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from the Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology is unique among organizatons in taking the saying "NOT ACCEPTING NO AS AN ANSWER" to the letter.

I have been personally aproached by over 100 people complaining the abusive practice of  continuous calls to extort Money to pay for the "New Books and Tapes" (about $3500).

Many people complained of having received close to or in excess to 100 calls for the same purpose. Apparetly the people are calling are being indoctrinated that they must call ALL PEOPLE on their list until ALL PEOPLE have bought the full package. Whn all names have been called 100 times, they will call them 101 times and continue to do at nauseam, until a sale becomes extorted.

Judgment is entirely missing from those calls.

Senior Church Officials would be surprised to learn that I was present during 9 of those phone calls, made to various people I was auditing. Each one maintained "good PR" but didnt buy. I witnessed the absurdities,communication formula violations and other insanities made during those phone calls.

1- The calls are utterly uncoordinated, often made by people who have not read the person's CF file. ARCXs are created because there is no attempt at achie=ving a common relaity and the caller has been indictrinated that sales are made through ENFORCING REALITY or UNDERSTANDING.

To anyone trained, this is how ARCXs are generated. To the Church zealot, it is the only way of "communicating" they have been taught.

So we get callers asking to a Solo NOTS completion or an old timer who did his OT levels in the 1970s: "Are you Clear yet"? or "When are you going to go OT". People can get as many as 8 phone calls a day. The only way to terminate those calls is to either find a pretext to end it (business meeting, a call on the other line,...) or to use threats in which case you are certain to appear of OSA radar and a form of Fair Game Rule applied, as the caller will definitely label anyone making such a statement as a 2 1/2%er. A friend of mine said the next day after he told them in no uncertain terms his disagreements and to stop calling, he had his Credit record checked by a Private PI, apparently at the hire of the Church and the day after he started to get calls from Collection agencies as they were told that a deliquent payer with the same family name was the the pc himself when he wasnt.

The Police even showed up on his door step with a warrant for the arrest of a criminal with a similar name. Fortunately the officers had enough information and judgment not to make an arrest.

So all those OSA Hypocrites who say FAIR GAME is no longer applied are BARED FACED LIARS.

It is easy to understand the reason for those phone calls. In the SO people get very little pay and they are still expected to pay for many basics that ought to be picked up by the organization, such as laundry, local transport between buildings, or of course giving you pay as part of your "amends" whenever it has been decided that you screwed up. As a result if a SO member makes only 5 sales of the new BOOKS AND TAPES, he has earned as much as he would have in a whole year at regular SO pay. So the true motivation for that flurry of calls is plain old MONEY, and not your spiritual freedom.

2- I witnessed the calls: Most people making those calls deserve to be retrained on the Introductory Communication course (or put through it if they never did it). Once I was with another Class XII (one who trained with LRH for many years at St Hill) when such a call was made. Little did the caller knew he was listened by two Class XIIs. The opinion of the other XII was that the person making he call "Did not know how to communicate". My opinion in addition was that the person sounded utter insincere. He was abrupt and when the person taking the call was balking at sending money for the sale, the caller, who had an Italian accent, and per his own admission had not read any LRH book, used the F Word: "What is F---ING wrong with you?" did he say. The pc Hung up. The person later called to make an apology, realizing that a Knowledge report was probably forthcoming.

As an infamous politician once said:" You are either with us or you are with the Enemy". This is what the Church applies.

TO STOP HARASSING CALLS, you have two choices.

1- THE QUIET WAY: This is if you are in good standing and dont want to be declared, want to avoid confrontation or for some reason want to keep "ARC" with the Church: Block the call through one of the methods available in your area, or use Call display to not bother answer or tell the person is no longer there or moved.

If you are more adventurous you can consider changing your number.

Someone I know once when he decided to get rid of CoS calls, gave them a "879 COUNTRY CODE" phone Number to "try to see if he is there" (Note for legal reasons, he never claimed he was there, He merely told them to try to see if a person bearing his name was there, just like when children often tell those they want to leave their space, "Go check across the street to see if I am there". . At the time 879 was using United States Priority channels on Military Satellites, typically to reach US warships on duty overseas. Each minute of those calls cost nearly $100... At those rates, I doubt they persisted in calling, especially if they were put on hold for several minutes while someone was looking for him...

2- THE CONFRONTATIONAL WAY: The one thing the Church is afraid is BAD PR.  Threaten to take legal action, or go to the Media (the true thing that scares CoS). If you go that route, expect some form of FAIR GAME, and any of your Scientologists friends or family told to DISCONNECT from you AS DESTRUCTIVELY AS POSSIBLE.

FALSE CLAIMS from the Church: what else is New??

Current PR from the Church asserts that 97 1/2% of people want the calls and wish to buy the books. TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF FALSE PR. Nobody is able to verify any such figure of course and no survey was even made.  All it is is a covert attempt to introvert the person in order to make the sale, as it infers that not wish to buy = one the 2 1/2 % (i.e suppressives) who is balking at the sale. Yet another case where COVERT HOSTILITY (1.1 on the tone scale) has become the preferred method to sell in the Church. Whatever happened to higher levels on the tone scale such as High Interest and Enthusiasm?

Perhaps I should take it as a compliment that the Church now copies my statements about them and seek to use them for their own PR.

I have made numerous statements about the 97 1/2% for years, and now they are acting like copy cats..

The main difference is that each time I used that ratio, I had undeniable facts and names (like my page on "WHO MADE SAINT HILL")

Church PR is as usual, emply, full of lies and generalities.

(For example the Church recent response to defectors in Clearwater is that "ONLY a DOZEN bad apples from the Tampa Bay area". The fact is that I know by name over 100 CHURCH DEFECTORS LIVING IN CLEARWATER ALONE. And obviously not every defector has contacted me. It stands to reason to believe the majority have not, like those who no longer believe that Scientology as a philosophy can help them.

The statement from the Church that "97 1/2% of people are interested" implies that

A) people are going to be honest with them, when in truth they simply want a POLITE and NON CONFRONTATIONAL WAY to end the call.

What kind of salesman would after making over 100 calls to a single prospect still think the person was interested: ANSWER: A DELUSIONAL OR FANATICAL ONE.

Just calculate it: How many people are on the Church calling list? Not that many if they keep emailing people asking for more. This means that each of those already on the list have been contacted perhaps over 100 times already and still have not bought. (the books have been introduced 9 months ago or nearly 300 days ago now: that means one call every 3 days to make 100 calls)And yet the CHurch say that they are "97 1/2% interested". after over 100 rejections????

How many more publishers are you going to try to sell the same manuscript to after 300 rejections? How delusional a writer would have to be to think that "they are interested, but cant publish it now because..."

If a guy ask a girl out 100 times and she still "can't make it" perhaps it is time for the fellow to take the hint that the girl is either too polite or embarassed to say no, and is simply not interested instead of thinking he she wants a relationship with him...

How many hints does it takes someone to see the a person is not interested???

And they say Scientology raises perception. Obviously not the way it is applied on staff and within the Church.


Possibly because it based its operations mainly on having an endless supply of slave labour (and donations), the Church of Scientology does not utilise the man-hours it has available or they would invest them in constructive activities, such as efective (and believable) dissemination. Quite possibly because most of those Man Hours are ill earned, being unpaid, yet they reap the benefits at no costs (i.e CRIMINAL EXCHANGE). It is a well known facts that those who ill-earn money, like thieves and robbers, generally end wasting it all away..(it is even said soin the Way to Hapiness Booklet)


The final result of seling through attrition is nothing but a variant on "PROTECTION MONEY" one of the ways used by the MAFIA to fill its coffers.

During the calls by the CHurch the message is Clear: If you dont Buy "You are CI" (counter-Intention) and "have joined the Clan of the Enemy."

People making the calls generally have the Intelligence of Trained Monkeys. At least they do not, per my personal observation, have a much higher degree of Self-Determism or Intelligent behavious.

Of course everyone is interested in Scientology. Using the same reasoning 971/2% of all republicans (or democrats) are interested. 97 1/2% of the entire Vatican is interested. 97 1/2 of all American (or Afghanis) are interested. Absurd Meaningless figures

B) That the people making the calls (the bulk of them have received nearly zero auditing and have Staff Status II as their highest Cert) know anytrhing about correctly obnosing people and the tone scale.

The truth is that many people do not want the lectures. Just see how many have been sold on Ebay over the past year. The CHurch gets full sets sent to people who dont want them. The same people sell them on EBAY for cash at Half the origianl selling price.


An estimated 90% of the books from the "Library Donation Service either end up on Ebay or through Book liquidators. yet another SCAM the CHurch is making a fortune out of.

Right now some people are making a fortune on Ebay reselling the New 2007 Books at half price that were somehow funelled to them at no charge through "donations"

The CHurch of Scientology is possibly unqiue in the world of Book Publishing because they control the publisher, the printer, the distribution AND THE ROYALTIES (and the royalty rates)..Worse, the royalties are controlled by the VERY PEOPLE WHO RECEIVE THEM and BENEFIT FROM THEM!!! (the same people are then free to set exorbitant rates and to use various loopholes to funnel money into personal off-shore acounts if they so please.. It is entirely PLAUSIBLE.

This in Business JARGON is called PRIVATE INUREMENT.

Do you know, where I got my own copy of all new books published between 1990 and 1992? (Such as the Big book What is Scientology/ Clear Body,Clear Mind, and a few R&D volumes:


And they were still in the Shrink wrap!!! and with the "Library Donation Service" letter, card and other paraphernalia.


Pierre Ethier