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Eirik 'the Norwegian' Wangberg

by Wenche Lian

Amazon updates on McCartney and RAM

March 22, 2012

Paul McCartney’s 1971 ‘Ram’ will be expanded in a big way with releases in several different formats, including a deluxe edition that will be available as a massive five disc set. Superdeluxeedition reports that the upgraded ‘Ram’ will be released on May 22 in the U.S.
   McCartney will preview the contents of the release on Record Store Day with a reproduction of the 1971 ‘Another Day’ single, but that’s just the smallest taste of what you can look forward to when the full reissue lands in May.
   The deluxe edition box set will of course have a fresh remaster of the album, accompanied by a 128 page linen-bound book. Several different art prints, photos of McCartney’s original lyric sheets and alternate shots from the cover photo sessions will also be included.
   The second bonus disc adds 8 tracks covering outtakes from the period, b-sides and non-album tracks. Among those bonus tracks will be ‘A Love For You,’ which was previously only available on the soundtrack for ‘The In-Laws.’ The contents of the disc don’t appear to clear the vaults of the material reportedly recorded during the ‘Ram’ sessions, but it presents a hefty chunk.
   Disc three presents the mono mix of ‘Ram’ (the audiophiles are starting to salivate now) which was available as a not-for-sale promo when ‘Ram’ was originally released. This will be the first commercial issue of the mono mixes, which have been heavily sought by both fans and collectors for years.
   The fourth disc brings ‘Thrillington,’ an instrumental version of the ‘Ram’ material, released for the first time ever as a Paul McCartney release. Previous editions released were attributed to the alias of Percy ‘Thrills’ Thrillington.
   A DVD will be the fifth disc rounding out the set and it appears that it will include home movie footage set to ‘Ram’ tracks as well as a brand-new documentary, “Ramming” narrated by Paul, and the original music videos for “Heart Of The Country” and “3 Legs. All audio will also be available as both high resolution and normal downloads.

New release by Paul McCartney with album notes by Eirik

February 2012

Paul McCartney just won the Grammy for best album in the Historical Album Category with Band On the Run.
   His next historic release is RAM, with Linda McCartney. The Archive Collection Deluxe Edition, which includes three CDs and a DVD, will be released in 2012. RAM was originally released in 1971 and yielded the single Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey which became an AM favorite and topped the charts.
   Eirik worked on the McCartney album, and is now involved in writing the notes for the coming deluxe RAM.

David Foster was discovered by Eirik Wangberg

February 2012

And so, it is officially known that Eirik discovered David Foster, please see Wikipedia, second paragraph under "Career": Wikipedia-David Foster-Eirik Wangberg.

Upon request Eirik produced and engineered David Foster and his band Skylark's first records at Sound Recorders Studio in Hollywood, including the Top Ten hit Wildflower (see pages Recordings 1972-75).

Here follow some of the ca. twenty-four productions Eirik made, taken from YouTube, with public uploaded sound.
Suite For My Lady /I'll Have To Go Away (in the beginning, Eirik's telephone voice)
   If That's The Way You Want It
   A Long Way To Go
   What Would I Do Without You
   Writings On the Wall (co-writer: Alix, Eirik's ex.)
   Foster Frees

David Foster (November 1, 1949), is a Canadian musician, record producer, composer, singer, songwriter, and arranger, noted for discovering singers such as Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, and Charice Pempengco; and for producing some of the most successful artists in the world, such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Céline Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Toni Braxton, Madonna, Air Supply and Michael Jackson. Foster has won 6 Grammy Awards from 47 nominations.

The National Library Of Norway


The National Library Of Norway has contacted Eirik and asked if he wishes to transfer his music documents to their archives for everlasting historic reference. A heavy transport was needed to present the documents (!) The collection consists of posters, album covers, hit charts, newspaper clippings, letters and other. An intention agreement will be signed.

The Erik Wangberg Story

February 2012

To come is The Eirik Wangberg Story, a never before released album containing compositions by Eirik and his instrumental and vocal performances (along with ditto from some Elvis Presley and The Eagles band members, Janne Schaffer and others). Of course, his record and sound production is here too (1964-69).
   Joey D, President of Frantic Records, and Alec Palao, the renowned Compilation Producer (Grammy nominated in 2009, 2011 and 2012, Historical and Album Notes Categories), have taken the initative to compile and release this double album containing Eirik's own music.

Album cover: Painting of Eirik by renowned Italian/American artist
Dario Campanile, student of Salvador Dahli

The most long-awaited album in pop history

Historical release by the Beach Boys

November 1, 2011

After forty-four years, the long awaited release of the Brian Wilson and Beach Boys masterpiece, Smile Sessions, is finally here. With the full participation of original Beach Boys Al Jardine, Mike Love, and Brian Wilson, Capitol/EMI has, for the first time, collected and compiled the band's legendary 1966-'67 sessions for the never-completed SMiLE album.
   Rolling Stone magazine recently called SMiLE "the most famous unfinished album in rock & roll history".
   In several sessions between the summer of 1966 and early 1967, The Beach Boys recorded a bounty of songs and drafts for an album, SMiLE, that was intended to follow the band's 1966 album, Pet Sounds. The master tapes were ultimately shelved, and The Beach Boys' SMiLE has never been released (some tracks were released on earlier compilations).
   Drawn from the original masters, SMiLE Sessions presents an in-depth overview of The Beach Boys' recording sessions for the enigmatic album, which has achieved legendary, mythical status for music fans around the world.
   The music is finally released in conjunction with The Beach Boys' 50th anniversary. Predictions are the double CD and LP Deluxe Edition of SMiLE will be one of the hottest selling the coming year.

Read about Eirik's participation here: Recordings Released 2011

History Book


Much material has been contributed to a coming book about Norwegian culture during the late fifties and early sixties. The official history book is being written by Hans Otto Engvold.

Grammy Award Nomination, Special Credits

February 2011

The four CD Box Set WHERE THE ACTION IS! - Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 is nominated for a Grammy Award in the Historical Category. Eirik Wangberg achieves special credits, see Recordings Released 2011 for details.

The Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine

8. October 2009

The Norwegian Museum of Science offer to display Eirik's home made electric bass guitar, and for him to hold a formal speech about his career. This is being followed up.
   In 1959/60, the electric bass had not come for sale yet. Therefore, Eirik, at the age of sixteen, together with Morten Kolstad, his sologuitar player friend in The Cool Cats, built Norway's first bass guitar for the country's first rock 'n' roll band. With an electric bass guitar in hand, Eirik joined The Cool Cats and singer Jan Rohde as their bass player.
   Among other, this electric bass guitar is portraited in a book by Kjetil Storvik,
Stumbeling Guitars. Please see Google Books.

   Norway's first electric bass
   Photo: Kjetil Storvik

Norwegian rock'n'roll stamps

August 21, 2009

Today, Norway releases a new official stamp to commemorate the rock'n'roll pioneers Jan Rohde and The Cool Cats, in which Eirik played bass (1960-63). Occasionally Eirik would also play in the bands of Per 'Elvis' Granberg and Roald Stensby, two others who also are celebrated in a four pioneer stamps release.


February 2009

Rockheim is the national museum of pop and rock in Norway, which is backed by the government. It will soon open, and the management is requesting if Eirik can add from his collection to theirs for display purposes and permanent museum storage.
   However, though honored by the request, principly Eirik does not wish to give away single pieces so to keep his rather encompassing collection assembled, which importantly reflects his extensive work accomplished within the international music industry for more than fifty years.
   An agreement to this end is of no rush, time is taken to plan if the collection should be placed in Norway or Sweden, officially or privately.

Grammy Award Nomination, Special Credits

February 2009

The four CD Box Set LOVE IS THE SONG WE SING - San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 is nominated for a Grammy Award in the Historical Category. Eirik Wangberg achieves special credits, see Recordings Released 2009 for details.

International Museum Of Peace and Solidarity


MUSEUMS OF THE WORLD presents INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF PEACE AND SOLIDARITY: Upon request Eirik Wangberg supports the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. This 2750 year most ancient "Silk Road" location between the West and East is part of United Nations UNESCO World Heritage.

The institution is committed to the universal human values, dedicated to the promotion of peace through citizen diplomacy, culture and arts; to the development of public awareness, concern and a sense of personal responsibility for the global challenges man faces here and now; to the empowerment of people to get practically involved into the process of creation of the better future for humanity.

Other persons who supports the museum are Mother Teresa, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate - Thor Heyerdahl, explorer - Ravi Shankar, musician - Edward M. Kennedy, US Senator - Vidal Sassoon, hair stylist - Joseph S. Blatter, President, FIFA - Crystal Gayle, singer - John Le Carre, writer - Walter Cunningham, astronaut, Apollo 7 - Phil Collins, musician.

Needless to say, Eirik is very proud and humble to be in this company! Please see a press release under page Writings.


  May 10, 2005

The long awaited 4 CD Box set of recorded highlights from Ted Gärdestad's career has finally been released. The CDs contain all the tracks that Eirik produced in Los Angeles and Stockholm stemming from Ted's 1978-79 album Blue Virgin Isles. The other tracks are produced by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of ABBA. The Box set is called Solregn (Sunrain) and has excellent packaging.


  May 8, 2005

Eirik is writing for the coming book attributed to the life of Ted Gärdestad, one of Sweden’s greatest artist-songwriters ever. The two and Ted's brother Kenneth, who is a highly acclaimed lyricist, became best of friends while Eirik produced Ted’s album Blue Virgin Isles in Stockholm and Los Angeles 1977-78. Here, a host of stars joined in, among other members of Toto, Jay Graydon, Dr. John, James Newton-Howard, Janne Schaffer and John Mayall.

In 1997, at the age of forty-one, Ted lost his life unexpectedly and dramatically. Today, the musical Sun Wind & Water containing Ted’s music is playing in Stockholm. The book will be released this fall.



Radio stations across the world are now playing Ikon Story music, including BBC London. In addition to writing his own material as an artist, Eirik has engineered, sometimes also produced, several other cuts on this double album.


June 20, 2005: Fun! Eirik rocks America, this time as an artist. Soon after the release, three of his productions and performances on the double CD "Ikon Story", Every Night I Dream a Little, You Woman and Sorry About That, have already been played on top radio stations across America from KDVS in California to WFMU in New York.
   If you want to have a listen "on the air", Every Night I Dream is no. 6 on the list, please click here: WFMU, New York.


Eirik Wangberg Every Night I Dream a Little
From The Ikon Records Story (Frantic, 2005)
- America's #1 Unsung Garage Label 1964-1966
   Tags: Eirik Wangberg, rock garage, ikon records, frantic, crypt, Eirik Wangberg

Eirik & The Secret Agents Sorry About That
A very rare recording from Eirik Wangberg with the group The Secret Agents (a real group? Who knows?) that can be found on the Ikon Records Story 2 disc comp. Eirik Wangberg has done a lot of music is his time, including recording with Paul McCartney. This track reeeaaally stands out as a killer instrumental that pays homage to Don Adams of Get Smart and Inspector Gadget fame. Enjoy!
   Tags: Eirik & The Secret Agents, Ikon Records, Don Adams, Get Smart, 60's Instrumental, 60's Garage, 60's Surf


June 14 2005, excerpts from BLACK2COM: Ikon is not only coming, it is HERE and if this fact o' life doesn't quite tickle your tastebuds … heck, a twin-spin platter like this deserves a mega-huge ten-page spread

Anyway, THE IKON RECORDS STORY's the brainchild of Mr. Joey D, a collection of a whole slew (sixty-count-'em-sixty!) tracks by many o' the groups who recorded for this teenage-minded label in the mid-sixties, perhaps the bestest time on this planet to be a teenager if all the entertainment, food and sports industries (amongst others) catering to their every whim and fancy is any indication. And with the teenage impact of the groups on these disques charging forth like the rest of the best of mid-Amerigan garageband USA, you know you're in for a high-energy thrill with all of the Noxema-packed rock crash and classy Ernie Douglas nerd-dom mixed with delinquent leather tough/cool that still sends a "message" to all 'em Joan Baez folkies even this far down the line!

… for me the standouts include the Knightsmen's able swipe of the McCoys' own swipe of "Fever," The Parish Hall Blues Quintet's "suburbanizing" of the Pretty Things' "I Can Never Say" (just give it a lissen and you'll know what I'm talkin' about!) and this crazy novelty thing called "Sorry About That" by Eirik Wangberg & the Secret Agents which employs a hot instrumental bed for studio owner Jim Barkley and some friend to do a lotta cool BATMAN/GET SMART/DRACULA mid-sixties adolescent humor voiceovers to. With songs like that, who needed airplane glue? … For now we got this collection to contend with which is good enough for me!


June 6, 2005

After seven years in the making (!) and some delays, today The Ikon Records Story double CD set was finally released during a Press Room party in the Capital of California, Sacramento. Among others, journalists representing the major newspaper, The Sacramento Bee were there.


May 6, 2005: Excerpts from "Ice Magazine" http://www.icemagazine.com/daily/218/may06.asp

Daily news flash: There are grails, and then there are grails. And icons and Ikons. Several of these come together May 19 when Frantic Records releases The Ikon Story, a two-CD, 60-track set documenting the 1964-66 recordings done at Sacramento, CA’s Ikon studio. The short-lived facility (and label; Ikon also did custom-pressing), the largest north of San Francisco, served as a sort of ground-zero for, among a variety of local acts, dozens and dozens of NorCal teen bands in the pre- and immediate post-Beatle period. Ikon recordings are so rare — and prized by Nuggets-fed garage-band collectors the world over — that Frantic president Joey D tells ICE, "Some people think we actually made this stuff up. They don’t believe we’ve found this material and that it’s actually coming out."
...Most of Ikon’s stars never shone beyond the Central Valley canteens and teen clubs where they rocked out on mid-’60s weekends. Reissue co-producer Alec Palao tells ICE that Ikon engineer Eirik Wangberg (he also gets credit on sides by
Eirik & the Secret Agents) went on to an illustrious engineering career, working on
Paul McCartney’s Ram and the Grease soundtrack...


March 24, 2005: Excerpts from "News & Nuggets"

Here's a message that Joey D posted to the Public Nuisance Message board:
"The great Eirik Wangberg has finally been located! We just recieved 30 tracks of stuff he recorded for Ikon Records in '65-'66. Four of the songs will be used on the upcoming Ikon Records Story. The rest of the tracks will be used on an upcoming two-CD set of Eirik's '60's recordings, including tunes he recorded with The Noisemen on Polar Records in Sweden in 1964, the Sacramento Ikon period and a killer unreleased LP from 1969 Hollywood sessions with Ron McMaster of Public Nuisance on drums and a couple of the guys in The New Breed."

February 8, 2005: Excerpts from "News & Nuggets"


Despite rumors indicating that The Ikon Records Story will be an Ace/Big Beat release, it is still scheduled for release by Frantic Records. Compiler Joey D. (along with Alec Palao) informed us that "we just located Eirik Wangberg (Ikon engineer for Oxford Circle, New Breed, Public Nuisance, Peace Pipe, etc.) and he is transferring more unreleased Ikon tapes '65-'66, so keep your fingers crossed that it'll be more killer stuff!

We should have the transfers in the next two weeks...so we'll just have to kick off more marginal stuff on the CD if the recordings are great. We can only fit 60 songs on two CDs, but we have around 80-90 songs total. I'll probably offer the leftovers on a CD-R for cheap in the back of the Ikon booklet (which will be 28-pages and in full color).

We'll of course keep you posted on the progress. It's only January...but this is quickly shaping up as the release of 2005...



Jan Rohde and The Cool Cats, where band member Eirik played bass, opens this series as the first of the rock'n'roll pioneers in Norway. Six CDs are released and Norwegian State Television (NRK) present as many shows depicting the beginning of rock'n'roll, 1958-1960.

The band, with Eirik on bass (sitting), making a demo at Abbey Road Studios, London.
Two years later, The Beatles did their first demo here, in the same room.
Jan Rohde and The Cool Cats were truly the Norwegian rock'n'roll pioneers!


In recent years, besides continuing his record production work and writing, Eirik Wangberg has devoted his time to music business development. The following are some examples:

The Pop Music Analysis (PMA)
After a 30 years career, bringing with it many triumphs at a high level in the international recording industry, Wangberg asked himself the question: "What do I know about commercial music?" He answered it by writing "The Pop Music Analysis (PMA)", a method of creating popular music of high quality, and held lectures on the subject at universities, etc.

American International Music, Inc. (AIM)
A business plan for a new and exciting company was initiated in 1989, and Wangberg spent the following year writing a 225 page complete and detailed prospectus defining a new company's concept, strategy, operations, objectives, risk factors, prospects and finance. American International Music, Inc. - AIM was established to achieve the establishment and operation of its music production and music publishing objective: to act as a bridge between creators and performers of music by producing and publishing the highest possible standard of compositions for a wide international market. The Corporation will recruit and select composers and lyricists on a world-wide basis and guide them towards composing music in demand by and for top selling, international recording artists. Great names in the international hit business, such as Paul McCartney and David Foster, give Wangberg their open support.

Being a Norwegian, and therefore a member of one of the most humanitarian societies, and added to this his knowledge of the international music industry, the seed of an annual, world-wide OSLO MUSIC PRIZE and a cultural and humanitarian event, MUSIC FOR HUMANITY, was sown in the mind of "Eirik the Norwegian". Enjoying high regard for his wide professional service and experience among prominent leaders of the music industry, Wangberg received here an overwhelming approval for the idea. For the last years, as founder and project manager, he has therefore been working with international humanitarian organizations and key people of the music industry in Los Angeles to organize the event in Oslo. Renowned humanitarians, as Nelson Mandela and Javiér Perez de Cuéllar, and famous music personalities and others, support Oslo Music Prize & Music For Humanity. Financing is currently being sought.

Nelson Mandela - Oslo Music Prize Advisor
"You have my full support in THE OSLO MUSIC PRIZE. Together, we shall strive continuously to create a more tolerant, equal and fulfilling world - for everyone."

David Foster - Oslo Music Prize Advisor
"I am in full support of the OSLO MUSIC PRIZE plans, and strongly believe this is a highly needed ingredient for our international music industry. I recommend that the industry come together and support these wonderful and highly urgent causes. For our world, it is about time to to set up a continuous dialogue and action between the international music and humanitarian communities."


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