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an Anarchy consisting of both the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


(Disclaimer: Because 2 1/2% of people are prone to twist my words to fulfill their agenda at Th. expense of the truth. NOTHING in this article is based on session data from any pc I have audited or C/Sed for nor that was revealed in confidence. Data is either based on public statements made by them or about them or on plain observation or discovery long after the auditing was completed or verifiable information stated by others).
(addition of  September 24th 2008: As I predicted those whose Withholds were missed by this article went over it with a fine tooth comb and sought to re-interpret anything I said to make it appear as an auditor code breach, then went on to slander me to my past pcs inventing that I would have revealed data about them. A Textbook example of SIMILAR OF THEIR OWN

After several years of being active in the FreeZone, I had been sporadically exposed to its dark Side which , just like the Mother Church seems to consist of  anywhere between 2 1/2% to 20% of its its visible members.

It was on a recent visit in to Los Angeles that I connected to its most hard Core constituency.

The proximity of the Mother Church is probably no coincidence, because what I witnessed was even worse that most Horrors stories currently being published about the Church itself.

Yet there are people in the Free Zone who are busily complaining being victims of the CHurch or left (blew) on their own accord while doing their very best to promote the Culture of Hatred and to discourage auditing so that only natter (mainly by cowards who hide behind a pen name in discussion group).

There are many good individual in the Free Zone. They are easy enough to identify: the Social Personality HCOB give their key attributes. They want to be processed, process others or get trained. Criticism of others is largely ignored for constructive things.

The others are easy to recognize: They have many people that they don't like and have a compulsion to talk against those they don't like, even to those not concerned and to spread their criticism as loud and wide as possible.  Their assumption is always that they are a "Victim" and "need to protect others". Their intention is simply to stop. All of them are low producers, often struggling to have enough work to keep them busy.

LAW: Auditors who are busy and doing In-Tech have no time endlessly spreading entheta or nattering about others

LAW: Auditors who know their tech recognize Natter for what it is and take the appropriate action on themselves and others

I will not honor any individuals who have declared War on me by posting their names as like a parasite, the only food that satisfy them is hatred, controversy and thoroughly making the other party wrong.

Suffice to say, each one was guilty of major out-tech and was committing continuous PT Overts. Their attacks on me coincide with my starting to find out not the nature of their out-tech, but rather the fact they were unwilling to do anything about it and were interested in keeping the status quo of continuing to commit the same overts, as long as they felt it aligned with their wallets.

What can be said about an auditor whose last three pcs are failed cases, ask refunds and dropped doing the bridge. Yet the same auditor maintains a "friendly relationship" with the pc he/she allowed to blow mid Grade II, and abandon Scientology because they share the same mutual out-rudiments on the Second Dynamic.

The same pc tried to sell me on Ebay a completely busted meter, passing it as "in near perfect condition", When I forced him, in spite of his natter and motivators to behave like the Ebay definition of  an "ethical seller"  the pc screamed murder and joined forces with his ex-auditor in crying foul

Or how about an auditor in just the last 2 years whose pc  includes, a suicide, two heavy drug (narcotics) reverts, one going to prison FOR CRIMES COMMITTED AFTER THE AUDITING, another going to a mental institution and 8 seriously ARCXen pcs?

Or the auditor who has built its practice around running a Squirrel RTC based Ethics program which is merely an excuse for evaluating for the pc and seeking to handle his case with Ethics rather than auditing, yet obsessively clinging to it in spite of a 90% failure rate..

Or the one who knowingly runs quickie Ls (like 7 steps out of 28 on L10) , with the wrong style of auditing "because he makes a lot of money that way".

Or the one who secretly sleeps with his wife's pc while auditing him for several intensives?

I am one who has firmly believed in passing the sponge and calling bygones, bygones. I  have responded twice to their drivel, only to be labeled "an SP" and have it shoved back in my face by their acolytes (one of them even publicly recommended I do a Squirrel Solo process guaranteed to spin a case, thereby revealing their true intentions). I intend to continue to consider these people bygones, even though they are certain to continue their attacks and continue to label me as a "Suppressive Person" and spread their crocodile tears with a performance worthy of an Academy Award. (See Science of Survival Tone scale section on 1.1 where LYING IS REFINED AS AN ART)

Whether they are in cahoots with OSA or RTC, I do not know, but I do not think they would do a much better job than what they are currently doing if they were.

In the first month I was in Los Angeles, I stayed at a couple's home (I had agreed to give over 66% net discount over what my full fee would have been for both Ls, OT Reviews and a full OT Level). In spite of temperatures over 90F the Central A/C wasn't turned on (for money saving consideration) even when I asked for it. I was unable to sleep properly, being full of sweat at night and was sometimes struggling to stay awake during the day. Obviously, I should have been suspicious of a pc who felt that saving a few dollars was more important than his auditor getting enough sleep or eating sanitary food...But I was the accommodating type..

I went on to audit starting my first session at 9 AM and ending my last around 10 PM. because I had so many people to service (Up to 6 in a single day). One of the pensioners at the house would deliberately wake me up at 7 AM by making all sorts of the noise in the Garden, the owners of the house were too much of a miser to turn on the A/C for the auditor. Interestingly enough the pensioner, according to her auditor, would violently criticize me in her sessions and was continuously ARCXen with me. Yet her auditor never once saw fit to pull the pc withholds, in spite of it being a textbook case per HCOB 3 May 1962 ARCX, M/W/Hs.

Later I was made wrong for not volunteering to wash the floors or do all sort of chores, yet  It turns out, I could have stayed a whole month at the Sheraton Hotel if I had made them paid FULL PRICES for my services.

I have of course since, learned my lesson, for my having been overly trusting, though I will never obey the orders and threats of that couple which can be summarize in the following sentence: "Pierre STOP AUDITING, Pierre Stop delivering". This was the last message from that auditor to me: "STOP AUDITING". and that if I did not stop auditing she would make it her life mission to embarrass me until I stopped.

I audited nearly 160 hours during the 30 days I was there. yet that couple offered nothing but invalidation, even thought I was in session in the morning while they were still in bed and I audited late at night, well after they had turned off the lights in the rest of the house. An atmosphere of hatred permeated the house, I could sometimes hear the horrible arguments taking place in their bedroom on the top floor, in spite of the thick insulation. The ferociousness of the attacks of the wife (who has gone without a session for 13 years)  on her husband nauseated me, especially than in my eyes most of it was completely unjustified.

On my first week, I got sick with salmonella with resulting diarrhea. Later on that couple would write "Knowledge reports" against me, trying to poke fun at my having been sick while I ate at their table, by ridiculing me, making it appear I was a sort of Mental retard when it came to toilet training.

A Free Zone discussion group took up the subject and propagated it with considerable mirth...

At the behest of the very same individuals and their avowed acolytes, my wife who is well known to be on the lower bridge was even not only attacked but repeatedly disseminated OT III and NOTs Data, by the same FREEZONE FACTION, well knowing that Hubbard labeled such a Suppressive Act.

In fact the SAME FREEZONE has declared both me and my wife FAIR GAME, ever since it has been known that my main purpose was to open up a center and train and audit people. The same FREEZONE sees this as a threat, because all Freezone Auditors who are deliberately committing out-tech and obtaining bad results would probably go out of business. The same FREEZONE haS NOW STARTED TO ISSUE THREATS AGAINST ME, MY CHILD AND MY WIFE.

All people of good will have had to endure attacks by the unholy. Historically the unholy have always failed and ended into the black Pit of Oblivion.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” GANDHI

What Kind of a group rejoices at people getting food poisoning and being sick???   ANSWER: ONLY IN THE FREE ZONE

What Kind of a group seeks to ridicule and embarrass someone who heroically seek to deliver service to people and make them happy in spite of himself being ill or indisposed? ANSWER: ONLY IN THE FREE ZONE

What Kind of a group openly uses the FAIR GAME LAW toward those it sees as a threat to its own out-ethics and tech misapplication? ANSWER: ONLY IN THE FREE ZONE. At least the CHurch covertly uses the FAIR GAME LAW. THE FREEZONE OPENLY USES IT.

I am afraid that only in the Free Zone, have I seen I have seen such behavior,

I haven't seen that behavior even in the CHurch, in spite of all of its evils.

I certainly have not seen this behavior, even in the slums and ghettos of the Third World.

Even the KKK. and most terrorists have better manners. AT least they respect their own Moral code, however warped it may be. Many Freezone factions violate their integrity and moral codes whenever it is expedient or worse, whenever an Evil Purpose of their is restimulated.

The accounts of the perpetrators were reported to their Providers for Obvious Violation of Terms and Conditions. This resulted in their accounts being frozen, only for the same people to resurface with another provider and continue on the same trend.

One of them even boasted of having being suspended (seemingly for being a chronic Hate Monger) nearly half a dozen time and taking great proud in it.

Obviously I am not going to follow that hate Monger through every Board and Provider on the Internet, as this would probably tie me up for the next 10 years, which clearly seems to be his intention, so that I would stop delivering. Since that individual is not delivering and  admittingly unable to do so, it requires no stretch of the imagination to see, that the only purpose being dramatized is to effort to STOP.

The huge discount (2/3 off my full price) I gave to those who subsequently turned on me was apparently not enough for them because that couple decided contrarily to any prior agreement to levy $150 on each person I audited and soon reneged on their original agreement to pay for my food. In fact they made me pay for the gas for their car as well, as  they humiliated me by making me beg to be driven to a store to buy food (They live atop a hill, miles from any store, and I had no knowledge of the area, and when finally They complied, they brought me to a "Food For Less" store, a cheap discount Food store with food utterly incompatible to anyone wishing to loose weight.

I finally got one of my pcs to drive me to a Costco, where I finally purchased decent and healthy food. I even added at their request their own items to my shopping list. The $30 or so of items I bought for them were never reimbursed and I have been communicated clearly this week that the couple has no intention to ever honor that debt nor the services they had earlier promised to pay. This is of course LRH definition of Criminal Exchange.

Once I obtained my food, which was specifically designed by my Doctor for helping me lose weight, the couple shamelessly helped themselves to my own food, therefore forced me to eat their brand of food, which was extremely high in saturated fats and trans-fats.  No wonder the couple has become nattery about my weight: THEY STOLE MY LUNCH and my food

Once I bought some large tiger shrimps, and without even bothering to ask, one of them snatched two of them off my plate because they looked so good once cooked. Theses shrimps cost $2 a piece. I watched in a mixture of horror and shame as somebody I had until then considered a friend, literally stealing food from my plate. Worse, that individual showed no shame, nor remorse

In the end, after I completed the auditing on the husband, it turned out that they had no money to pay for it to begin with and had no real intention to pay and that I had somehow missed that withhold from both of them all along.

The couple never paid in full their debt, in spite a of a signed IOU and in fact after I left their home claimed that I was the one in their debt, even though they never provided me with any service, except very average accommodations. The latest communication from them was that they owed nothing. Somehow their notion is that they are owed the Ls Rundown and the training for it not only should they pay nothing but that I should incur expenses to deliver them for free.

The couple even spread vicious lies about my auditing a celebrity I gave an ARCX session to, trying to suppress the win and with the avowed intention to see both of us fail.

The couple is apparently still spreading their lies, telling they provided me with dozens of pcs, when in fact the only two they ever provided me with were at their house, and that I have provided them with 8 pcs myself.

The Above is the BAD SIDE of the Freezone, and in fact my possible only failed case. (everyone who claim to have been in contact with that individual claims he showed great improvement, looked radiant and is still doing great). Obviously my criteria for success are in another league than the Free Zone, as routinely the Free Zone (who evaluates an auditor Standardness by PR alone, and "alleged results") is satisfied with getting away with doing as haphazard job of auditing as long as they get results (and can sweep the bad results under the carpet).

After having audited 140  cases so far in the Free Zone, having one possible miss is perhaps one too many, but the mitigating factor here is that I expect the pc to be honest with me. I tell people the truth, I tell it like it is.

So far it was the first time, I had a pc who deliberately misled me. That pc decided to lie and turned out to have been committing CONTINUOUS PT OVERTS.

While he and his wife are busily spreading hatred about me like there is no tomorrow, My response aligns with the HCOB: The CONTINUOUS PT OVERT: Pity them. What kind of gain can you expect someone gets (or keeps)  from a stolen rundown or OT Level, obtained under lies and false pretense (and the resulting NON-CONFRONT) ????

Bill Gates fortune would never be enough for me to accept to trade place with them and in fact all those people (and their so called anonymous friends) who speak so loudly only talk out of their deep, inner fear as they start to glimpse what awaits them on the road ahead of them.

SUMMARY: Until the Free Zone does something drastic such as forcing each and every one who is nattery to Clay demo the LRH Lecture "Why People Don't like You" (from the 1960 state of Man Congress ), it will remain a "FREE FOR ALL ZONE", where bullies rule and professionals must act like they are walking through a minefield.

While somber, I maintain a positive outlook on most people in the Free Zone.

After all, after 5 years of meeting nothing but good people for auditing, I was bound to find those that are less than honorable.

fz anarchy
An Average "Discussion Group" in the Free Zone


THe above section simply means one must do his homework when dealing with the Free Zone, because empty PR, lies and pretense are all too common, just like  150 years ago when Snake Oil Merchants paraded as Peers to Bona fide Doctors.

There are many good individual in the Free Zone. They are easy enough to identify: the Social Personality HCOB give their key attributes. They want to be processed, process others or get trained. Criticism of others is largely ignored for constructive things.

The others are easy to recognize: They have many people that they don't like and have a compulsion to talk against those they don't like, even to those not concerned and to spread their criticism as loud and wide as possible.  Their assumption is always that they are a "Victim" and "need to protect others". Their intention is simply to stop. All of them are low producers, often struggling to have even one pc at a time.

LAW: Auditors who are busy and doing In-Tech have no time endlessly spreading entheta or nattering about others

LAW: Auditors who know their tech recognize Natter for what it is and take the appropriate action on themselves and others

IFA is perhaps the only group in the Free Zone that I view as being anywhere near following the  minimum standards to not be cast along with the Snake Oil Merchants

IFA however is not without its flaws: Loose rules which make it next to impossible to enforce discipline on its members for unethical behavior or gross violations of conduct, and a completely inadequate certification process which is largely based on PR and "friendship" rather than strict and impartial examination and scrutiny of the auditor.

LRH used to conduct Internships for that purpose. The Professional World used Examinations. IFA conducts neither.

AS a result IFA is an organization largely composed of well meaning individual, but where both squirrels and unethical individuals are allowed to remain unchastised because of weak or ineffective rules.

Once I was even chastised by someone apparently in "Qual Division" of  IFA for Failing to write a cramming order or a "IFA certified" individual I reported for severe tech violations.

Of course writing such as report, (as I have done in the past in the Free Zone) typically result in ONLY ONE THING: the unethical individual being reported upon getting vent of it will either publish the information or, worse contacts the pcs involved accusing me of "revealing their data".

I am afraid that if I have to chose between a FIXATED ROBOTIC APPLICATION OF ORG POLICY (whether written by LRH or not) which may cause harm to pcs by reason of unethical people being told about their own Tech Overts and thereby introverting pcs by misusing the data,

or RESPECTING the PC's PRIVACY and RESPECTING THE AUDITOR CODE:" I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear revealed in session for Punishment or Personal Gain". I will 100% chose the latter over the former. Those who defame me always use the former and NEVER BOTHER with the latter.

CONTRARILY TO THE LIES OF THOSE WHO DEFAME ME (get them to answer "similar of their own" and you will get a very long list indeed) I HAVE NEVER VIOLATED THE ABOVE RULE.

In fact, unbeknownst to many, I have taken that rule so seriously that allowed those whom I view as "dramatizing a Rockslam" defame me without responding when I felt that I was either being goaded in revealing the pc's data or that I would have to compromise their secrets by responding.

Yes this is how High my standards are, which the 2 1/2% of  the Freezone who are in Open War against me continuously use as what they perceive as my "weakness".

In the long and whole Final Picture. who is truly winning running such games???

1- The one who effectively gets ridiculed by some and alienated by those who (mainly from the mutual out-rudiments)  fell PTS to the natter???

At least he has not only kept his Integrity.
He has failed to fall for the trap which is at the very root of the dwindling spiral, which is the very reason why we are here NOW.
He has not only acquired Full Whole Track Recall, and recovered many abilities (many of which he has never felt a need to communicate) and had a true glimpse into the State of OT, and full access to OT VIII-XV (Not the implanted dramatizations from some Free Zone factions who lead to amnesia and oblivion), but rather those who were originally drawn by L. Ron Hubbard and clearly show the road to an Environment where Lies, Crime, and War have no place and where Prosperity, Spiritual Well Being and New Vistas hitherto only dreamed of by Man, can be achieved.


 2- Or the one whose life is often in shambles, cries foul whenever it get a whiff of  someone saying or doing something  against his/her own personal out-ethics and noisily attacks them.
The have long lost their Integrity.
The are busy swimming along with the current of a mad Vortex that is directing directly toward the Black Pit of Oblivion.
THey are so far from the state of OT that they they seem unable to make anything, but the simple of tasks go right, except enturbulate those around them???

If those people want to sell their Soul (and true access to the state of OT) so that may dramatize without visible restraint their own Evil Purposes and Rockslams and malign people of good will, I am very much afraid to say that they got the short End of the Stick!

If people in the Free Zone busy propagating false ideas, hatred, third party and being self defensive about hiding their tech overts, had the slighest glimpse at to what the State of OT truly is, they would not waste a nano-second continuing their self-dfeafeating games.

In a hundred years or more who will care about  the maligning of character of people or the lies of today, anyway?

LAW: (Datum from OT X) Character is the result of the accumulation of the postulates (decisions and choices) one has made about himself/herself and about its case.

Those who have chosen the path to OT will be well on the path to full SELF-RECOVERY and fundamental Beingness and state of OT and its infinite rewards.

For those who were not so fortunate to have made the correct choice by selling their Soul, a lowered level of Awareness is in the long run the only unavoidable outcome, ending with Unexistence, Being MEST, and Total Failure.

Hence, essentially becoming the unsung, unacknowledged hero in the whole affair, while the simpleton gleefully gobbles without questioning all the lies.

I do not feel bad about it.  Scientology was meant for the able to become more able. Someone who instantly falls for drivel, Hatred propaganda and believes people of ill will without bothering to question 1.1 natter, does not fit the definition of ABLE in my book.


To be forthcoming