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Pierre Ethier
***Class XII ***
CoS Whistleblower


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Definition of a Whistleblower: (from the American Heritage Dictionary) One who reveals wrongdoing within an organization to the public or to those in positions of authority in the hope of reforming it.

I have worked for and with the Church of Scientology for over two decades, assuming various posts and eventually reaching the Highest training level (Class XII) achieved by only a handfull few. During that time I was able to experience first hand the numerous paradoxes and conflicts within. The same organization has been professing the highest possible humanitarian goals and has provingly helped, at least for a time, many to achieve better lives. Yet in far too many documented cases, it has sought to enslave others through Mental and Emotional Manipulations or been guilty of Human Rights Violations..


To explain the Scientology paradox, it is vital to distinguish its three components:

1- Scientology, according to the very first recorded mention of it on November 28th 1951 (lecture titled: The Chart of Attitudes) "is a route: it is the study of science or the study of truth or the study of knowledge".

The reason I undertook that study was to help myself and others achive greater abilities, develop more fully our potential and to reach higher levels of Spirituality. Many years ago, I established the firm postulate that no individual or Organization will ever ever be able to stray me away from those goals. Nearly 15 years after my departure from the Church of Scientology, those goals are more present than ever in both my life and my daily activities.

2- L.Ron Hubbard , the individual (1911-1986). An important distinction is required here between it and "L. Ron Hubbard. the Trademark"..

L. Ron Hubbard the individual is of course a Man (not deity, hence by definition prone, at least in some form, to some of the imperfections of humankind) born in 1911 and deceased in 1986.

"L. Ron Hubbard, the trademark" is that trademark owned by the "Church of Spiritual Technology (CST),  a FOR PROFIT  organization (and acknowledged as such by the IRS) who is led by three non-scientologists Special directors. (It main figure head being Meade Emory, a non-scientologust who was the IRS High Comissioner for many years. The Church of Scientology DOES NOT CONTROL CST, but rather the opposite. The Trademaks, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Dianetics are controlled by them and the Church of Scientology has agreed to not appoint or remove any of its Senior Management structure without their approval. Note that the President of CST (a Scientologist) has no true power and that only its non-scientologist board of Directors has. Some have even argued that due to the direct links between CST's directors  and the American Government, that the Church of Scientology had actually fallen under the control of Big Brother...

L. Ron Hubbard Library is ficitious name officially registered by CST. In other words an alias. L. Ron hubbard Library is found as the final signatory and authority in all current Church of Scientology documents, revisions of LRH originals and their publication, and new directives. Therefore anything revised after 1986, no matter how contradictory to the original philosophy of Scientology and to LRH (the individual) writings and recordings can be freely stamped "L. Ron Hubbard" as its author since it is legally defensible (as absurd it may be in the mind of most people).

So this leaves us with two new paradoxes.

A) L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology may not necessarily 100% of the time be in full harmony
B) L. Ron Hubbard library has legal license to authorize the complete re-writing  or editing of the works of L. Ron Hubbard (the individual), even if those were to satisfy somebody else's pernicious agenda. It can therefore, at its whim, grant the right to appose the name L.Ron Hubbard to any perversion of the original technology or of its original intent.

3- The Organization: currently known as the Church of Scientology and including the Sea Organization and its numerous affiliates.  Legally the Church of Scientology is accountable to no one but its leadership. It's Supreme leader is accountable to one but himself. By its very design the Church of Scientology has no provisions of any kind for any "Checks and Balances" since by Policy it is assumed that it is exempt from ever doing any wrong and that its leader is by definition infallible. (This is amply covered in the Organizational Executive Course  Volumes). There has not been a single instance in Human History of an Organization without Checks and Balances, not eventually sinking into complete corruption. Corruption is like Cancer, if left untreated, it will lead to the death of the organism. The Church of Scientology 's actions are based upon the dictate of a self-appointed clique. This is not opinion but fact. The only legal defense to justify the take over of current Management of the Church in 1986 is a Will signed by L. Ron Hubbard the hours before his death, when it is doubtful from the amount of medication found in his body at death time that he would have been conscious or been able to sign the document in a full conscious state on his last day. After 20 years the same clique is intact, in spite of wholesale lower statistics and no evidence of stable expansion. (It lists of completions as published in Advance and Source Magazines, shows it is still falling seriously short of earlier levels). That clique per its own public admission is able to rewrote policy and does not tolerate any attempt to correct it or challenge it. It has ruthlessly declared a Supressive Person anyone challenging their orders or anyone attempting to correct them, no matter how they contravened LRH own policies or how destructive their actions may be. It is almost trivial, under those circumstances to demonstrate that the philosphy of Scientology and the Church of Scientology as it is being operated today, are virtually in complete contradiction one from the other.

In Summary one cannot truly judge Scientology, or the philosophy of what stands for through the actions of the Church or even to a lesser degree to its author.

Whathever reprehensible actions the Church may be currently doing is generally the product of aberrant behaviour by its leaders, and is not necessarily due to a fault in the design of the philosophy.

Something remains workable because it is so or can be demnonstarted to be valid. The actual biographical details or shortcomings of its designer do not necessarily invalidate the workability of something, especially when supported by experience and logic.

From the  3 March 1952 lecture: "Introduction to Scientology"  "Out of  Scientology you could formulate, ...a very fine type of "thought warfare" which you could use enslave people utterly"

My statement is therefore that Scientology correctly applied by someone with a clean heart will help people. Perverted or used by people with ulterior motives and it will trap or enslave them.



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This is a brief introduction about myself and my search and struggle for Spiritual Freedom and enlightenment.

My long term goal for this life time and for many others has been the seeking of the truth and the spiritual improvement and accomplishment that come with it.

I consider anyone who honestly and truthfully seeks the truth to be my friend.

Thanks to the correct application of a working Spiritual Technology, I have not only handled all the character and Spiritual traits that bothered me years or decades ago, but have continued to increase my awareness and understanding of both life and myself.

Through personal experiences, I have found the philosophy and Technology developed by L.Ron Hubbard (LRH) to be highly workable in thousands of people.

I am again continuing on the Spiritual journey that was laid in the "Bridge" as formulated by LRH. It is my strict intention not to deviate from the Standards set in Scientology Technology by strictly applying its Axioms and Logics and the wealth of information I have accumulated training and applying his Technology for several decades.

Hence, I have corrected the errors made by RTC who have perverted the Upper OT Levels and I have found the answer as to why so many people died, became sick or sour after completing RTC's rendition of OT VIII. (It is not the one they believe) Better yet, I have found the answers of OT IX (a level that was never designed to be done years apart from OT VIII and is kept dangling like a carrot to cadge the loyalty of those who completed OT VIII toward RTC.

Thanks to a decade of progress and improvements, I have reached a point where I feel that my recall for this lifetime events and those I was personally involved in, for the past 2000 years to be excellent.

A few years ago, I ran, based on my recall, an experiment based on the Project "Where are You buried?" and I was quite satisfied with the results.

(The Project Where are you buried was conceived by LRH after the publication of "Have You lived before this life? and consists of locating one's past burial's locations and tombstones)


I do not believe in "Invented Technology" as a solution to improving or continuing the Bridge. These unusual solutions are merely a hodge-podge of "other practices", case dramatizations from its instigator and reactive ideas gotten as a result of self-auditing.

The end result is clearly described in HCOB 30 June 1971 "Confused Ideas".

However, it might be possible for someone who has sufficiently freed himself from the constraints of his case, and who possesses a conceptual and thorough understanding of the entirety of Scientology Tech to be able to continue in LRH footsteps beyond OT VIII.

However it has become amply clear to me from observing and studying the "Free Zone" that every "researcher" who claims having looked beyond OT VII, was so heavily introverted into his case, that they found nothing of value, except perhaps pointers to addressing their own private cases through Repair and Advance Programs which are entirely covered within existing and published Technology.


I was born and raised in Canada, majored in Pure Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) and always have had the highest Academic grades in the application of logic and deductive reasoning, which to this day I still consider to be my strongest intellectual skill.

While I did not particularly fare well at School in subjects such as History or Geography, which I regarded at the time in great part as the byproducts of irrational human activities, and a number of facts and dates to merely memorize,  I absolutely excelled at Analytical Geometry. In fact, I never had less than a perfect score in all exams I ever had on the subject, and never found a new Geometry problem or theorem that I was unable to resolve and prove completely on my own. I even recall, being called more than once to the blackboard at the request of the teacher, when he had forgotten the solution or embarrassingly discovered that his book did not contain the solution after he had started to explain it . I took great pride in those accomplishments.

Later on, I was very favorably impressed, by the discovery of the Scientology Axioms and Logics, where all subsequent rules, processes and applications are merely extensions, albeit convoluted and complex of those same fundamental axioms and Logics.

During my school years, I was always much more concerned about my intellectual development and achievements, contrary to most of my peers who judged others through their athletic (and later on, romantic) performance.  On that point, LRH and I are clearly very different as I recall reading in one of his Biographies that he scored Lowest in Geometry and Highest in Physical Education. I scored the exact opposite: Highest in Geometry and Lowest in Physical Education.

I skipped Grade 5, due to exceptionally high Academic Grades. I went to one of the best Schools in Canada (I like to think it is so, since two of the six prime Ministers of Canada born in my province frequented it).Unfortunately I then became the target of older bullies who were content with "repeating grades". Many were 3 or 4 years older than I. My Academic performance never recovered, a fact I understood only later when I became acquainted with the Mechanics of Suppression and PTSness.

I pursued my undergraduate studies in Pure Sciences, keeping my options open as I had not quite decided whether I wanted to become a Mathematician or a Physicist.


Having discovered Scientology in Montreal in early 1973, and experienced life altering changes in my introductory services, I decided to join staff full time, and put my studies indefinitely on hold.

The organization became prosperous and expanded by leaps and bounds, thanks to an FEBC trained Executive Director and to my effective activities running Divison 6 (New Public into the org).

The organization eventually moved to the main street, a mere one block away from what was the busiest intersection in the country.

I was made in charge of Divison 1 (HCO) supervising Communication and "Ethics" and doing recruitment myself.

In just over 6 months, the organization more than doubled in size and personnel. The best staff were hired during that period. In 1992, I felt a great sense of pride when I discovered than the entire Senior Executive structure and the 6 oldest staff members in Montreal org were all people that I had either personally hired or introduced to Scientology in the 1970s.

I eventually fell out of favor with the Executives running Montreal org in 1975, and it was agreed that I would complete my 2 1/2 year contract working under the Executive Director in Quebec City (a 4 hour drive from Montreal), in exchange for one of their staff who wanted to be transferred.

The Executive Director made me his assistant, and essentially allowed me the full run of the Org, merely filling in reports and acting as the contact person with the Flag Liaison office, so that he could pursue other activities and training.

I had a "different understanding" of Ethics than my Superiors at Montreal and those at the Flag Liaison office wanted.

To them, Ethics was "Harsh", absolutely punitive and degrading in its application, and you had to go through Hell to get through it. Ethics to them was something meant to be as unpleasant as an amputation performed without anesthetics.

I differed in that viewpoint (and still do), in that Ethics was merely a tool to get the job done and the application of Ethics should be an activity where "Everybody Wins".

Degradation, torments and humiliation seem in my eyes to be merely relics belonging to Medieval History and are largely Whole-Track Dramatizations, not a component of a Science of Life that boasts to be on par with the man's Highest Technological Achievements. In my Technical view someone who thinks and act like Ethics is something savage, harsh, unreasonable and even cruel, not only demonstrate a clear need to have his Evil Purposes (and Rockslams) on the subject of Help addressed, but is a serious candidate for receiving a GF40 (earlier practices assessment), as he is clearly confused between some earlier humanoid practices and that of Scientology.

Looking back at it, Quebec City of the 1970s is one of the few places in Scientology where Ethics was applied in a Benign and Benevolent Manner.

The result: High Stats and Morale. No blows, no cries, no grief. Staff so happy being there that each and everyone instinctively disseminates and recruits whenever he steps out of the org for an errand, a meal or taking the bus. Staff not fighting with each other to "get their own stat up", but sincerely cooperating one with the other with their foremost interest being expanding the Org and the broad Dissemination of Scientology.  Almost no more PTS Type A situations to handle as entire families are on lines getting Services and drilling each others. Body routers were frequently being recalled from passing hand outs on the street, because unexpected high inflows of interested public would just walk in. The Number of Well Done Auditing Hours in the Staff HGC was competing with those from the Public HGC...


It was in the Fall of 1973. Unknown to anyone at the time, even to the entire Scientology world, but only to a selected few, LRH had resided in Queens, New York for the previous 10 Months. Some say, he was hiding, from attempts at indicting him for fiscal reasons.

Whatever the case, he deemed it best to return to the Ship (which was in Lisbon) at that point in time.

Accompanied by his two body guards (Jim Dincalci and Paul Preston), he decided, to avoid possible FBI scrutiny on American based International flights, to take the train to Canada, and to fly to Lisbon directly from there.

Upon arrival in Montreal and after booking a room as "Mr Harris" at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Downtown Montreal, LRH was pleased to discover that Montreal Org was within a mere 10 minute walk from the hotel. Montreal had some significance for LRH, since a personal friend and one of the first people to train as an auditor in Elizabeth, New Jersey in the Summer of 1950 had opened one of the very first Dianetics Foundation,  in Montreal later that year.

In spite of the obvious, if unvoiced, misgivings his companions had on the fear that he may end up being publicly recognized, LRH decided to pay a visit to the new fledging Org...

Upon emerging from my office that was adjacent to the reception area, I was introduced by a young man calling himself "Jim" who looked just like a "Sea Org Missionaire" to "Mr Harris" who was decribed as an "Old personal friend of LRH". Mr Harris appearance was anything but ordinary. A stout Man in his late 50s or maybe early 60s, he had bright red hair, penetrating blue eyes, muscular arms, and he literally exuded the Beingness of a "Seaman". Upon gazing at him, the instant thought that raced to my mind was: "By Gosh, this is LRH", but being an introverted type person at the time, I felt uneasy at the fact that nobody else's seemed to have recognized that obvious fact. I kept glancing back and forth between the Man standing in the Lobby and the large picture of LRH on the wall and the more I looked, the more I saw similarities and the less I saw differences. Finally, I almost blurted out: "This is LRH!!!", but some invisible force seemed to have gotten hold of my throat and I received a form of telepathic communication from the man who was friendlily staring at me straight into the eyes across the room.

I am not certain how much I understood at the time from that communication cycle. It must have lasted a mere few seconds, but it had enough bandwidth to have kept someone occupied for a whole hour. There was no denial about his true identity. there was nothing that could be construed as a lie, even in retrospect, but there was a definite and deliberate suggestion that I had "better things to do".

A few years later, after I joined the Sea Org at Flag, three times, when I wrote to LRH about my taking constructive steps and making concrete progress toward my goal of becoming a Class XII Auditor, I had both the incredible thrill and experience of receiving my reply, not on the standard SO-1 stationery, but in LRH own handwriting on my own letter. Those letters will continue to remain amongst my most precious possessions and clearly indicate how special becoming a Class XII has always been to LRH.

I am not aware of anyone else, having received handwritten replies on the SO-1 line (letters to Ron), and certainly not from any other Class XII that I ever worked with. I have also verified with SO-1 staff during the 1980s, that my encounter with LRH was historically possible and it was their opinion that in most probability my description of the events was entirely accurate.

After a shaky start, I eventually rose through the ranks and became Flag Top producing auditor and held that title undisputed for many years.
I spent 4 years in the Class IV HGC, auditing the world's most difficult cases, including people who come to Flag having received over 20 intensives of "No results" in the field and looking forward to getting their first win and their first cognition in Auditing.

I became an expert at the Case Cracker Rundown and acquired the utter unshakeable conviction that "There are No Failed Cases" and that a properly trained C/S and auditor will resolve 100% of the cases when applying the Tech correctly. I delivered Clear Checks and in spite of the confusion and numerous revisions about Clear Checks, Dianetics Clear Intensive, Clear Certainty Rundowns through the years, I am satisfied that to this day, that I have neither allowed someone to attest Clear who wasn't or failed to acknowledge someone who had made it.

I eventually went through the OT levels. Sheer determination, not luck was the reason that I made it. Unless an auditor is flubless, has continually good results and can routinely pass the continual checks made with his auditing and submit passing Videotaped sessions, he will simply not be allowed to progress up the Bridge. Not only that, but one must take arrangements to get the required auditing as absolutely nobody is going to offer you to get up the bridge and do it for you..

After completing OT III and IV, I went onto NOTS training, I was eventually transferred to the NOTs HGC and audited thousands of cases at that level. I then went onto Solo NOTS and with the formation an HGC for Solo NOTS only, was transferred there.

In the mean time, I was made to do a plethora of specialist courses along with their Internships. The only way, someone could move on up the bridge was by doing all the Tech Course and all the Internships.

Among the more Interesting courses I did: the very lengthy and extensive AO review Auditor Course, seldom done by anyone, which deals with the entirety of the Clearing Materials ( a great deal more than any Clearing Course student would be required to go through), OT III, the Upper OT levels and contains data by LRH that are not part of any other course even the Class VIII materials.

It is a sad fact that a few untrained individuals, who have not even read the materials in that course have elected themselves as "Supreme Authorities" on the Subject of Clear and OT III in the FZ. When I tried to inform them they did not have all the data, I was invariably told that they preferred to deny the existence of any LRH materials that had not been leaked to the FZ, calling what I knew, even if written or spoken by LRH, to be a "Hidden Data Line"

Another fascinating course I did was the "New Vitality Rundown".

Contrarily to statements made by uninformed people in Ron's org, the last set of Public Technical Lectures made by LRH was made in November 1975 in Daytona Beach, Florida to all Flag Auditors on what was called at the Time "The Special Rundown".

The course, which I did directly under the Supervision of the Snr C/S Flag Land base has the 22 LRH lectures Series from late 1975 for its core. I was pleasantly surprised when I listened in their Introduction that I was listening to a Master, not a Copy and therefore no editing of any kind had been made, including a number of passages, where LRH suddenly paused, after having made a statement with political or other unsavory ramifications, would say loudly to a messenger :"You will have to cut that off, boy!".

I spent several years in the Solo NOTS review HGC. Once there, I started doing the Solo NOTS EP Checks, as I could do them in all required languages but one and they wanted to strictly limit the exposure to the confidential EP of Solo NOTs (which is not shown to Solo NOTS pre-OTs). I did 95% of the Solo NOTS EP checks for the following 3 years.

Since Solo NOTs completions count for a huge amount of the FSO Statistics and that traditionally in Scientology there is an incredible push to get sthe stats as High as possible before 2PM on Thursday, I would have seldom something else to do but Solo NOTS EP checks on Thursdays between 11AM and 2PM. I had the entire FSO and Flag Land Base Senior Executive structure flocking around me like a bunch of groupies for the last hour, as my actions would frequently dictate whether they were upstat or downstat for that week.

This further cemented my repute as Flag Top auditor as in 3 years, contrairily to all others who had done them, I never flubbed one of those checks (flubbing would have been a virtual garantee to fail to attest the person before 2PM). and that I became utterly impervious to the Huge amount of expectation and demands that were put on my shoulders.

I even managed to do high hours on my own Solo NOTS, being the only full time Sea Org Auditor to earn a special pin for doing 25 hours Solo in a week (This was on top of doing 45-50 hours on public and other Staff member duties).

I managed to complete Solo NOTS to its true EP and became Solo NOTS completion #801. I would have been Number #800, but I was bumped so they could give that Number to a Celebrity.

As the release of OT VIII neared, a new HGC was formed for OT VII completions only and I was transferred there, auditing now Solo NOTs completions exclusively.

Then a new project came to get 5 Solo NOTS Review Auditors to become 100% flubless sec-checkers.

Flubless sec-checkers are not merely people who are good at doing Confessionals. Confessional Technology encompasses the all fundamental auditing technique and all five styles of auditing. A flubless Sec Checker is a Flubless auditor Period. The standard and ante were raised to unimaginable levels, as Senior management expected only chronic perfection as the only acceptable standard.

I was the first auditor to pass. The Snr C/S FSO was a distant second. Then one by one the remaining four. Even RTC had not managed to get any of their personel to pass before the first two people in our group. Part of the unique materials provided for the course was the ONLY VIDEO session of LRH auditing with both TRS and Metering being observable. I saw the video over 100 times until the time my auditing skill became undistinguishable.

In 1989 I finally completed the Saint Hill Special briefing Course. This is no small feat, as I had never been on full time study. The course is so long. In fact, I have never heard of anyone else completing the course on a part time basis and still working in the Sea Org. I spent so many days off, meal breaks, listening to tapes or going through the checksheet that only Tone 40 determination made me successfully go through.

Shortly after, I found myself, doing full time training, for the first time in my life, on the Class VIII course.

Then the Class X, XI, XII course and Internships, which I completed in short order.

Alain Kartuzinski, a Class XII C/S who was for a long time one of the Snr C/Ses at the Flag Service Org, used to call me “The King” when referring to me as an auditor, perhaps because I had in a way become to Scientology auditing what Elvis became for Rock and Roll.

I am not complaining about "mistreatment"  while in the Sea Org. Though I would have more than enough legitimate reasons to complain, I view my experiences, both good and bad as important experiences. I have fully outgrown any desire or need at complaining, retribution or any type of hate mongering.


I reluctantly left the Sea Org in December 1992, after conditions became simply impossible to live under, and after Senior management failure to brainwash me with their non-sense. I had never anticipated to leave the Sea Org before.

When I heard with my own ears David Miscavige (Chairman of the Board of RTC) gloating with Marc Yager (IG Admin) and Marc Ingber (CO CMO Int) about his latest new invented unusual and cruel punishment of a staff member, (a completely off-beat Ethics handling) and later heard him voicing evil purposes that he had toward my organization (the FSO), I decided that I did not wish to continue to support such a degenerate any longer. This was the final straw, having witnessed in a single week, more injustices and cruelty than any level of human decency should be allowed to tolerate. What I personally witnessed coming out of the mouths of David Miscavige, Mark Ingber and Marc Yager was far closer to Joseph Stalin's ideals than even a corrupted version of Scientology could have been. While I would have undoubtedly tolerated someone dramatizing LRH Valence, even if it was one of his darker sides, I drew the line at following a trio who could only remind me of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goering.

So I left.

I left Flag through the front door, after completing all the requirements that were asked from me (including getting sec-check by an auditor who had just been declared a suppressive). I left the Flag Land Base under amiable terms.

That auditor was declared Suppressive for allegedly doing out-tech on John Travolta. He audited me at length on Sec-checks and FPRD. Perhaps I was expected me to somehow become PTS to him, since he was still under his suppressive declare during our sessions together, since the suppressive is traditionally supposed to do in the people they audit.

I had been personally drilled and individually coached within an inch of my life on Sec-checking by IG Tech and Senior C/S Int. I was the first auditor to successfully go through this program of being a “PERFECT sec-checker”. This was a requisite for doing the New OT VIII Eligibility check on the OT VIII hopefuls for the Freewinds Maiden Voyage in 1988. They had disregarded the fact that the end product of that course was my unequalled ability to detect and recognize any and all manifestations of Overts, Withholds and Evil Purposes on everyone I dealt with. (including Senior Management, RTC and others).

I had produced in the vicinity of 25 000 Well Done auditing Hours in my career as an auditor, which was substantially more than any auditor had ever done at the time, anywhere. All my pcs (with virtually no exceptions) were rave (and still are) about their wins and were smoothly progressing up the Bridge. I have always found the experience of auditing very rewarding, when I have seen how much people can change and improve their lives for the better.

Becoming a Class XII is extremely difficult, due to the thoroughness of the training, where everything one does is put under a microscope, and because “unreasonable” standards of perfection are expected in every single thing. If anyone thinks that a Class XII is merely an auditor trained to deliver the L-10,11,12 procedures, they have no concept of it whatsoever.

I do not hide it that I find it annoying that an "auditor" with less than 1% of my technical baggage, picks up an altered version of the Ls on the Internet and satisfied that he has a list of commands and processes he can now robotically repeat with no understanding whatsoever of the underlying theory, labels himself a Class XII or claims to be my "Technical Peer".

FAKE L Rundowns delivered in the Free Zone

One for one each and every individual that I have examined that received the "Ls" (or whatever you call their alter-ised rendition) from someone who did not train correctly on the full theory with all the approprate drills done with an experienced Class XII had the following three symptoms months and years after "completing them":

1- General case state seriously deteriorated

2- Doing significantly worse in life after the auditing. (many compared their life as little better than being flotsam)

3- Noticeable worsening of physical condition.

I know it well, I have done some reviews of those botched cases and people were in truly miserable condition.

The reasons are obvious: Cases are not being setup, the "Auditor" doesn't have a clue what he is auditing. Botched L&Ns, Unblown case,  Unflat Evil Intentions and partially run Succumb Postulates.

Also since these auditors have obviously the quickie impulse (they do not even try to train completely on the materials), they invariably quickie those rundowns in one quarter to one tenth of the time they should be spending on them. The full phenomeon is described in C/S Series 77.

The following should be read by anyone considering delivering without adequate training or receiving the Ls from same:

It is rumoured that the Ls Materials that were leaked on the Internet and are in use by various FZ auditors today were purposely leaked by the Church with the unavowed intention to "spin the squirrels". Their "release" contained major steps out of sequence, carefully misworded commands meant to cave in the entire case on the recipient and core steps meant to blow Succumb Postulates were carefully omitted.

Whether this is true or not I lack concrete evidence to state with certainty, but having read the versions of the Ls in use by FZ auditors, I can state unequivocably that the version they use is completely consistent with that theory. It certainly aligns with the Church philosophy about applying "FAIR GAME" to those they regard as "Squirrels".

Thank to a remarquable memory and years of practice auditing and translating the Ls Rundowns in 5 languages, I have been able to reconstruct the entirety of the Ls Rundowns and their remedies. My write up is well over 500 pages long and contains the totality of all 3 rundowns as well as their entire history, background, theory and remedies. (Compare this to the paltry 50 pages released on the Internet).


In 1990, I became the 41st Class XII to be made.

Following this, is the entire list of Class XII auditors ever made. The list is complete and absolute. I have checked it and cross-referenced it with many individuals. The list reflects information as of 1998. Only the few (if any) Class XIIs made after 1998, would not be on the list. If someone's name is not on the list, they are not, nor ever were a Class XII, PERIOD. In other words they are a fake, if they claim to be one.
List of ALL Class XII ever produced, in sequence:
The 8 original Class XIIs (trained by LRH)
The ship trained Class XII (trained by the original XIIs)
The FLag Land Base Class XIIs. 
Total: 54 Class XIIs. Does not include anyone trained AFTER 1998, but does include everybody else.
It does not include people who enrolled onto the Class X course, but never completed training to Class XII
(such as Greg Wilhere, Kerry Gleason, Christine Marquardt)

In RED are name of people who are still on Tech lines either at Flag or with International Management.

All others are no longer in the Sea Org, due to departure. Current status is witten under the name. Those without mention are either Auditing or C/Sing.

OJ Roos
Liese Klingvall
Tommy Klingsvall
Mike Mauerer
(Departed the Sea Org)
Leon Steinberg
Quentin Hubbard
Alex Sibersky
Brian Livingston
John Ausley
(Declared) (Deceased)
Ron Shaffran 
Merril Mayo
David Mayo
Jeff Walker
Murray Chopping 
Russ Meadows
Alex Gerber
John Eastment
 Robin Lindsell
 Paulette Ausley
 Karen DelaCarriere
(Departed the Sea Org)
Gwen North
Ray Mithoff
Carolyn Webb
Alain Kartuzinski
(Off tech Lines)
Minty Alexander
Alan Stave
Ted Cormier
David Gellie
(Permanently ORDERED
Off tech Lines by RTC)
Rick Sheehy
(Permanently ORDERED
Off tech Lines by RTC)
Peter Buttery (OT VIII)
(Permanently ORDERED
Off tech Lines by RTC)
Claire Reppen (OT VIII)
Bodil Tucker
Tony Rogers
Linda Sydejko
Malin Gelfan
Richard Reiss, Snr C/S FSO
Lisa Rentschler
Carole Schwartz
Rick Alexander
(Off Tech Lines)

Jo Struthers

(Departed the Sea Org)

Pierre Ethier
(Departed the Sea Org)
Jim Sydejko
(Off Tech Lines)
Ingrid Keller
(Departed the Sea Org)
Peggy Eastment
Ann Glushakow
Edie Lundeen
(Off Tech Lines)
Bruce Glushakow

(Departed the Sea Org)

Jerome Bloom
 Nina Paull
Sheryl Weigand
Hank Bourland
 Norman Herring
 Sheri Rabey


What it means to become a Class XII

What nobody has been told about Lisa MacPherson

The Truth about OT VIII and OT IX

What Standard Tech Truly Means

New Articles

My Personal Test of Whole Track Recall
(Under preparation)

The following is a partial list of pcs I have audited. It is not in any way exhaustive and consists of roughly 3500 people out of about 5000. It may include a very few cases I FESed when I could count the hours. Anyone on this list (or not) is welcome to contact me at the email shown at the top of the page. With virtually no exception, I enjoyed auditing each of those people and going over the list and recalling the gains and life changing improvements I saw in those people provided me with hours of happy memories.

My ultimate desire is for each of these people to reach happiness and spiritual Freedom, whether they achive it in the Church of Scientology or in another.

A lot of those names have not been on Flag completion list for a very long time. Each and everyone should be told that "NO CHURCH HOLDS A MONOPOLY ON SPIRITUAL FREEDOM OR THE STATES OF BEINGNESS PROMISED BY L. RON HUBBARD". Anyone can move forward from whatever point they have been stopped, betrayed or given arbitrary actions that were not designed to help them.

Alberto Abate, Mario Abbiati, Stefania Abbiati, Tom Abrams, Delia Acheson, Doug Acheson, Hans-Ruedi Ackle, Suzette Ackle, Angela Acosta, Mary Acosta, Ramon Acosta, Robin Adair, GianFranco Adami, Bob Adams, Gene Adams, June Adams, Mary Adams, Chris Adler, Fernando Adler, Lloyd Adler, Lottie Adler, David Agami, Elias Agami, Roberto Agami, Theresa Agami, Vicky Agami, Viviane Agami, Frank Aggio, Eliana Aguilar, Patricia Aguilar, Elaine Aguirre, Peter Aguirre, Juan Aguirrebeitia, Robert Ahoua, Margaret Ainsworth, Aldo Airoldi, Debra Aitken, Lena Akesson, Linda Aldrete, Angela Alemania, Alex Alemis, Cathy Alessandrini, Maurizio Alessi, Peter Alevizos, Lee Alexander, Minty Alexander, Peter Alexander, Rick Alexander, Dixon Allen, Gabrielle Allen, Jane Allen, Terry Allen, Lynda Allender, Patricia Almeida, Robert Almqvist, Richard Almstead, Stephen Alpert, Felix Altorfer, Heidi Altorfer, Marianna Altorfer, Diana Alvarado, Enrique Alvarado, Lucio Alverez, Maria-Fernanda Amaya, Konrad Ambach, Amanda Ambrose, Roland Ambuhl, Carol Anahu, Clare Anahu, Bob Anderson, Candy Anderson, Carol Anderson, Cindy Anderson, Doug Anderson, Michael Anderson, Rick Anderson, Sherry Anderson, Roland Andersson, Joe Andruscavage, Greg Angus, Pamela Angus, Dee Ann Rule, Lisa Ann Malmquist, Mary Ann Durham, Jo Anne Beachy, Jo Anne Christensen, Dodley Anson, Elizabeth Anstrin, Peter Anstrin, Luis Antoni Perez, Tiziano Antonini, Peter Antonio, Philip Antonio, Luis Antonios Vasquez, Stefano Antonucci, Luciano Apperti, Mariano Apperti, Mauro Apperti, Juan Arambula, Edurne Aranguren, Michel Archambault, Carlos Arena, Cherie Arend, Tony Arend, Ruth Arguelles, Miguel Arguello, Alejandro Aristi, Michael Armentrout, Janice Armstrong, Raoul Arnal, Gerry Arnett, Ramon Arnold, Vicky Arnold, Rafael Arredo, Philippe Arsac, John Arvanitakis, Tomas Arvidsson, Peter Asberg, Sandro Asnaghi, Harout Assadourian, Bob Asselin, Robert Asselin, Doug Atcheson, Douglas Atcheson, Bruce Atkinson, Peter Atkinson, Bertha Aubert Llorens, Armando Aubert, Bertha Aubert, Helen Audrey Stewart, Pierre Auget, Peter August, Carol Austin, David Austin, Jeff Avrin, Karen Aylor, Rebecca Azares, Inma Azpitarte, Irma Azpitarte, George Baca, Mariella Baccari, Adelio Bacchi, Ornella Bacchi, Frederick Badger, Edwin Baer, Susan Baez, Gianfranco Baggio, Robert Bagnall, Paul Baikie, Roland Baikley, Brigitte Bailke, Wolfgang Baitz, Joanne Baker, Sally Baker, Yiva Balazs, Mike Ball, Mike Ballard, Otis Ballard, Frederick Balmaele, Fulvio Balmelli, Edgar Bammatter, Fulvio Bandera, Giovanni Bandieri, Giuseppe Bandierini, Henvelle Bandroin, Ken Banfield, Britta Bang, Alison Banks, David Banks, Hanna Baram, Michael Baram, Paul Barbaro, Steve Barbera, Alain Barbier, Jean-Luc Barbier, Antonella Barbieri, Giorgio Barbieri, Sandra Barbieri, carlos Barcena, Vivian Bardavid, Gavin Bargate, Dee Barker, Mary Barne Mann, Debra Barnes, Cathy Barnett, Gabriela Baroni, Michael Barram, Kay Barres, Chuck Barron, Elizabeth Barron, Olivia Barron, Bob Bartell, Donna Barton, Geoffrey Barton, Pamela Barton, Ray Barton, Win Barton, Steve Basin, Chere Bauman, Molly Baxter, Randy Baxter, Liz Bayback, Robin Beaman, Sarah Bean, Joan Beats, Shane Beats, Anne Beatty, Karin Beatty, Richard Beatty, Karen Beaty, Joanne Beaubien, Phil Beaubien, Jocelyne Beauregard Jocelyne Beauregard, Pierre Beauregard, Pierre Beauregards, Donna Beaven, Carlos Becerra, Gabi Beck, Peter Beck, Emily Becker, Stephanie Becquet, Susanne Beeh, Suzanne Beeh, Carol Beeny, carol Beeny, Hannelore Behdig, Ray Behm, Jean Beigantz, Robert Beilhart, Robert Bein, Susana Bejarano, Enzo Beletti, Enzo Belletti, John Bellmaine, Vanessa Bellmaine, Gale Belsel, John Belue, Javier Benet, Martha Benilles, Gracia Bennish, Gisele Benoit, Rolly Berdna, Jacqueline Bergantz, Bobbie Berger, David Berger, Yogi Berger, Linda Bergman, Mitzi Bergman, Albie Berk, Anthony Berka, candy Berman, Ray Bernard, Sergio Bernardini, Roberto Bernazzoli, Eva Berryman, John Berryman, Sylvie Berson, Marino Bertoli, Luigi Bertoni, Sylvie Bertrand, Alain Berube, Franco Beschi, Sharon Besio, Steve Besio, Jean Besre, Richard Best, Leni Betes, Sue Bettinger, Florence Bezazian, Paul Bezazian, Hennie Bezuidenhout, Fabbian Biagio, Loredana Biancolini, Cathy Bible, Monica Biddle, Gaby Bilodeau, Dario Binda, Donato Biondi, Rick Birkenshaw, Donatella Birolo, Laurie Bittner, Karen Black, Michael Black, Stephanie Black, Tina Black, Doris Blair, Eva Blake, Corinne Blanc, Yves Blanc, Sandrine Blanchet, Alain Blanchette, Tony Blanco, Charles Blankenship, Ellie Blankenship, Lise Blankertz, Angelika Blaskovich, Carol Blaut, Jay Blaut, Alexander Blechinger, Dean Blehert, Pamela Blehert, Henry Blumenthal, Frank Blumer, Dieter Blumler, Lorentz Blumler, Paolo Boarato, Dan Boardsen, Silvano Bobadilla, Remo Boden, Arlene Boeger, William Boeger, Serd Boehm, Ginny Boehme, Patrice Boesinger, Donald Bohn, Donna Bohn, Pierre Bolduc, Ellie Bolger, Maureen Bolisczak, Michael Bollen, Michel Bollen, Michael Bolln, Giorgi Bonardi, Giorgio Bonardi, Sonia Bonfiglioli, Simone Bongiovanni, Caroline Bonifas, Rosa Bonisoli, Donald Bonn, Massimo Bonoldi, Paolo Boratao, Christa Bordewieck, Gianluca Bordoni, Jorg Borgmann, Al Born, Kai Bornemann, Susanne Bornemann, Carl Borowski, Carlos Borrero, Giuseppe Borsarini, Jane Bosan, Christian Bosiger, Patrice Bosiger, Patrice Bosinger, Jane Boson, Glen Bostrom, Wendy Bostrom, Nick Bot, Carol Bottle, Claude Boublil, Julian Bouchard, Calisre-Marie Boujon, Francois Boulbil, Francoise Boulbil, Hank Bourland, Denise Boutin, Richard Bovey, Bill Bowen, David Bowers, Janet Bowes, Theo Box, Stephen Boyko, Steven Boyko, Alejandro Bozzone, Bernard Brackenshaw, Ulrich Bracunig, George Bradley, Gregory Bradley, Hugh Bradley, Jeff Bradley, Jeff Bradshaw, Lisa Bragato, Lucia Bragg, Ted Braggin, Antonio Braggion, Antinio Braggione, Antonio Braggione, Brigitte Brandle, Christian Brandle, Karl Braun Steiner, Morgans Bredsdorf, Gabi Brendel, Peter Brendel, Giovanna Brenicci, Pino Brenicci, Annette Brennan, Rob Brennan, Sandra Brennan, Naomi Bresaham, Dee-Dee Bressert, Jim Brewer, Carleen Bridgetown, David Brier, Maureen Brigatti, Rita Bright, Anne Briscoe, Naomi Brisnehan, Bill Broderick, Christa Broderick, Ed Broderick, Cammie Brodie, Patrick Broeker, Louis-Michel Brolles, Madeline Broman, Harry Bronsoiler, Lilis Bronsoiler, Gaetan Brouilette, Christine Brovcenko, Cathy Brown, Charles Brown, Judy Brown, Hans Brugemann, Gro Brugermann, Greg Brumley, Marie-Therese Brunet, Alain Brunette, Larry Bruning, Ruth Brunner, Ed Bryan, Daniel Bryenton, Giacomo Bucchi, Heimo Bucerius, Anna Buch-Hansen, Doris Buchel, Annabel Bueno, Beth Bueno, Sue Bueno, Kathy Bulawa, Hamish Bulger, Lorraine Bulger, Martine Bullot, Claudio Burchi, Irene Burgener, Ray Burgess, Don Burgett, Donald Burgett, Jane Burgett, Arnell Burghorn, Florence Burghorn, Jim Burghorn, Shannon Burke, Lynn Burkhart, Monika Burkli, Roberto Burlone, James Burnham, Jeffrey Burr Johnson, Nancy Burton, Jim Bush, Rex Bush, Ray Butera, Laura Butki, Debbie Butler, William Butler, Tony Butzlaff, Jarrett Buys, Peter Buzzelli, Karen Bydlo, Dan Byl, Peter Byrne, Char Byrnes, Jessica Byrnes, Larry Byrnes, Lawrence Byrnes, Alejandro Cabrera, Elvis Cabrera, Idea Cabrera, Patrizio Cabrini, Elena Cabrino, Lisa Cabrino, Warren Caggiano, Cinzia Cagnoni, Alessia Cairoli, Giorgio Cairoli, Juliette Calame, Sergio Calcinai, Ida Calder, Antionetta Calderon, Guillermo Calderon, Letitia Calderon, Maria-Antonieta Calderon, Sarah Calderon, Barbara Caldwell, Elaine Caldwell, Eric Caldwell, Giovanni Calicchio, Giuseppe Calicchio, Haracio Caligiuri, Fausto Callegarini, Rosette Calliauw, George Calpin, Lisetta Calzolari, Lisette Callarata, Lee Cambigue (Mr), Lee Cambique (Mrs), Nancy Cameron, Antonio Cammarata, Gaetano Cammarata, Salvatore Cammarata, Mark Campbell, Baby Campos, Dolores Campos, Jose-Luis Campos, Susana Campos, Frank Camuso, Gilbert Canali, Paolo Canali, Bruno Cantalupi, Gianni Canuti, Hector Cardenas, Barbara Cardona, Juan Cardona, Maria-Terese Cardona, Chuck Carel, Pat Carel, Pat Carey, Ruth Carey, Jerry Caril, Dixie Carlisle, Hank Carlson, Marti Carlson, Mike Carlson, Scott Carmichael, Ida Carrera, Gina Carrerra, Joanne Carrier, Steve Carrier, Julie Carrol, Gail Carroll, Noel Carroll, Ann Carter, Marylin Carvin, Vickie Case, Doug Casey, Carlos Casillas, Juan Casillas, Claudia Caspary, Raymond Cassano, Sheryle Cassano, Alfonso Castaneira, Jorge Castaneira, Lisa Castellani, Jacinto Castellano, Virgilio Castellano, Carlos Casteneira, Virginia Casteneira, Antonella Castignoli, Carlos Castillo, Lucinda Castillo, Rosana Castillo, Eugenio Castillo,, Betty Castleman, Elizabeth Castleman, Ken Castleman, Rosita Castro, Massimo Cavadenti, Stephanie Cayouette, Nadia Cedro, Julian Cerati, Denise Ceresnak, Berenice Cervantes, Jean Chacon, John Chadder, Mary Chadder, Andrew Chalmers, Alan Chamberlain, Allen Chamberlin, Don Chamberlin, James Chamberlin, John Chambers, Rebecca Chambers, Luis Chamorro, Julie Champness, Mick Champness, Michael, Chandler, Tom Chandler, Karin Chapman, Peter Charbonneau, Jean Charbonnier, Jeanie Charles, John Charlesworth, Louise Charnonneau, Mike Chatelain, Julio Chavez, Martha Chavez, Jeff Chee, Brigitte Chelin, Hellen Chen, Nancy Chepey, Murie Cheshire, Alain Chevrot, Henriette Chevrot, Felipe Child, Filipe Child, Maria-Teresa Child, Roberto Child, Rosario Child, Pam Chipman, Pamela Chipman, Corine Chiquet, Francoise Chiquet, Gerard Chiquet, Josette Chiquet, Luisa Chiricho, Jay Chitteroe, Mireille Chouraki, Lorna Chrichton, Monica Christen, Carl Christensen, James Christensen, Jamie Christensen, Joanne Christensen, Kurt Christensen, Mie Christensen, Malcolm Christiansen, Gillian Christie-Cullen, Gerd Christoffel, Gerry Chromoy, Jeanie Chromoy, Michael Church, Mauro Cinquepalmi, David Cintron, Bruce Cladwell, Bruce Clark, Evelyne Clark, Fran Clark, Jane Clark, J