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It has been con firmed by over a dozen sources and numerous individuals on more than twenty Discussion boards that the former leadership of the Church of Scientology had been removed on the explicit orders of David Miscavige after he allegedly uncovered a "conspiracy to mutiny" his iron fist rule.

Many people have denounced the rule of the self appointed "RTC Chairman of the Board" who now forbids the use of his name within Scientology organizations and only wish to be called C.O.B., as nothing more than a form of Stalinism.

There are currently 39 individuals kept incommunicado and utterly squestered from the rest of teh crew including their spouses and children. They are not allowed to leave a Hall at Giltman Spring. While the Church defends its actions as "voluntary commitment", it requires very little intelligence to realize that those individuals do not have a choice and that coercion, threats of eternal damnation as well as threats of being prosecuted for the crimes that they may have committed during the course of their duties are being used daily to enforce compliance".

The following people have been formally declared to be SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS by the Church of Scientology and ordered to be sequestered until further notice until their "orderly disposal" can be performed in full.

It is worthy of notice that all but 2 ½% of the previous Management Team are now Declared Suppressive Persons.

Among the 40+ people in the Suppressive Hall at Giltman Springs one finds the following:

Mark Ingber, Mark Allen Former CO CMO INT(sp)
Heber Jentzsch Former President of the Church of Scientology(sp)
Guillaume Lesevre  Former ED INT(sp)
Ray Mithoff Former Snr C/S Int, Former IG Tech(sp)
Lyman Spurlock, Former Senior Legal Adviser(sp)
Marc Yager: Former CO CMO INT, Former IG Admin(sp)

Janet Light Former President IASA (sp)
David Bloomberg Former ED ASI    (sp)
Greg Hughes: Former WDC WISE, Former Int Finance Director(sp)
Wendell Reynolds Former Int Finance Director, Former CO Gold (sp)
Norman Starkey, Norman Former LRH Trustee, AVC Aide(sp)
Kurt Weiland Former CO OSA Int(sp)
Rena Weinberg Former ED ABLE Int, Freedom Medal Winner (sp)

Still don`t believe it? Just find out for yourself!

Pierre Ethier