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Scientologist calls terrorist attack site
"prospect-rich environment"


Scientology's doublecross

On this Volunteer Ministers web site we've seen a number of intercepted E-mail messages from the Scientology organization to some of its remaining followers describing Scientology's plan to deliberatly disrupt the relief efforts in New York in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks which brought down the World Trade Center buildings. What we didn't see in those original intercepted messages is the admitted motivations for the deliberate attempts to disrupt (aside from the public relations effort, that is.)

Here's two more intercepted Scientology E-mail messages which describe exactly what the other motivation of Scientologists is in the aftermath of terrorism: A Money making opportunity. Scientology's "Volunteer Minister" scam is exposed to be a money making "opportunity" as well as the organization's latest public relations effort.

Latest Intercepted E-Mail #1 begins

Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 22:01:32 EDT
From: (Harrison Quigley)

Dear Colleague,

If you've ever wanted a prospect-rich environment of monied top-drawer Corporate America clients who need AND WANT your help, here it is. See the comm from Lynn Irons below. THEN CALL HIM!

Tired of beating your brains out with small-think Mom & Pop shops? Dreamed of playing in the Big League? If I'm ever asked again, "How do I get my consulting practice going?" or "How do I attract more clients?", my first response is going to be, "Did you got to New York?"

You got no more excuses. We'll cover your immediate expenses. This is the defining moment in time for you and all of us. So, swallow hard as anything that stops you now on this one is Enemy. Recognize it as such, rise above it and get your butt on a plane to New York or spend the rest of your life wishing you had.

Harrison Quigley
Deputy Chairman
PCA Int'l

Latest Intercepted E-Mail #1 Ends

Latest Intercepted E-Mail #2 Begins

From: "Lynn Irons" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2001 11:12 AM

From NY, we could use a little help. This is like the front and we are consumed with PT production but like in any war, we need some back up and some fresh troops (horses, whiskey and gunpowder, too.)

First, let me say that the following cognition has been had: We, in the WISE Sector, are responsible for the catastrophe here in New York. It is an overt of omission as we are and have been responsible for the dissemination and implementation of the admin tech into governments and businesses. The NY event is a motivator. We, all of us, have not taken enough responsibility to handle the breeding grounds of poverty and illiteracy that would spawn the likes which created this destruction.

We are not falling on our short swords here in NY nor are we in blame, shame and regret, but are definitely sobered with the reality of what has occurred here. I can see clearly that we need to get onto the power comm lines of the world and get the tech into use right now, without any q&a. And, here in NY, is the best chance that I have ever seen in the US to get onto these lines.

It reminds me of the confusion in the early 1990's in Russia with the destruction of a major stable datum... communism. Here, there is confusion and opportunities and reaches for help the likes of which I have never seen before.... anywhere. Right now we have reaches for LRH admin tech from two multi-billionaires... real reaches, both with huge numbers of staff. Other lines are wide open. We are just running into a small problem and that is we need some cowboys to kick-start the whole process.

We have to produce what is wanted and needed by the public immediately while doing establishment actions to put something here that can deliver what is wanted and needed.

We need a little mest as well. Here's the list:

1. HCA starter package.
2. Personnel Testing Software
3. $5,000 petty cash
4. Consultants to help handle the current reaches
5. Some reges
6. Some PRs to distribute OECs to VIPs and handle the press
7. Project I/C to get lots of guys on Consultant Training
These are the basics but just about anything else will be helpful.
8. Admin terminals

So, the big adventure is on. Be able to tell your grandkids that you went to NY to help.

By the way, the city is really great!! People here are definitely higher toned than most places I have ever been, very high literacy level and a real respect for competence... just our environment.

Call at 212 367-7810 or email me back.

Latest Intercepted E-Mail #2 Ends

Contact information for these despicable vultures is offered as:

Harrison Quigley & Associates
13181 Courbet Lane
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Tel: 818-832-3512
Fax: 818-832-9572

Some explanation for some of the Scientology terms used within these intercepted E-mail messages might be in order.


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