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BULLETIN OF 20 May 2004

Issue II


Free Zone Auditors

Free Zone C/Ses


Free Zone C/S - 1


The following action, which could also be called “Scientology Repair List” aims to remove BPC from the  “off-beat” application of Scientology or its abuses in the pc (pre-OT)’s past.

While it would ideally be programmed as the first steps upon departing the “official” organization, it may be C/Sed as part of a return Program for any pc or Pre-OT who is still found to be hung up, critical, make wrong or upset about his previous experiences in an org.


The following list is assessed Method 5. Unless the pc has a big win, it should be brought to a F/Ning assessment. It best done prefixed: At …[org] or in … [city/location]. From an earlier interview or discussion, it should be obvious what to put in the bracket, which depends on the pc’s history.

The handling is simple. Unless noted otherwise, each question is handled 2WC E/S to F/N. Beware of ruds going out on a question! Handle out-ruds as they creep up to F/N. Wrong Indications or out-list phenomena are handled with an L4BR.

For those on Upper Levels, the list is strictly handled per the technology belonging to that level.


The EP of this list is someone freed from the adverse effects of his/her involvements with the Church and feeling serene about it.

One cannot underestimate the importance of addressing and terminatedly handle existing BPC associated with Scientology or its organization, for as long as it is still present, the true state of OT will remain beyond the grasp of the individual.


1. Out Int? (Int Correction List)

2. Out List? (Handle with an L4BR)

3. Wrong Item? (Handle with an L4BR)

4. Wrong Indication? (Handle with an L4BR)

5. Wrong Ethics Condition? (Handle with an L4BR)

6. Told you were Evil?

7. Told you were Suppressive?

8. Treated like a Suppressive?

9. Told you had Evil Purposes?

10. Told you had Undisclosed Overts?

11. Unhandled case Trouble?

12. Unhandled Ruin?

13. Too many Interruptions?

14. Mixing Actions?

15. Looking for things that aren’t there?

16. Inhuman Treatment?

17. Disagreements with OT materials?

18. Forced to believe in OT materials?

19. Felt unappreciated?

20. Disagreements?

21. Denied your rights?

22. Denied dignity?

23. Injustice?

24. Failed Purpose?

25. Out-Tech?

26. Threatened with a Comm-Ev?

27. Threatened with a Declare?

28. Threatened with the RPF?

29. Disagreement with Ethics?

30. Unreal Ethics Handling?

31. Told it was your fault?

32. Incomplete Conditions 33. Earlier abuses?

34. Out-gradient Handlings?

35. Unjust Ethics Action?

36. Unusual Punishment?

37. Cruel Punishment?

38. Sadism?

39. Masochism?

40. Everything was all right to begin with?

41. Made into a robot?

42. Punished for disagreeing?

43. Forced to agree?

44. Prevented from training 45. Prevented from Auditing?

46. Prevented from doing your job?

47. Too many new rules?

48. Endless side trips on the Bridge?

49. Prevented from applying LRH?

50. Ashamed for disagreeing?

51. Tech or Admin was not from LRH?

52. Squirreling?

53. Told to do things you didn’t even know?

54. Overt Products?

55. Out-2-D?

56. Withhold?

57. Undisclosed overts?

58. Told you had Out-2-D when you didn’t. 59. Lied to?

60. Told Lies?

61. Done In?

62. Revenge?

63. Bias?

64. Hearsay?

65. Betrayed?

66. Criticized?

67. Done In?

68. False Knowledge Reports?

69. Ignorance?

70. Ethics officer was prejudiced?

71. Ethics officer was ignorant?

72. Interpretation of the materials?

73. Interpretation of Policy?

74. Disagreements with Management?

75. Disagreements with RTC?

76. Endless visits to the Registrar?

77. Endless visits to the Ethics Officer?

78. Stops on the bridge?

79. Arbitraries on the Bridge?

80. Endless New Rules?

81. Endless New Rundowns?

82. Made to redo the same thing twice?

83. Nonsense?

84. At fault?

85. Verbal Tech?

86. Reverse Auditing?

87. Self-Auditing?

88. Endless Auditing?

89. False OCA?

90. Crashed after auditing?

91. Something you are not telling?

92. Has Something been missed?

93. Still Upset?

94. Some Other Kind of Bypassed charge?

95. Everything is now fine?

© 2004 Pierre Ethier  Class XII and C/S

Permission to use this bulletin free of any royalties is given to all individuals of Good-will within the “Free Zone”, provided the Copyright mark and name of the author remain on each issue distributed.