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May this serve as a warning to those “auditing” L-11 in the field who have merely

read the process commands.

L-11 is not normal auditing. It is meant to actually “Bypass the normal mechanisms

of the Mind”

Unless you have read the bulletins explaining the theory and read the case histories,

you have no idea what you are actually dealing with.

L-11 is meant to stare at the basic root of aberration on a case, and look down straight into the very gut

of Insanity and Psychosis and to blow it apart.

If  you satisfy yourself that reading the 2-3 pages revealed by another that merely gave

the Auditing Commands is adequate information and you decide to just run it on a

“read it, drill it, do it”, you may just run fine for a while, with very acceptable wins until

sooner or later you will run into your very own “Lisa MacPherson”.

So do so at your entire risk and perils. The entirety of the L-11 Materials are covered in

50 pages, not 2 or 3.

If you ignore my advice, I can only say this to you: “May whatever Supreme Being you

believe in, have mercy on your Soul”.


Don’t say you weren’t warned.