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This is actually first hand information I have with Doctor Minkoff


Dr Minkoff is unafraid to lie under oath to absolve his “Church” of the wanton and chronic neglect

it shows its own members.


In 1992, as a result of a serious accident, I developed a serious infection in my leg.


I went to see Doctor Minkoff at his clinic (around Countryside Mall in Clearwater at the time).

Doctor Minkoff demanded payment for $105 on the spot for an antibiotic injection.

My only other alternative was to go to the Morton Plant Hospital where I would likely be admitted,

and abandon my wife who just recently joined the Sea Org into the hands of an indifferent staff

who would prohibit her from visiting me as due to “post demands” and provide her no assistance

or transport of any kind to visit me.


In addition , being admitted to the Morton Plant Hospital would be difficult, Since Flag has chronically

defaulted and failed to pay  for its members, the Hospital Policy has been to make admission of

Sea Org Staff as difficult as possible.


When I asked to Dr Minkoff for doing the injection on credit or to ask him to be re-imbursed by Flag,

he immediately, if politely, refused. He knew well that he would never be paid by Flag, and that

SO members are legendary in their failures to honor their debts. My being a Top level Flag Auditor

was meaningless to him.


So when Dr Minkoff, claims all staff get treatment for free, he knows, from his personal experience it

to be absolutely false. One can then only conclude that Dr Minkoff is nothing but a bare-faced liar.


After leaving Dr Minkoff office, I felt quite upset at having had to disburse over one month salary when

it meant probably only one hour salary for Dr Minkoff.


Dr Minkoff has paid for OT VIII using the money in good part fleeced from hard working and

underpaid SO members.


This is one of the few times in my life I ever used Black Scientology on someone.


Based on actual OT data buried deep inside the L-12 materials (based on OT XII or XIII if I recall correctly), I threw a type of curse on Doctor Minkoff.


On that day. I swore that in 3 years hence something terrible would happen to him that he would regret. The date was December 5th 1992. 3 years

later to the day, Lisa MacPherson died. Dr Minkoff lost his license and his source of income as a direct result of its aftermath.


You can call it coincidence or other practice, if you wish.


It is from actual OT levels research done by LRH himself in the 1970s.


The OT levels above OT VIII are true OT levels and have nothing whatsoever in common with what is being taught in “Ron’s Org”