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EXCAL: What it is




EXCAL is short for EXCALIBUR, A NON-LRH and PSEUDO-SCIENTOLOGY procedure invented by Bill Robertson with the assistance of Ulrich Kramer in the mid 1980s.


Claims were made that it was "telepathically communicated by LRH" in spite of its complete disregard of the C/S Series, repeated admonitions to transgress the auditor code (evaluations) and its invention of unusual solutions to address PTS phenomenon. It advocates the mixing of Dianetics and Scientology techniques, one of the most fundamental LRH "NO-NO" about auditing.


(See my article on the DISTINCTION between TELEPATHY and MENTAL TELEGRAPHY: two entirely different phenomena.)


It is characterized by leading questions, and indoctrinating/evaluating a being to handle snags in running its procedure. It is loosely inspired by NOTs and most of its workable "breakthroughs" were already written within the original NOTS Series.


A number of professional Excalibur practitioners have been taught/indoctrinated to Black PR NOTs and Solo NOTs and to make false claims about its alleged "non-workability" and to spread scary tales of Death and Destruction about NOTs, when in fact NOTs is frequently misunderstood and even more often misapplied and incompetently done, especially in the FZ, where there are currently only two people (myself and another auditor) who have ever audited in a NOTs HGC or been trained by a properly trained NOTs C/S. (Robertson never trained on NOTs and never was a NOTs Auditor. Ulrich Kramer, Excalibur co-author, who is better known under the pseudonym of L. Kin was not a Classed auditor but a SHSBC Supervisor. He eventually disagreed with Robertson’s ideas and abandoned him to start his own independent practice based on personal ideas and his "disagreements with Hubbard").


Excalibur does give results, in particular at the beginning, because it incorporates (thought quite inexpertly) elements from the Book of Case Remedies and for that reason will be found to produce the most dramatic results on either failed or misrun NOTs pcs. Just like the original KSW says, when results are obtained through the misapplication of the tech, it simply means that the tech principles that were still being applied correctly are responsible for the results, NOT that the unusual solutions that were dreamed up are meant to supplant known and existing Tech.


I make this statement after repairing dozens of Excalibur cases, and studying the entirety of attested Robertson originals that he wrote in his personal views of the Tech.


For anyone offended, by the above, my apologies.


Again, it is entirely plausible for people to get great wins when they started to get Excalibur.


The problem will be one in the longer run, just like whenever unusual solutions are being applied.


This is based on decades of experience and the study of over 10 000 cases.


I am further saying that applying expertly the C/S Series and Book of Case Remedies the way they were meant to be applied would result in even greater and often faster results than any unusual solution ever could. Better yet, it will lead to long-term stability and greater self-determism.


See the little known "HCOB 26 October 1975 – Failed Cases", which gives the exact "In-tech" rundown for handling failed and snarled up cases.



Pierre Ethier

Class XII