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Issue I




For better or for worse, You and I have decided to leave the official Church of Scientology and its organizations.


I see the Free Zone as a group of benevolent people, currently without much structure, mostly united by their belief in Spiritual improvement and in applying key tenets professed by L Ron Hubbard and breakthroughs made through 5000 years of thinking men. I see the Free Zone as an area where people of good will truly abound.


I consider everyone in the Free Zone to be my friend.


I consider no one in the Free Zone to be my enemy

While the opposite of the latter might not necessarily be true, all I can say is that I have not only no desire for enmity, but I am fully prepared to declare all bygones to be bygones for anyone who may have felt offended, justly or unjustly by my zeal in the past.



My views match those of LRH when he wrote in 1978:


“An old poem, which has been newly adapted as policy:

There is so much bad in the best of us

And so much good in the worst of us

That it ill behooves any of us

To talk about the rest of us.


The Free Zone is, or should be devoid of political purpose. The Free Zone does not seek to control people and is granting self-determinism to its members.


True freedom for all arises when the able and even the unable move along the paths they have set for themselves.


The vast majority of people in the Free Zone, including myself have no agenda in mind, save the spiritual improvement of oneself and others.


Our beliefs are not unlike A.E Van Vogt’s, who in 1953 wrote: “I, personally, consider

Hubbard the first major genius to appear in the field of human behavior since the younger Freud…So long as Hubbard permits his fear of losing "control" to motivate his actions, so long as temporary expedients and opportunism are the order of the day… Dianetics will carry with it the odor of a cult and of a con game, and public relations will quite properly remain at low ebb…”




We do not hold LRH as a Deity-like entity who was always right and never wrong.


We acknowledge the brilliant, and less brilliant discoveries made by him and others.


We hold dear to applying Technology in the best way possible and to what truly works.


I discourage practices that I characterize as Willfully Altering the Tech, because from years of experience, I have observed that, they generally cause more harm than they do good, since they are generally the result of their progenitors’ inability to apply perfectly working Tech correctly in the first place.


The definition of Squirreling has become greatly politicized within the Church. Any defectors or anyone fallen out of favor within the Church would automatically get branded as such, regardless of his application of Tech Fundamentals or his background.. Technically (and legally) as RTC “legally owns the subject”, Squirreling has become any violation from the tenets held by RTC no matter how much in Violation of LRH Technology or the Scientology Axioms they may be, so the word Squirreling is now utterly devoid of meaning and have discontinued my usage of it..


I do not own the Subject of Scientology, the Spiritual advancement of Mankind or its Freedom; therefore, anyone in the Free Zone may invent processes, which violate the fundamentals of auditing, basic Axioms, or the structure of the Human Mind without fear of my actions toward him or her, except my quietly pointing out the errors, for anyone who asks.


Except for pointing the Technical errors and explaining them to those interested, I have no desire to either interfere or compete with another’s practice.

I do not hold to be above the concept of ever erring and I recognize that, like everyone on Earth, have done my share of mistakes in the past.


This said, I have obviously accumulated a lot of Technical baggage and experience in my two decades working with the Tech and it is my intention to use to the best of my ability what I know for the betterment of people, without being swayed by popular opinion or the desire to appear “politically correct”


My main this lifetime goal has been “Seeking of the Truth”.


LRH (and other earlier philosophers such as Buddha) have said: “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: (1) not going all the way; and (2) not starting.”

My goal in my “Free Zone” activities is to go “all the way” on the road to truth.

The Free Zone offers the unique opportunity to travel on a true Bridge toward Spiritual Freedom.

It replaces the Church “Bridge” which under the guidance of RTC has become cluttered with Tollbooths, Spy-cameras, and Propaganda posters.


On May 9th, 1980, a mere half hour drive from Flag, the Main Span from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge collapsed, leaving people either stranded precariously close to the edge of the chasm, or meeting their demise by falling into an abyss over 18 stories tall.


In the exact same way the Bridge currently offered by the Church has become a Bridge with its center span Missing.


The Free Zone offers the only viable alternative.



Pierre Ethier


Class XII Auditor and C/S


© 2004 Pierre Ethier  Class XII and C/S

Permission to use this bulletin free of any royalties is given to all individuals of Good-will within the “Free Zone”, provided the Copyright mark and name of the author remain on each issue distributed.