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Scientology related Discussion groups
recent postings and experiences.

Interestingly enough, contents from my web page are regularly posted in its entirety by those and without permission by those who see it as an opportunity to forward their personal agenda and justify their natter.

My private emails and communications have not been exempt.

Even the person managing such a board adheres to double standards herself:

Upon observing that the rules of he board about personal attacks, slander and posting private communication were being violated, I requested privately to the Board Manager that she considers removing those that were directed at me, inferring that there were potential legal ramification if she allowed violations of her own board rules and faciliated or became a party to slander. There was a lone communication on the subject. The board manger replies she didnt wish to do it and in fact felt that the attacks on me were well deserved, indicating she had agreed without further examination. Apparently she nows has even joined forces with those who see slander as a legetimate method of "getting even".

My single request inferring legal ramifications became in her own words "Repeated harrassment", lawyers and "whining".

Per her own statement she was recently receiving auditing..., or at least was asking for it.

Obviously neither her nor her auditor have comprehended HCOB 3 May 1962 ARCX, Missed Witholds".

Conclusion: The application of the Data Series and spotting outpoints, is an alien concept to those who use bulletin boards as an avenue to vent their frustation, natter and other misconceptions.

People stuck in the lower bands of the tone scale use natter as a preferred mechanism to confronting their own overts. This is amply discussed in HCOB 21 January 1960 JUSTIFICATIONS.

One dozen lies nattered, agreed upon and broadly disseminated by a few will never succeed in supplanting a truth.

I have audited over 5000 people succesfully and helped people well beyond the ability to ever help anyone of the few who natter(less than 2.5 % by actual statististics). This is historical fact.

I have brought hope to dozens of people who were desperate. I have changed the lives of over 25 people by auditing them this Summer alone.

The number of glowing Success Stories by pcs I have audited this year alone could fill the entire wall of a large room...

I therefore let the unholy screaming out of their darkened soul unabated. Listening to them is agreeing with preventing Man from going free.

Most people don't. Each time a few natter. I get an onslaught of interested and willing public knocking on my door.

Only the low toned individual, the gullible and the one with "similar of his own" agrees with blatant natter anyway.

This is why I no longer answer any such. I have a more important game to play.

My advice to their auditors: Apply HCOB Justification to their case and remove that much evil from this world. You will have helped to make this planet a better world.