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In a move calculated to spear hatred toward ome, the Church's PR machine,
through both official decrees and sponsored web sites has acknowledged the
complete veracity of a "35 pages report" written by me over 12 years ago.

In 1994 I wrote a document for a group of private individuals about some of
 the activities of the Church that I considred to be reprehensible.

This somewhat lengthy write up was actually, as far as the Church of Scientology
Intelligence files would demonstrate "Old News" and even public knowledge.

 Entirely based on "Knowledge Reports" I was ordered specifically ordered to write for
the benefit of the Church, and bound by rigid Church Policy to do so,
I had written up every single one of those "revelations" already and they had already been
 read by dozens of
Individuals within the Church, many of whom were neither Ministyers nor specially bonded.

That write up, was published, without my consent or authorization.

My requests that those not been published have continually been ignored in the Free Zone.

In february 2004, an individual, whom I have feel doesnt belong to the ranks of
practiotioners due to chronic alcoholism and a history of Hate Mongering,
decided to attack me publicly and defame me.

I habe never bothered to respond, because that individual has no real credibility and
his "bad products", including a suicide while receiving service speak for themselves.
Full documentation on that individual can be found on USENET.

The Church then has made use of that individual as their "informant", and sought to attribute
 other peopele's postings as my own.

Contrarily to the tenets of any other religion, the current leadership of
the Church of Scientology does not view the Sacrament of Confession as
being private or worthy of any sort of privilege. The ministeres are
ordered to keep copious notes of any confessions. These are kept in
folders, which are marked “ “priest-Penitent Priviledged” solely for the
purpose of protecting the secular interest of the Church, rather that the
spiritual confidence of its parishioners.

Though claiming to faithfully respect all procedures within its "religious
scriptures", the Church routinely orders its Ministers to state at the
beginning of most counseling session involving confessions: "I am not
auditing you" (the Christian equivalent of I am not confessing you), but
nevertheless proceed onto the exact application of their religious
“confessional procedures” for which they were explicitly recognized as a
Church. Especially at their “Mecca”, which is called Flag and is located
in Clearwater, Florida, each parishioner is required to submit to dozens,
or even hundreds of hours of those "confessions", before enrolling onto
any “advanced Levels”. The parishioner is actually not really given any
choice. He must confess all and is not allowed to withhold anything. He
must submit to the most exhaustive search of any possible moral
transgression he may have committed in his life. Contrarily to Christian
confession where the priest merely listen, in Scientology the minister
repeatedly ask leading questions: "Did you fail to contribute adequately
to the Church?", “Have you though of anything you are not telling", “Do
you have any disagreement with the Church or its Policies”. Any
disagreement or "unkind thoughts" are relentlessly explored for the
"crime" or misdeed that preceded them where, thank to the ubiquitous
presence of hidden video cameras and microphones, the Minister has no
choice but to be relentless and to never to accept No for an answer. Any
Minister who fails to extract a full and complete confession is subject to
the harshest of penalties and considered to be an “accessory” to anything
he fails to report. Not only that, but the Minister must write explicit
reports of anything and everything that transpired in the confession, from
lying to one's boss all the way to “playing doctor” as a child. Special
attention is put on any embarrassing moments and what the Church views as
sexual perversions or practices. Among the Questions still asked by the
Church in one of its routine confessionals are: "having sex with a person
of a different color", abortions and homosexuality. Most Ministers at the
Mecca, are covertly taught to view fellatio, sodomy and even masturbation
as “sexual perversions” and to extract detailed confessions of each
instance which will then become freely distributed into the Church
“Intelligence Files”

I left the Church of Scientology in 1992 after finding out that
the "Knowledge reports” which the Church is now suddenly making a big fuss
about, were not merely going to the Ecclesiastical branch of the Church
but were routinely finding their way onto purely secular branches of the
Church thata re involved in Spiritual advancement, but were being
liberally photocopied for the Church "Intelligence Files”, its Lawyers and
its “Upper Management” by people who were neither Ministers nor had signed
any type of Confidentiality Bond. Following the Church’s policies, those
confessions were to be fully documented in explicit details and additional
reports written on any third party involved, even when the information was
merely hearsay. Those reports described in graphic detail every mistake
and anything of possible embarrassment that was ever done in the entire
life of the parishioners. Those “confessions”
were not only being openly discussed by the local management, but the
information was covertly leaked to its "Registrars" (Sales people
responsible for getting “Donations”), in an effort to fill the eternally
hungry coffers of the Church. Those so-called “secrets of the
parishioners” were then used the “Ethics Officer” (the Church version of
Magistrate) to subjugate the individual and obtain his complete and
undying submission and also to nip in the bud any “disagreement”.

While the sturdiest souls were merely humbled by the procedure, many
wouldn’t take the forceful introversion made the often-inept Scientology
Magistrate very well. A great number of well meaning people became
profoundly despondent over those introverting talks, and many would never
return to continue their services. In the worst of cases, people were
either having a psychotic breakdown or becoming suicidal. A number of
those cases are documented in the so-called “parishioner’s secrets which
in truth have been inside the Church’s “Office of Special Affair” or the
“Ethics” Intelligence files all these years: an embarrassing example of
the Church right hand, not knowing what the left hand is doing. The only
entity standing to be embareassed by these revelations is the Church,
rather than its victims.

Over half of the so called "secrets" of parishioners were published by the Church
"ethics Officer" in broad releases as "FLAG CONDITION ORDERS" or "ETHICS ORDERS",
whcih declared the individuals "Suppressives" for those specific actions,
years before I ever left teh Church.

Over the years, I have made repeated
and formal protests to the Senior Management about those abuses and the
new form of Dogmatism that was being implemented that violated
Scientology’s own original Scriptures and pointed out that the Church own
scriptures were being surreptitiously being defaced and “revised”.
Untouchable for years due to being the Church most valuable asset,
eventually Rev. Ethier was removed on trumped up charges in late 1992.
After being submitted to torments which include both hazing and sleep
deprivation, Rev. Ethier refused both the Church "Re-Programmation"
Program calling it "Brain-washing" and the orders by Church executives to
unceremoniously divorce his newly wedded wife.

Now nearly two decades after those reports were originally written, with
mandatory copies gathering dust in the Church enormous Intelligence files, the
Church suddenly waked up making broad announcements that they are
"parishioners confessions" completely oblivious that those confessions had
long been a matter of public record and been broadcasted within the Church
hierarchy long before I ever penned them again, after I left
the Church.


The most reasonable explanation is MONEY.

Per reports from my contacts that are in contact with the Church, there has
been a sudden drop in the Church Income and an increase in its refunds, from their
"Mecca" in Clearwater.

Therefore I become, in the Church's eyes, the perfect scapegoat,
Even if it violates L.Rion Hubbard fundamental beliefs (see HCO PL The Why is God).

If the Church is having Money trouble, it is not due to me, the rotation of the Moon or the
layout of tea leaves, inside of somebody's cup.

A Corporation income is down due to reason of its own. It is one of the most fundamental facts
in Management both agreed upon by L.Ron Hubbard and the world at large.


Through no action of my own, over the past few months, I have found
myself literally besieged by friendly inquiries to the point I have had to
enlist the help of a secretary. It is as if there is a major Exodus from
the Church occurring right now. Each day, I am getting calls or emails
from people I have never heard of, or lost of track of since I left the

Anyone who wish to be serviced by the Church of Scientology can do so, if that is their
own self-determnined choice.

I am not in the business of converting people to other faiths, but in the one of Helping others.

If the Church of Scientology is denying dozens of its contributing
parishioners counseling simply for having doubts or disagreements about the current
teachings having been kept “pure” from
their original form, it should simply unravel the TRUTH, rather than continue
creating an ever increeasingly complex web of lies.

Eventually, violating the advice of the Church, some people explore the Internet and
discover the truth. With over 1000 web
sites and over 100,000 archived USENET messages, currently denouncing and
documenting in excruciating details the Church of Scientology’s abuses,
lies and alterations from its original doctrines, many decide to defect.
It is simply unavoidable in front of such a mountain of information.

People then try to contact me to be comforted, especially after the
Church publicly condemns them to the Scientology equivalent of “Eternal
Damnation”, insults them and strictly enforces the breaking up (often as
destructively as possible) of all familial or business ties between those
who leave the Church and those who stay.

I find it an act of very deep moral turpitude that someone would dare using the
cover of a Church to publicly mis-label me a “psychopath” along with
a propaganda of hate solely based upon my religious affiliation and beliefs.

All I do is offer compassion and understanding to people who claim to have been abised and maligned.

I spend hours listening to people at no charge

Where is the Evil in that???

The Church has obviously neglected to examine the full
version the so-called "secrets of the parishioners". In it are dozens upon
dozens of explosive declarations giving place time form and events ranging
from the Psychotic Breaks of John Travolta (a person I never audited but on which I saw hundreds of pages of memos.
to the story of "Lawrence Wheaton” the suicidal Pilot who took Air Florida Flight 90 down with him
along with 85 innocent lives down the Potomac river on the icy afternoon of January 13, 1982.