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(From people that were recently Supervised or Counseled)









I have been so busy enjoying my wins and my life after my NOTs Review, that only now am I writing this belated success.


Prior to my Review, I was concerned and introverted by some of the situations I have to face daily in my life and in my job.

Since then, the exact opposite is true. Not a week goes by, without manifesting my increased skills and ability that just makes things go right.

My heartfelt thanks go to my Case Supervisor, Class XII Pierre Ethier, and to my auditor.


I have been so busy playing bigger and bigger games that I had overlooked thanking them appropriately until now.


Through the years, I had actually become the adverse effect of a few unscrupulous business men. I had done several thousands of hours of unguided Solo NOTs auditing and was slowly going nowhere.


Prior to my Review, I had experienced some wins and even a few occasional Floating TAs, but there was no change in my chronic conditions and in my life problems.

Since then, as the months fly by, my gains each day appear completely stable. My games are each month bigger and bigger.


I derive great satisfaction from it, and from a true return of my powers. It is even fun to watch those who acted until now Suppressively getting tired of failures and shrinking, and starting to change their ways.


Needless to say there are significant material and monetary rewards as well…


My review was nothing but a complete standard application of the tech per the C/S Series. It blew any false datum I ever heard that incorrectly states that NOTs is either inflexible, robotic or does not address what someone needs and wants. A completely tailored NOTs approach cracked my case in hours. NOTs is actually the most flexible Technology in existence and can be made to very precisely tailor any case and anyone.


Not only is my case cracked but my chronic breathing disorder is gone!!!


In the hands of a true expert, NOTs, a Technology much maligned because of its obvious misapplication, actually perform miracles when done correctly by someone who is a true expert.


I will never be thankful enough


T. A.