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How to Win as an Auditor or Independent Practitioner

In any practice that either wants to be viewed with credibility or with confidence, Professionalism and efforts to maintain high levels of ethics and excellence are the keys to success.

The Church is currently in big trouble for violating those rules, in which LRH believed so much.

The practitioner applying the principles above will soon find himself surounded by inexhaustible pools of public:

Failed cases from improperly trained Fre Zone and Independent Field practitioners
Ex church members
Church members who have become disenchanted with the Church totalitarian atitude
Anon members
Prospective interested people
The general public on this planet

Outside thge Church, a general dabbler and "anything goes" attitude has been promoted by those too lazy to properly train

One has to look at the actual tone level of most "FZ Opinion leaders" of the previous decade, and see the kind of public that swear by them, and the ideas they promote: from LRH being kidnapped by Aliens, to Markabians covertly infiltrating the Church, when it is not the promise to produce Total OTs faster and more easily than one prepares a cup of coffee.

The winning prqactitioner should:

1) Promote Professionalism in himself and others (out of which applying Standard Tech is but one key element)

2) Promote high quality and Ethical standards so that people who are not reckless about choosing their auditor, can use a reliable source to avoid going to unethical or reckless practitioners

3) Rejection of crazy "group think" where "anything goes", and out-tech is rationalized.

For example, a few people recently claimed that because Read it Drill it Do it (RDD) is acceptable in the Church (especially the RPF) that it is a sanction to FOREVER SUBSEQUENTLY AVOID proper training.

Many people became top auditors and C/Ses at Flag after doing Read it, Drill it, Do it, in the RPF. So there is nothing wrong with it.

HOWEVER, what those who after decades in the FZ yet never bothered to properly train on the Upper Levels they are auditing CONVENIENTLY omit saying is that NOT ONE of the RDD trained auditors was allowed anywhere near a paying public pc WITHOUT doing subsequently the course, high crime scheckouts and internships and that the reason for their continual success was PROPER TRAINING.

Taking an expedient or short-cut route to training is Simply stated a DANGER CONDITION. Danger Conditions have their uses, Bypassing normal habits and routines is vital under some circumstances. Only a madman would disagree with that.

However, someone who bothers to apply Ethics Technology to himself, would, after the original Danger is over , eventually DO THE NORMAL THING, which is to train properly. Unfortunately, those who have failed to master self-discipline, just like the person riddled with debts who elects to buy a brand new plasma TV when he comes across some money, instead of paying his bills will rest on their ill-earned laurels, unhandled MUs and False Data and let their newly acquired knowledge go to their head by calling themselves "fully trained auditors who can learn from no one".

Yet there are auditors in the FZ, who boast after decades in it, to have never done the upper Level training required nor having drilled with a properly trained auditor.

In essence they will remain in a perpetual Danger Condition. It is the road toward lower conditions and why the FZ as a whole has a truly bad name among Professionals, wealthy people and Celebrities.

Most of the above people achieved their success by dealing with PROFESSIONALS and expect PROFESSIONALISM in return.

A Professional does the best possible job and works continually at getting better at what he does. He firmly believes that he can always improve his skills and does the necessary work to do so. He does not run away like a scaredy cat, whenever he gets a whiff that a higher classed auditor is around and might find out things he could improve on.

The professional has intense respect for his public and therefore considers it his duty to give auditing as close to what LRH himself would deliver whenever he is in session. Doing anything less is simply unacceptable to the professional.

The DABBLER on the other hand, is satisfied that having RDD the materials is "fine enough for eternity" and that the mediocre skills that he has learned is plenty fine "because pcs are winning".

The DABBLER will never try to question his standards nor the quality of his original qucikie training. The dabbler is not even interested in finding out if he can do a better job than he does. The fact that he does "fine" is entirely satisfactory to him. His opinion about his skills is all too often written in stone and largely based on a PR status.

It can be said that 40% Standard Tech will still give 40% results. 40% results is enough to have Success stories by the truck load and great results and (mainly) satisfied public.

To someone not accustomed, like I am to `LRH Flag Standards``, the rave results from the 40% auditor can seem not only miraculous but "adequate". They may well appear to the NON FLAG TRAINED as miraculous and "Sufficient", but what about the missing 60% ???

Doesnt every pc deserve them as well???

Somehow, in the FZ, some auditors who must view themselves as Cases rather than auditors, think that pcs winning equal `NEVER MAKE TROUBLE FOR AN AUDITOR NO MATTER HOW FLUBBY`.

Per C/S 43 one does not make trouble for the pc. But the exact opposite applies to the auditor. This is how the best auditors have been made.

Though drilling, though training make the best auditors. This is true of any field. Ask any champion or top achiever.

Permissive, patty cake training as is all too often promoted in some FZ circles, All it does is produce Patty Cake auditors, Not auditors capable of delivering flublessly Flag Only Rundowns.

The dabbler can easily sweep under the carpet the few failures and remain satisfied because he sees results. He appears unaware on how much greater results his pcs could actually get. He may actually not know any better. His pcs probably do not know either, or they would seek someone else. All what the dabbler is saying when he claims "results" is that he is getting better results than Psychiatry, which is essentially no claim at all.

Mediocrity is the key attribute of the dabbler, and just like the mass producing company with no quality control, he is actually showing in the long run, nothing but scorn for his public "as long as they are willing to pay".

For the professional, Quality control is Important. This is true in Industry. This is true among achievers. This is not true among dabblers, pretenders and those wanting to make a quick buck.

LRH said "We are in the Rolls-Royce and Leica Business".

The dabbler is satisfied with making YUGOS, though he will frequently advertise them as `Rolls Royces`. This is when I speak loudly (and often make enemies)

Dabblers want nothing to do with quality Control. Their justifications and rationalizations can fill a large book. They will always perceive it as a stop, when in fact, when correctly done, Quality Control should act like a Rocket booster...

Since people with a private agenda tend to misquote me or pervert my communication:

NOTHING I SAID HERE SAYS THAT ONE SHOULD NOT TRAIN or that one should have exaggerated ideas of quality before doing any delivery.
All I said is that it is OUt-ETHICS to be too lazy to train after decades of opportunity while falsely promoting oneself as fully or competently trained.

"PROFESSIONAL, it isn't magic or luck that makes the professional.
It's hard won know-how careful applied. A true professional may do
things pretty easily from all appearances, but he is actually
taking care with each little bit that it is just right". (HCO PL 8
Oct 64) LRH

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Pierre Ethier

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