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It is an eye opener to see people who have just recently posed as my friends busily claiming to be impartial in "judging me" yet happily labelling me "delusional" and someone possessed with hallucinatory visions of grandeurs, merely because I happen to disagree with their views, especially after I had, in good faith made an open invitation only 5 weeks ago, to all XSO to use the Ranch I am in the process of acquiring either as a Sanctuary or Safe Harbour, away from all Scientology activities or Hubbard ideas if they so desire. I had even forgiven the same individual at his own begging for making statements that earlier had ridiculed me on this board.

Worse, they push the insult further and twist of my words, by falsely stating that I gleefully and mouth agape fiercefully forward the ideals of an organization I have been publicly denouncing as enslaving people for decades, and directly invite that those with an axe to grind with the Church to put me in he same bag of rotten apples and treat me in the same heinous fashion...

The only thing XSO hasn't done yet is calling me "FAIR GAME".

My experience with XSO, ESMB and a number of other boards, is that they are largely populated by the disgruntled who view it as an avenue to ridicule, slander or otherwise malign those that happen to have different views than their own, while falsely parading as defenders of Freedom of Speech.

Worse, extremely poor research, and apparently prejudice, lead them to repeatedly attribute me a fanatic fervor, obtuseness, all kind of ideas and even a self-elected ignorance, all of which  appear to only exist in their feverish imagination.

They claim to have renounced to the Church of Scientology, but still practice very much some of its ways, including using the very same brand of pernicious black PR the Church propagates against "dissenters". (In this case those who happen to disagree with XSO or the board mainstream ideas)"

An now because I state that some principles written by Hubbard have some validity, individuals again completely equate me with Hubbard and each and everyone of the statements he made that they happen to dislike.

In the real world, professionals with decades of succesful experience and who truly understand their craft, can produce truly superior products than a neophyte. Those with decades of experience in applying a craft will do it succesfully and happy customers are the results of competently executed tangible products, whether or not "scientific proof" exist to explain how those came about. This is the message that is stated in the bulletin "C/S 95 Failed Cases".

Therefore the unavoidable conclusion is that in the World of those who see the above bulletin as a monstruosity, that unprofessionalism, incompetence and the belief that high quality products are unattainable are perceived as unavoidable facts of life.

I happen to disagree with those views, though, contrarily to my critics, I elect to not sink to their level by ridiculing and spouting venom about those who hold diferent views that I.

I have read enough on XSO and ESMB to know that if someone discovered that Hubbard validated the discovery of the Law of Gravity by Newton or that the sky is blue, it would be reason enough for some people to start to challenge Hubbard on it.

Every single principle I apply is amply explained by dozens of authors and philosophers independent of Hubbard, and better yet my direct experience with over 5000 cases and 30000 hours in the Chair, has clearly shown me what works and what doesnt.

Yet like an endless litany comes statements accusing me of being no better than a lobotomized imbecile who is in a perpetual trance about Hubbard's writing and is utterly helpless in separating the wheat from the chaff.

Contrarily to the assertions made by some individuals on the XSO board, I am not a third rate moron...

Perhaps people should do some research about what I truly believe in and actually do, instead of judging everything through the filter of the unpleasant experiences they had with an organization that neither they nor I believe in any longer. Yet they keep acting as if they believed themselves to be possessed by some wondrous Telepathic Superpowers making them able to read my mind and most inner thoughts without even bothering questioning me.


Quite on the contrary, it has been amply demonstrated that those fixated on that notion, would frequently end up as failed cases until they could "get a hold of reality", much like the quadraplegic whose main dream is to "become a ballerina" will not obtain tangible results in any form of theraphy until she starts to come to term with he truth of her condition.

Perhaps this is why those who have such a grudge on the subject keep bickering without end about it, instead of turning the leaf, like I did, many years ago. Perhaps they never understood what this was all about to begin with, having gullibly swallowed hype, false data or the delirious statements printed on a promotional leaflet.

Therefore perhaps,it would appear sensible in most circles that people might be open to the view that someone who has hundreds of time their experience applying a subject and read thousands of pages more than they did, perhaps stands a chance to understand the subject better than they do (whether or not it works or one agrees with it).

At least the above views are held valid in Academia, in Science and in the Corporate and Professional Worlds.

Scientologists and ex-Scientologists appear to be the only kind of individuals I have met in life who share the singular view that Knowledge, research and experience have no bearing on the ability to make an "informed judgement".

I have always viewed Scientology as " a set of applied principles based on observation, confirmed by tangible experience and results, whose goal is to help attain a higher level of self-realization and gaining one's full potential"

If XSO and its activists, decide the goal mentioned just above is Evil, it is certainly their prerogative and right, but I strongly believe that those who do so will continue to remain a small minority of the population in the world.

And for each disgrunted individual those who slander me can bring forward, I can bring ten people who say they have been helped.

I will not bother to respond any further to the disinformation spread on XSO about what I do and what I believe in.

At the end of the day, who has a more satisfactory and fullfilling existence?

The one who is busy assisting people become more successful in life, their job and their interpersonal relationship? Someone who has become far more succesful in life both materially and in his daily interpersonal relashionships than any of his critics. Someone who is being thanked daily for deeds done years or DECADES earlier by the thousands of people he worked with?

Or the one who bitterly keeps  moaning about Sour grapes with his own kind with no solution in sight except the supression or ridicule of those who "dissent" with his views?

Pierre Ethier