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Lies Debunked: ANP Wire on Swedish Recognition of Scientology


Scientology's doublecross

Scientology's Claims

Subject: ANP Wire on Swedish Recognition of Scientology
Date: 2000/05/06

May 5, 2000

Church of Scientology in Sweden allowed to contract marriages

AMSTERDAM (ANP/RTR) Ministers of the Church of Scientology in Sweden are allowed to contract marriages from now on. The Swedish ministry of justice has decided this on Thursday, the Dutch branch of the movement said on Friday.

Scientology president, Heber Jentzsch called the decision a milestone for the Church of Scientology in europe and for the freedom of religion. According to him this recognition of a member of the European community indicates the norm for all other governments. The Swedish government recognized the Church of Scientology as a religious community in March.

The Church of Scientology was established in 1954 in California by the late American L. Ron Hubbard. In Sweden the community, which was established in 1968, counts 3,000 members. It has churches in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.

South Africa recognizes the Church of Scientology since last month. Germany and Switzerland regard the movement not as a religious community. In the Netherlands the Church of Scientology is registered as a church. But the donations by the members are not tax exempt, like with other churches, according to a spokeswoman.

And now for the truth

Scientology has been trying to get recognized as a real religion ever since their mad messiah dreamed up the notion of pretending to be a religion in a letter he wrote to his wife, a letter which talks about "looking into the religion angle" as he called it, for the sole purpose of getting tax exemption status in the United States.

Amusingly, Sweden still doesn't recognize Scientology as a religion. Indeed few countries do, not even the United States which, in any event, isn't allowed to dictate what is a religion and what is not a religion since that opposes Constitutional seporation of church from State. What Sweden did allow is that Scientologists may conduct marriage rituals and such marriages would be recognized by the State. That's all. So far as that goes, I myself -- Rev. Fredric L. Rice -- is also recognized by the United States as able to conduct marriage rituals to be fully recognized by the State. It certainly doesn't mean that any criminal fraud like Scientology that I could dream up would some how be considered a religion.

So what we see in Scientology's claims above is one of their many amusing claims trying to advance the never ending public relations effort to try to get people to believe that Scientology is some how a religion. The ability to conduct marriages does not supports such a claim.

Incidentally, the amazing Heber Jentzsch himself has equally amazing legal problems which resulted in him fleeing prosecution in Madrid, Spain. (See also Raids.ORG for additional coverage.)

Heber's nutty insane rants are classic and I would encourage you to review the audio files KFI8.RM and KFI9.RM to listen to Scientology's mock "International President" toss an amusing screaming fit while on KFI AM 640 Talk Radio out of Los Angeles, California. These two audio recordings are truly amazing and they paint a very accurate picture of the mind of Scientology's leaders.


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