk about international efforts for the band, there was a need for a bass guitarist and thus a bass guitar. Wangberg was appointed, but the bass was a little-known concept in Norway. To import a bass guitar from abroad was out of financial reach.

Wangberg, therefore, went to an assorted music shop in Sweden, took strategic measurements of a bass guitar and bought strings, stool, and other technical necessities.

Wangberg designed the instrument, and he and bandmate Morten Kolstad made the body, neck and fingerboard from scratch (in a garage belonging to famous actor Henki Kolstad). They mounted tuning pegs and a pickup taken from a guitar, along with a radio knob and corks. Almost before the glue was dry, Wangberg and his bass got their stage debut at a Tivoli carnival by East Railway Station in Oslo. The performance became a great success, but also resulted in open wounds from the protruding frets.

Wangberg - which we now know is a master when it comes to sound - as such producer for Paul McCartney, Beach Boys, etc. - also took the bass with him to England, where The Cool Cats met The Shadows. In Kjetil Storvik book, Wangberg says that Jet Harris of Shadows was impressed by the bass and tested it out. But he was very cautious, for fear of getting finger wounds from the metal fret edges!

Norway's first electric bass guitar was shown on stage when Rockheim organized a book presentation for Eirik Wangberg and Stein Slettebak Wangen 28th November 2015. Rockheim museum will place the bass guitar in their new instrument exhibition that opens in the spring of 2016, as an example of a Norwegian built pioneer instrument. It is still owned by Wangberg but lent to Rockheim. You can also read more about the bass guitar in Wangberg's autobiography My life among stars, co-written with author Stein Slettebak Wangen.

Trønder-Avisa 151201, foto: Arne Nordtømme

Arild Rønsen

Tekst Ola Vikås Foto Sigurd Fandango
Dagens Næringsliv D2


Tekst Ole Jacob Hoel Foto Richard Sagen

Co-writer Stein Slettebak Wangen and I

Tekst Ole Jacob Hoel Foto Richard Sagen

Foto Linda McCartney Tekst Veronica Søum

"Paul's right hand"

Peace and calm:
Paul and Eirik listening to Paul's vocal performance
Photo Linda McCartney

"In a new deluxe release of
Paul McCartney's first success after
The Beatles, RAM, it clearly states how important Eirik "the Norwegian" Wangberg was for the making
of the record."

Tekst Ole Jacob Hoel
Adresseavisen, Norway

Eirik Wangberg supports The International Museum of Peace and Solidarity
Press release: Eirik together with Shirley MacLaine and Jacqueline Bisset in
the weekly magazine of Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Finale i Melodi Grand Prix 1984
Juryformann og gjest: Eirik Wangberg, som valgte ut vinneren Lenge Leve livet
NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Eirik wins Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy) 1983
"Producer, Composer and Arranger of the Year"

NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
(Look towards the end)

Coming here: Letters from Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa - David Foster, Music Producer etc. (Oslo Music Prize & Music For Humanity).

Article in Norway's leading weekly magazine Hjemmet

More pages to come

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