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Lies Debunked: Golden Era Productions


Scientology's doublecross

Scientology's Claims

From: Public Relations (
Subject: Golden Era Productions
Date: 1999/03/31


Golden Era Productions is a division of Church of Scientology International that was formed to produce religious training and dissemination films. It is located in Southern California on a 500-acre property which contains film and sound studios as well as editing facilities and even a film laboratory, making it possible to produce all of these religious films in-house.

Many of the skills needed by an auditor are best communicated by example, which is most effectively achieved today through audiovisual media. Mr. Hubbard wrote a series of motion picture scripts to demonstrate exact points of Scientology religious technology and also wrote more than 50 films scripts on Scientology to disseminate Scientology principles to the general public. These are still being produced today.

Golden Era Productions also provides audiovisual dissemination materials for the Scientology religion. These include videotaped programs, radio and television messages, and Sunday service broadcasts. The films and other audiovisual products are translated into any languages for the use in other parts of the world.

Much of the Scientology Scripture is contained in Mr. Hubbard's 3,000 tape-recorded lectures - generally 90 minutes in length each. One of Golden Era Productions' vital functions is to restore these lectures (many of which were recorded in the 1950s and had deteriorated) and to reproduce them in cassette form, along with full transcriptions, for use by students on Scientology training courses.

Golden Era Productions also supports the religion worldwide with dissemination brochures, poster, fliers and magazines in many languages. New books and other religious materials based on Mr. Hubbard's researches and writings are also compiled, designed and translated into many different languages at Golden Era Productions.

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And now for the truth

Well that was a lot of "what-else" as my grandmother used to call it. To begin with, the facility is located at Gilman Hot Springs in Southern California and it's a heavily armed and fortified cult compound according to at least one affidavit filed by an ex-follower which was allegedly tortured and otherwise abused at the compound.

Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard originallly purchased the property as a hide out when he was on the lam from a number of law enforcement agencies. When his identity was unmasked, Hubbard was forced to flee, spending some time out near Palm Springs and then eventually finding his way to his final hide out in Northern California where he remained hidden from the cops until he died.

Hubbard and his fellow cohorts liked to think that Hubbard made these titanic movies and Hubbard fancied himself a great movie director. He tried his hand at shooting movies and basically wasted a lot of film, never making any movies that the public would ever pay money to watch. His followers, however, weren't so lucky as to have any choice in the matter and it's alleged that some of them were forced to pretend his movies were grand master pieces and were, tragically, forced to view them.

The armed and fortified cult compound out at Gilman Hot Springs is covered in barbed wire designed to keep prisoners in, not to keep anyone out. Indeed, the only people who would want to break into the compound would be law enforcement agencies and government shock troops like the BATF and specially trained FBI officers. In addition to the barbed wire to keep prisoners from escaping, there are a large number of video cameras within and without the compound, some of which actually watch and record traffic passing along the armed compound along Highway 79 yet the majority of which point inward to make sure that nobody inside can make a run for the fence.

The site is perfect for a Scientology "RPF" prison compound. RPF stands for "Rehabilitation Project Force" and it's a punishment camp for Scientologists who either inform their leaders they want to leave Scientology, or otherwise say or do something that is in violation of the organization's totalitarian dictates.

A number of gruesom homicides have occured inside of that facility as well as outside due to the organization's complete disreguard for the health and safety of their remaining followers and innocent people traveling the Highway outside the compound.

An extremely gruesom homicide occured in the year 2000. Two Human Rights activists were protesting the organization's previous killing of Lisa McPherson when the alarms went off inside of the compound. The activists -- Shydavid and Barb didn't know what was going on however a number of ringleaders came out and tried to make the protesters leave, offering to take them inside of the armed compound to give them lunch to "talk about it" -- meaning the reasons they were picketing and protesting against Scientology's previous homicides.

Horribly, the crime syndicate was trying to get the activists to leave before homicide detectives and the media arived to take a look at Scientolog's latest killing: Stacy Moxon -- daughter of the notorious Kendrick moxon named in the Stipulation of Evidence which put numerous ringleaders in prison -- had been electrocuted to death inside the compound.

And Scientology didn't want the protesters to know it.

Somewhat amusingly yet very telling is the fact that the organization's leaders apparently believed that it their latest homicide was due to the presence of the Human Rights protesters outside the barbed wire covered fences. Shydavid was targeted by the crime syndicate as falling into their Fair Game policy apparently on the bizarre belief that he some how contributed to the death of Stacy Moxon.

Outwardly, though, the organization told the authorities a number of different "shore stories" as they're called inside of the organization. They claimed it was a vehicle accident one time, then claimed there was a building fire in their compound another time, and then eventually they settled down with the claim that Stacy Moxon had been electrocuted while chasing squirrels in a hot transformer vault.

It's extremely important to understand what Scientology considers "squirrels" within their organization to be. According to Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard, anyone who alters or in any way modifies or misapplies Hubbard's "technology" is a "squirrel." It's a way of saying that such people are "'nutty."

So when Scientology settled on their squirrel story it may very well have been a not-so-hidden message to fellow Scientologists as to the consequences of "squirreling." If so, it's a sick, dark brand of humor that's common among traditional gang land hits done by more traditional organized crime rackets.

It's bad enough that Scientology kills its own followers. Horribly, an equally gruesome homicide took place that same year right outside of the fortified compound. This time it was an innocent child who was beheaded by a tractor running on the Highway 79 without lights, without warning flags, and without any safety crews. Ashlee Shanner came around a bend on Highway 79 right around where Scientology's "Golden Era Productions" property begins and drove straight into the shovel on the tractor, being decapitated apparentlu due to Scientology's total disreguard for the public's safety. It later turned out that the driver of the tractor didn't even have a diver's license.

Hubbard never made any "religious films" and anything that the crimial enterprise produced these days can't reasonably be considered "religion" in any reasonable sense of the word. Propaganda advertisement and public relations pieces is what the facility churns out.

Apparently the facility doctors photographs as well. The crime syndicate took photographs of a gathering they had at the end of the year 1999 and since so few seats were filled somebody in the crime syndicate doctored the photographs, cutting and pasting people -- some without heads! -- to make the photograph show full seats. When Mr. Arnie Lerma discovered the attempted deception, he alerted the media, forcing Scientology to remove the doctored photographs out of embarrassment that they had been caught.

Hubbard did record a bewildering number of freakishly bizzare audio tape recordings of meandering thought and disjointed notions put into what is amusingly called "lectures." Many of these "lectures" are a massive embarrasment to the organization since some of them talk about Hubbard having visited Venus and also getting run over, claiming that Venus is populated. The way that Hubbard talks about Christianity and Jesus in these taped recordings are also massively embarrassing and certainly not what the organization wants Christians ever to hear.

I've been out at the organization's heavily fortified cult compound and I've seen how the leaders treat their followers. It's amazing that people are willing to subject themselves to such horrible abuses yet it could be pointed out that "battered women's syndrome" is a concept that doesn't have to always describe domestic abuse.

If you get a chance, you should drive by the facility and take a look at what Scientology is really all about. The barbed wire. The motion sensitive video cameras watching in paranoia at the vehicles passing along the highway. The expensive mansion that head ringleader David Miscaviage apparently lives in. The golf course, and the infamout running track where prisoners are reportedly punished... Drive by the facility and see what Scientologists subject themselves to.


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