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I have limited my study of the MacPherson case to first hand reports, namely from Interviews and Hearings

conducted by the Florida State Attorneys, subpoenaed records and “daily watch reports” that are publicly available.


Obviously I have not been involved with that case nor possess any first hand knowledge of what took place on her

last days. Nevertheless, a surprising number of conclusions can be made with the data that is available.


For one thing, only a Class XII is fully capable of grasping the irony of Web sites dedicated to Lisa MacPherson showing

her holding he L-11 Certificate. If the picture had higher resolution and I could read the name of her auditor and C/S,

I could come to even more detailed findings.


The irony of Lisa holding her L11 Certificate, all smiling is that L11 was originally designed to resolve and prevent  the

very condition she soon after fell in!


Shortly after completing L11, Lisa was put on a lengthy O/W write up that went on for weeks, and without sessions.


O/W write ups are a routinely short term action to be done as part of a condition handling. One spends hours writing

O/W Write Ups, not days or weeks.


Making someone spend weeks on it, is merely an invitation for the pc to chew on bank and to Introvert, as he is looking

inwards at his guilt feelings without any direction or guidance. Severe Introversion and feelings of guilt is very evident from

her write up.


It used to be routine to send a person to the examiner after each O/W write Up, to ensure they feel good. This apparently

is nop longer being done. Apparently the deep guilt someone or introversion someone may feel after a mishandled or

overrun O/W write is no longer a concern in COS any longer.


Unfortunately such “Squirrel” Ethics Handlings have become common place in the current COS. These are not the product

of LRH tech, but RTC own brand of Tech, based on the case Manifestation of its promoters. (It is a technical fact that people

instinctively seek to program others for the very action that they themselves need).


The Current Bridge as promoted by RTC has degenerated in nothing else than a Huge and Monstrous Grade 2 (Overt and

Withold Technology) where Dianetics, Clear and OT levels has become mere interruptions and side-trips on the overall program.


According to Scientology Technology, an illness (covered in the Assist Bulletins)  or even a psychotic Break (covered in

the Introspection Rundown Bulletin asre both precended by a “predisposition and a precipitation.


A predisposition is defined as a susceptibility or propensity for something. It is what makes the mind liable or likely to be

affected by some particular thing. Being tired, living in am invalidative environment, recent flagrant auditing errors, are

examples of predisposition


By precipitation is meant the occurrence of an incident where what was being predisposed now comes to fruition.

In the case of an illness it is generally the incident that brings about the infection. In the case of a psychotic break, it is the

moment of introversion where the person actually looses control.


One sees this type of phenomenon in the expression: “The straw that broke the camel back”.


Adding straws, one after the other is the predisposition. The actual straw that breaks the camel’s back is the precipitation.


In the case of Lisa MacPherson, it is a virtual certainty that L-11 was the predisposition.  L11 is designed to resolve or

even prevent the very condition in which she sank.

Plus there are a number of originations that are telltale signs of specific unflat L11 steps . During the early days of her

“non-sequitur talk”: she was in actual fact talking directly out of restimulated and unflat L11 steps.


The Squirrel O/W Write up was the precipitation. This is completely obvious from a number of her comments and actions.


In the actual psychotic Break Episode, she says he needs help. She should have been red tagged right then and there,

as she obviously had immediate BPC on her current action (O/W write ups and most likely others as well)



Let us examine some of her “early non-sense”  and see that it actually made perfect sense and gave vital clue to her case.


1-     On the 18th (the psychotic Break episode), she says she needs help

2-     Once in isolation she says the following things (meanlingness to the average person, but extremely meaningful

3-     o the Class XI auditor in the light of the fact she only recently did L-11)



This is a Clear indication of a specific unflat L-11 step meant to handle the key dramatization on the whole track in a case.

This is an identity or valence problem, a typical sign of a list error on L-11 as some lists will give exact valence. If the

identity is not blow it is either unflat – or more likely a

More signs of Unflat L-11 which is meant to handle the key aberration on a case.

This is a Clear sign of introversion, and guilt, which became quite apparent on her O/W Write up.

Either a wrong item from L-11 or from Ethics or she is PTS to her Mother. (in which case she should have handled it


“Needing auditing is the typical manifestation of auditing error, most specifuically out-lists which cause the most

case deterioration on a case.

PTS to her Mother (among other things).


Next report : “You have to follow the light as Light is life”.

This is a textbook Whole Track Implant description.

A Key implant on the case is one of the key steps of L-11. This is yet another indicator that her L11 was botched.

WARNING for those who audit L-11 without having trained for it (i.e read the theory of the Rundown, case histories
and other vital data supplementary to the actual command processes. Click Here


For some reason, which I presume is the sheer Terror of RTC, who would be sure to come down on the offenders as

dreadfully as a sharpened guillotine, no action was immediately taken on her case for fear of reprimands, rather than

immediately trying to come to the person’s rescue with some type of relief action. A mere indication off the meter

(if the correct one and done appropriately) might even conceivably have snapped her (even if temporarily) out of

her condition. This was not done. 


A small note in a one of the report, actually indicates the true viewpoint of all people involved. It should have been to

care for the person in front of them, to truly help her.


If this had been adhered to, Lisa would most probably be alive today.


Unfortunately the note said that it was to take care (or prevent) a Flap. This is the sordid true purpose that Sea Org

members have been reduced to. The most important thing for Sea Org member is to “prevent Flaps at any and all

costs” Each action, each mission sent by RTC in recent years has one and only one goal: to take drastic (and unusual)

action for a recent Flap. RTC is well known for reveling into cruel and unusual punishments. RTC imagination in that

 respect appears to be boundless, so understandingly most staff are terrified at the notion.


The problem is that all remaining staff have become infected by this “disease”, which is easily recognizable by an

inability to think for oneself, extreme robotism, and generally not caring for anything or anyone but the prevention of “Flaps”.


Thanks to this form of inflicted PTSness, RTC has succeeded into lowering the standards of Class XII auditors at

Flag to the levels that were associated with Class IV when I used to be a proud member of Flag HGCs.


David Miscavige was not completely off his rocker when in introducing “The Golden Age of Tech” (a solution to years

of recent technical problems) as  “The blind leading the blind” What he didn’t say and this blindness was simply and

only the product of RTC squirreling and twisting LRH tech in the first place.


There is considerable confusion on the subject of psychotic breaks and isolation watches.


The data on the subject are:


1-     LRH original psychosis study cases (mostly covered in Expanded Dianetics – a lost technology since RTC started

2-     overseing the Tech)


2- The L-11 materials and L-11 pilot cases C/Sed by LRH


3- The L-10 Materials


4- Around 40 lectures from 1950 and 1951 deal directly with insanity and psychosis.


5- The Introspection Rundown Technology (covered not only in the HCOBS, but in the original LRH C/Sed sessions.


6- Materials on PTS Type III (located on one HCO and Two SHSBC Tapes).



An isolation order is meant to be an extreme measure, whose purpose should be to temporarily protect the person

and others. It is meant to be a short term action, lasting at the most a few days. Not weeks and Months!


It is akin to applying a Tourniquet when someone has a deep gash on a limb. You would leave the tourniquet on for only

a short while, just until the person can get the proper medical help. You wouldn’t leave it on for hours or days, unless you

wanted the person to die or become amputated.



That someone needs to be temporarily isolated has become a complex and destructive protocol.


In Lisa MacPherson case, a number of inept watchers are being brought one after the other into her room. Many show

very little ARC for Lisa (it takes truly exceptional TRs to show genuine affinity to a person in that condition- something

one cannot expect from anybody but a veteran auditor.


These watchers became a major source of disruption for Lisa. She became increasingly violent with them, and it is

obvious in some reports that some of them felt animosity toward her. Of interest is that the only person with whom Lisa

never became violent was the only one who showed great ARC. Paradoxically, it was the youngest and less experienced

of all watchers, Heather Pezold.


Unfortunately the concept of 8C has become perverted over the years. 8c simply means smooth and effective control.

Dianetics 55 clearly demonstrates that 8C can only really exist in the presence of ARC.


In fact is is a key component of the Two Key interacting Triangles in Scientology ARC (Affinity, Reality, Communication)

 and KRC (Knowledge, Responsibility, Control).


Unfortunately in the SO, 8C has become all too often synonym with coerced or manipulative control.


According to an early report, Lisa had trouble swallowing. As time went on, she would either refuse or reject any food.

The answer of the watchers were to force feed her (not with a syringe but with the crude medieval method of shoving

it into her mouth.


A PTS Type III sees suppressives elsewhere. How do you expect anybody to react, especially a PTS Type III, when

faced with people who attempt some sort of violence (force feeding, prevented from leaving or from pacing). The

watchers soon became, as far as Lisa was concerned,  active Suppressives in the present time environment. On

that standpoint alone, one could not expect anything, but severe deterioration to take place. LRH states that the ultimate

result of Suppression is Death. Therefore from the point the coercive environment in which Lisa lived became firmly

established, her fate was sealed.


It does not require a PhD in Medicine to conclude that a person who has trouble swallowing has either some disease

or infection. Wouldn’t any normal, or even uneducated parent seeing their child in that state, not seek medical attention?


In addition to the disruption caused by low ARC people and a continual change of watchers (each watcher inevitably

sees the watch as a penalty as must endure significant hardship without any compensation).

Typically watchers are assigned to people who are doing lower condition.


Obviously a person who holds an unrealistically long watch (16 hours will start to show impatience, lack of alertness),

Sleeping in the company of the psychotic is yet another form of disruption.


The watchers have the false data, that as long as they do not verbally talk to the person, other forms of communication is OK.


This is based on a misunderstanding of the original bulletins that deal with the subject.


One keeps absolute silence around a person in the middle of a psychotic break episode. This is the actual incident

where the psychotic break manifest itself. This is not the whole duration of the isolation period! The reason for the

silence is that on a normal person the incident is a lock,  but on the psychotic this incident is actually an engram and

anything uttered will become part of its content and a command to be later dramatized.


LRH states that during the isolation, one needs to keep the surrounding “quiet”. Quiet is a relative term. One keeps

quiet in a Public Library or inside of a Hospital Ward. It does not meant utter silence. If an auditor is going to audit the

person out of his or her psychotic break he will certainly need to break the silence if he is going to utter any command!


In the book “The Creation of Human Ability”  there is an utterly  “silent process”. One get a pc to comply with a non

verbal command.


This process is seldom run, as it is not part of any standard Rundown or grade, though I have run it on a number of

people, including Flag public.


A typical manifestation occurring during the process is the person becoming upset by the auditor utter lack of verbal

communication. This eventually blows off, as the process is brought to its rightful conclusion (EP).


This clearly illustrates the fact that any individual in a prolonged condition where is being denied verbal communication

can find the episode to be rather unsettling..


How would YOU feel, if a group of people would forcibly bring you into a poorly lighted room and would maintain utter

silence in your presence, answering any verbal queries through sign language with their insincere smiles.

You would most probably think that they feel you have gone mad and that you are being treated like a complete loon.

This most insidious evaluation is not going to help the case any.





If I would expect anything to occur in the presence of these factors (disruptive or indifferent watchers, artificial silence,

denial of freedom of movement, it is simply the restimulation of incidents on the tracks about being confined or

incarcerated (or in other words: being tapped)  There many such incidents on the track. Being trapped is not only

one of the key buttons of the bank, but a prolonged anforced confinement could even develop into out-Int phenomenon

 or restimulation




The only person who keeps bringing up suggestion is Heather this is ignored.



Barbro Weinnnberg is the Director of Inspection and reports (responsible for the “Ethics of the entire Staff” yet under

oath claims she doesn’t know DOESN’T KNOW who busted the C/S and other people involved in the case.

A completely preposterous statement.


Likewise  Doctor Minkoff testimony is entirely devoid of value as he demonstrates that he is ready to go to any length,

even blatant Violation of the Ethical Codes of his profession to satisfy the arbitray demand of his Church.


For my private experiences with Doctor Minkoff click the link here



The regime of terror instilled by RTC ruthless reinterpretation of tech and Policy has created an organization of

robots and automatons.


The only thing RTC has truly achieved is in gaining blind loyalty from a horde of unthinking individuals.


Even a Medically trained Doctor (Laura Arrunada) takes no action on the numerous and flagrant physicalm ailments

of Heather, when they seemed completely obvious to the eye of an untrained teenager (Heather Pezold).


Most of the other “watchers” appear more concered about their own problems than a” DEV-T particle” such as Lisa.

When one realizes the impossible hours, work and demands put on those people for little or no compensation, one

can actually understand their behaviour, even if one doesn’t condone it.


I saw a rare movie once called “I for Icarus”. It features Yves Montand and is essentially a story of the JFK assassination.


In one scene of the movie, the killer goes to a “Psychological Experiment”.


It goes like this, people get paid $50 each to cooperate with the experiment.


Two “subjects” are broght into a room where sits a psychologist.


Theya re told it is an experiement about learning. One will be the Teacher, the other the student.

The student sits on a chair and is connected to electrodes. The teacher is told to read a long sentence from a book

and to punish the student for any mistakes.


The punishment consist of sending a shock through the electrodes by the mean of a calibrated dial. The voltage is

increased to the next setting (doubled) for each subsequent error.


The experiment is obviously rigged.  The coin the flip to decide who is teacher is a two headed coin and there is no

electricity going through the chair. The student is actually part of the the experiementing team and does hos best to

fake the effects of ever increasing shocks in the most convincing manner.


The teacher is made to believe everything is real, and any questions or hesitations he has are simply answred tersely

and firmly by the psychologist to “continue the experiment” according to the protocol.


A surprising 20% of people in the experiment continue to administer electric shocks (so they believe) until they are well

into the Lethal Zone. A Full 80% of people administer enough electricity (if it were real) to be excruciatingly painful,

without giving up.


The moral of the story is that the vast majority of people will readily comply with actions that will harm another when

under the influence of a Strong willed Authority figure. Only a few individuals are brave enough to defy Authority even

when the consequences on themselves is minmal.



Sadly enough it is not the misapplication of Scientology that killed Lisa, but rather the blatant refusal to utilize any

one of many elements that forms the vast array of available technology.


Except for one person, Heather Lepotz, everyone involved was more interested in pleasing RTC by “preventing a

Flap” than helping the person who was begging for help in front of their very eyes.