The most pessimistic of reports state that one out of two American Marriage will eventually end in Divorce.

While most Churches will try to discourage divorce and encourage reconciliation, there is at least one who encourage divorce and Shunning as it first line of Control over its member`s lives.

When Churched seek to discourage divorce and encourage reconciliation, often the prime consideration is about the Children. It is normally viewed that both parents are meaningful forces in a child`s upbringing and being raised in a broken home is freuqnetly prejudicial to children.

The Church of Scientology is probably unqiue in its views that the above ideas about reconciliation, children and seeking to keep marriages together, is non-sense, except when it wants to keep a PR Façade.
In the Sea Org, being actually raised by the organization, rather han the parents if often viewed as beneficial, since it will train children from an early age to follow the group rules ad discipline while garanteeing zealot allegiance.

For its elite, The church has its most severe rules: When a staff member wishes to depart from one of the Church of Scientology numerous Sweat Shops, expresses disagreements or is found to have comitted a few out of a list of hundreds of `forbidden transgressions (mamy of them being omissions), separation of couples and families is enforced. Mebers can be declared Supressive, sent to the RPF, or reassigned to work on a different continent, without any regard as to their family. It is fully expected that among the duties of a Sea Org Member comes those of severing any connections to family or spouses whenever the CHurch Senior Management will see fit.

In my own case, the Etics Officer, Barbaro Weinnberg, even wrote "DUMP YOUR WIFE AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY", as the first step of a planned "reentry program". My intention to remain married to her was labelled by her as "A CRIME AGAINST THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY" and completely unacceptable. My refusal to exediently divorce was accompanied by an assignmen of a codition of TREASON (i.e betrayal)

In recent years, extremely harsh actions have been taken on Sea Org staff. Many have defected, many have been declared.

With its policy making it a Suppressive act the act of merely discussing one`s intentions to depart even when confiding to his or her spouse, staff are left with no choice than to make plans without informing their marital partner.

There are less than 1000 thousand Sea Org member at the location where he following divorces took place over the last few years. Many of those marriages had existed for decades, but one of the two members fell in disgrace, hence the other one was advised to divorce so as to keep himself `pure and uncontaminated`so he or she may perform his or her duties according to the Church Leadership`s wishes.

One can but ponder at an organization that claims to hold the Key to the Secrets of Communication and who professes to `be able to handle any condition or situation` who advocates the cutting of communcation and the refusal to handle conditions as the first approach in tackling those problems.

Recent Divorces at just ONE Sea Org Location (list incomplete)

Jenny & Ludwig Alpers
Adrienne & Abby Ambron
Diane & Paul Anderson
Karen & Russ Andrus
Mary & Tom Ashworth
Pat & Tom Ashworth
Vivienne & Ben Atwood

Rebecca & Ailon Barram
Laurence & Danny Barram
Corinne & Henning Benndorf
Corrine & JY Besnard
Brenda & Bill Black
Darnelle & David Bloomberg
Neel & David Bogard
Maureen & Bruce Bolstad
Evelyn & Chris Borglin
Carol & Thomas Bourke
Anne & Andrew Bradley
Sarah & Glenn Briggs
Annie & Pat Broker
Pat & Bruce Bromley
Clarisse & John Brousseau
Diedre & John Brousseau
Samantha & Mike Brown
Janadair & Bill Brugger
Angela & Guido Buchele
Marsha & John Busby
Diane & Spike Bush
Eve & Jamie Butterworth

Jennifer & Bob Champagne
Vikki & Chris Chaney
Katie & Josh Charbonneau
Susie & Niels Christiansen
Nicole & Nikki Cifarelli
Jessica & Dan Cohee Jr.
Power & Elsa Coleman
Evelyn & Steve Cook
Shelly & Nicola Corrias
Nancy & Dan Crocini
Geray & Rick Cruzen
Sarah & Ian Cunningham
Sarah & Jim Cupp
Anna & Derek Cusworth

Elena & Kenny Davies
Denise & Ken Delderfield
Marion & Bill Dendiu
Jenny & Tom DeVocht
Hillary & Paul Dezotel
Rikke & Burt Drake
Phyllis & Burt Drake
Gwen & Danny Dunigan
Kettie & Danny Dunigan
Tania & John Dunstan

Megan & Hans Eisenman
Lynne & Kip Engen
Melissa & Nathaniel Epstein
Lilia & Mickey Estrada
Lelanya & Paul Eves

Olga & Bob Ferris
Julie & Mark Fisher
Pauline & David Flood
Barbara & Bill Foster
Kerrie & Joe Frances
Falbala & Wolfi Frank
Lisa & Francesco Frau

Shannon & Matthis Gahwiler
Cynthia & Calwell Garth
Charlotte & Erick Geisler
Deborah & Randall Gillion
Kathleen & John Goodwin
Luanda & Damien Gouessan
Marine & Ryan Greeve
Barbara & Jay Griffen
Sarah & Pat Gualterri
Melita & Chris Guider
Danielle & Steffan Guttermann

April & James Hall
Sue & Steve Hall
Marg & Martin Hapscheidt
Fran & Fred Harris
Suzanne & Martin Hattenbach
Nancy & Jeff Hawkins
Cathy & Jeff Hawkins
Gladys & Josh Hemphill
Gerda & Humberto Herrera
Mary Chris & Bruce Hines
Marg & Ted Horner
Diana & Jonathan Horwich
Stephanie & Jonathan Horwich
Lucy & Greg Huff

Gunhild & Larry Jacobs
Camilla & Joe Jarchow
Sharon & Xavier Jarquin
Sue & Charles Johnson
Lisbeth & John Jones
Nancy & Pascal Julienne

Karen & Rick Kamman
Yvonne & Kalle Kannisto
Theresa & Ted Karbowski
Alison & Jason Knapmeyer
Diane & Lief Konneus
Sue & Dan Koon
Misha & Tristan Korringa
Tasha & Brad Kugler
Theresa & Fritz Laner
Diane & Tim Larsen
Susie & Real Laplaine
Suzie & Robert Lemoine
Vanella & Guillaume Leserve
Lia & Carl Lewis
Heather & John Lindstein
Mariette & Billy Lindstein
Leticia & Pablo Lobato
Michelle & Pablo Lopez
Annie & Jim Logan

Birdie & Jesse Magnuson
Sadie & Chris Maifield
Jenny & Nori Matsumuri
Marcy & Warren McShane
Taryn & Sean McShane
Marie & Dave Medina
Georgianna & Jim Moonie
Liz & Jim Moonie
Sheri & Gary Moorehead
Betsy & Shawn Morrison
Chloe & Shawn Morrison
Amy & Jim Mortland
Barbara & Jim Mortland
Barbara & Clark Morton
Jan & Ken Mortenson
Bonny & Sheldon Mousell
Heather & Jurgen Muller
Rae & Doug Muller
Francine & Scott Musselman

Barbara & Norm Newton
Lorie & Nick Nierop
Alison & Mike Norton

Carol & Nigel Oakes
Anna Marie & Mike Ogletree
Gisele & Jan Olsen
Megan & John Oldfield
Bronwyn & Ulf Olofsson
Cathy & Tom Ondreicka
Anna & Tim Ottavi

Jackie & Sinar Parman
Cory & Adam Parselle
Astra & James Parselle
Amy & David Paul
Wendy & John Paulson
Vicki & Jim Pearson
Melanie & John Peeler
Mette & Leonardo Pereznieto
Marie-Noelle & Sigmar Pietsch
Sue & Gilles Pische
Stephanie & Tom Pope
Nancy & Jeff Porter
Bettina & Kevin Posten
Gail & Alan Povall
Mimica & Seth Price
Paula & Matt Price
Sue & Bill Price
Monica & Jesse Prince
Karen & Ivano Priori
Alenka & Misha Priv

Michelle & Niklas Rahkonen
Sandy & Niklas Rahkonen
Luzia & Jesse Radstrom
Megan & Chris Rae
Inci & Izzy Ramirez
Jane & Izzy Ramirez
Anne & Marty Rathbun
Geray & Marty Rathbun
Dana & Martin Reid
Mary & Ray Reiser
Diana & Wendell Reynolds
Ellen & Wendell Reynolds
Cathy & Mike Rinder
Linda & Charlie Rush
Camilla & Greg Ryerson

Monica & Francisco Sans Polo
Tory & Neil Schell
Karen & Peter Schless
Lisa & Paul Schroer
Karen & Kenny Seybold
Yael & Phil Sherlock
Stephanie & Chris Silcock
Caroline & Urs Sporri
Daniella & Sharder Starkey
Carol & Barry Stein
Mary & Barry Stein
Giselle & Andrew Stevens
Joan & Andrew Stevens
Laurisse & Uwe Stuckenbrock
Donna & Jon Stumbke
Georgiana & Ron Sommerville
Lynne & Ron Sommerville
Cheryl & Mike Sutter
Janadair & Marcus Swanson

Brigitte & Thomas Teutsch
Fleur & John Thomas
Tammy & Cliff Thomas
Jean & Mike Tomazevic
Suzette & Sterling Thompkins
Joan & Mark Treasure
Angie & Vince Trent
Jackie & Kevin True

Melissa & Martin Uvitzl

Tory & Ghislain Viau

Karen & Bruce Wagoner
Pam & Bruce Wagoner
Jessica & Bob Waldman
Sue & Jeff Walker
Cynthia & Jean-Michel Wargniez
Sonja & Richard Weingartner
Maj & Alec Wheelis
Anne & Jeff Weber
Lalania & Kurt Weiland
Elena & Beckett Wells
Karen & Dave West
Maj & Alec Wheelis
Cheryl & Karl Whitcher
Kendra & Karl Whitcher
Mark & Denise Whitta
Becky & Darius Wilhere
Sandy & Greg Wilhere
Lee & Steve Willett
Mary & Russ Williams
Anna & John Willoughby
Heather & Arepa Willoughby
Christina & Craig Wilson
Donna & Kuno Wolff
Jackie & Kuno Wolff

Michelle & Marc Yager
Vikki & Jimmy Yeoh
Georgianna & Steve Young
Joanne & Steve Young

Samantha & Daniel Zimmatore

Pierre Ethier