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Issue IV


Free Zone Auditors

Free Zone C/Ses


This list supplements the “Control List” (Free Zone C/S 2), for those few cases who feel or act still PTS to the Church or its organizations after the Control List has been completed.


The following words exist in the Bank and will be found to have been in chronic restimulation, after one or a series of Oppressive handlings



When control fails Oppressors will seek to inflict a feeling of profound guilt on people they target. Oppressors use the following words to “break someone” and “demonstrate” that they are all-powerful. Once someone will has been “broken” he has both his case and his own awareness submerged to the point that any insult is “deserved” or justified.

The list is handled per the recommended Handlings appropriate to the case. To avoid Bypassed charge each item must be F/Ning before it is left. The list can be brought to an F/Ning assessment, it no EP has been reached on the first time through.

Lower Level pcs can be run on Quad Recalls”

F1- Recall a time when you were…?

F2- Recall a time when  you … another?

F3- Recall a time when  you … another?

F0- Recall a time when you … yourself?


Squashed?                                            Suppressed?                             Wronged?

Defiled?                                                Ruined?                                    Demonized?

Crippled?                                             Harmed?                                  Maltreated?

Outraged?                                            Persecuted?                              Oppressed?

Dishonored?                                         Attacked?                                Berated?

Debased?                                             Degraded?                               Blamed?

Vilified?                                                Victimized?                               Ridiculed?

Denigrated?                                          Humiliated?                              Trashed?

Discredited?                                         Denunciated?                            Disgraced?

Lambasted?                                          Condemned?                            Defamed?

Accused?                                             Abused?                                   Harassed?

Ostracized?                                          Boycotted?                               Condemned?

Insulted?                                               Reprimanded?                          Scolded?

Belittled?                                              Calumniated?                            Maligned?

Punished for no reason?                                               

© 2004 Pierre Ethier  Class XII and C/S

Permission to use this bulletin free of any royalties is given to all individuals of Good-will within the “Free Zone”, provided the Copyright mark and name of the author remain on each issue distributed.