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Lies Debunked: South African Recognition of Scientology


Scientology's doublecross

Scientology's Claims

Subject: South African Recognition of Scientology
Date: 2000/04/05

Twelve Church of Scientology ministers has been licensed to perform marriage ceremonies, the government announced Monday. The ruling ends a 40-year-long battle for recognition by the controversial church.

A legal technicality had previously prevented scientology ministers from becoming marriage officers, said Hennie Meyer, spokesman for the home affairs department.

''There was a problem of fitting them into the definition of a Christian church in the Marriage Act. That has been solved now,'' he said.

Paul Sondergaard, the church's South African spokesman, said the ruling showed the government's commitment to protecting the rights of minority religions and prohibiting both religion and racial discrimination. He also said the ruling placed Scientology on an equal footing with other religions.

The church says it has 65,000 followers in South Africa and 8 million worldwide.

Sondergaard said the church had previously been discriminated against in South Africa because it took a strong stand against apartheid, which ended with all-race elections in 1994.

And now for the truth

Scientology is telling you some major whoppers here. To begin with, there is only one Scientology organization. The sham of numerous corporate entities existing under some umbrella of common purpose is a deliberate deception which has been heavily exposed as a sham in a number of notable cases, and which has been judically recognized as a sham.

During the Wollersheim Vs. Scientology series of lawsuits, Scientology in California was being sued for kidnapping and torture abuses the organization inflicted upon L. Wollersheim. Scientology saw that it was going to lose that case so they closed their California corporate shell and hid all of its assets in other fake corporate shells.

TBD: Include relevant wollersheim findings of monies moved overseas TBD: Include judicial finding where Scientology's corporate sham is specifically classified as a deliberate deception by a judge.


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