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an unauthorized sequel to


In 1982, L.Ron Hubbard completed a novel entitled "Revolt in the Stars" which he hoped would be made into a movie. That goal never came to fruition and the novel has never been published. The current copyright owners have no intention to approve its release in the foreseable future. (there are however a number of unauthorized copies being distributed freely in "Free Zone" circles, for those who wish to read it).

Written in a rather archaic and naive Science Fiction style, with its crude characters and numerous cliches, Revolt in the Stars, nevertheless bears the unmistakable L. Ron Hubbard florid composition style as well as his rich and colorful Fiction writing attributes that made him a best-seller author.

Revolt in the Stars starts with the recent discovery in the Atlantic of a time capsule many million of years old. When it is opened it projects in movie fashion the catastrophical events that marked the end of the "Confederacy of Planets" culminating in the virtual destruction of Earth itself.

In the History of the Confederation, Xenu, the evil Emperor, outmaneuvers the democratically elected Congress of Loyal Officers and their leader Rawl to cause the genocide of countless billions. After several years of heavy fighting, he is eventually defeated and condemned to remain forever imprisoned in a state of suspended animation to atone for his crimes in a hidden vault on a neighbouring planet.

In a confidential bulletin dated March 5th 1982, entitled "Sector Operation Bulletin No 6", L. Ron Hubbard writes:

"...Revolt in the designed to... recreate the events surrounding a 4th Dynamic Engram...75 million years ago....The events portrayed are true..."

About this sequel: it is my work, not L. Ron Hubbard's. I make no claim that it is either true or fiction. It is my hope that it reads well, whether it is considered to be based solely on imagination or prompted by whole track recall and knowledge. I will let the reader decide...

Copyright © 2004 Pierre Ethier

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