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Pierre Ethier

Class XII


Please allow me to introduce myself.


I was introduced to Scientology in 1973. I joined the SO at Flag in early 1976.



I was a Flag auditor for nearly 15 years..

After a shaky start, I eventually rose through the ranks and became Flag Top producing auditor and held that title undisputed for many years.


AlainKartuzinski, a Class XII C/S who is still holding the position of Deputy Snr C/S at the Flag Service Org, used to call me “The King” when referring to me as an auditor, perhaps because I had in a way become to Scientology auditing what Elvis became for Rock and Roll.


Do not expect to rant and rave about my mistreatment in the Sea Org. True there were abuses and even outrageous things that were done to me , but I would like to think that I am completely flat on the subject of being a “vicim” and I have no need to cry on anybody’s shoulder.


I reluctantly left the Sea Org in December 1992, after conditions became simply impossible to live under and after Senior management failure to brainwash me with their non-sense. I had never anticipated to leave the Sea Org before.


When I heard with my own ears David Miscavige (Chairman of the Board of RTC) gloating with Marc Yager (IG Admin) and Marc Ingber (CO CMO Int) about his latest new invented unusual and cruel punishment of a staff member, (a completely Squirrel Ethics handling) and later voicing evil purposes that he had toward my organization (the FSO), I decided that I did not wish to continue to support such a degenerate any longer. This is when I decided to leave.


I left Flag through the front door, after completing all the requirements that were asked from me (including getting sec-check by an auditor who had just been declared a suppressive). I left the Flag Land Base under amiable terms.


That auditor was declared Suppressive for allegedly doing out-tech on John Travolta. He audited me at length on Sec-checks and FPRD. How someone with a brain larger than a peanut would conceive of “preventing someone from leaving” by assigning him to be audited by someone labeled to be a suppressive by RTC (the Supreme Authority) baffles any attempt at explaining it through logic. Perhaps they expected me to become PTS to him, since he was still under his suppressive declare during our sessions together, and the suppressive is supposed to wish to do in the people they audit.


I had been personally drilled and individually coached within an inch of my life on Sec-checking by IG Tech and Senior C/S Int. I was the first auditor to successfully go through this program of being a “PERFECT sec-checker”. This was a requisite for doing the New OT VIII Eligibility check on the OT VIII hopefuls for the Freewinds Maiden Voyage in 1988. They forgot that part of the end product of that course was my unequalled ability to detect and recognize ANY and ALL manifestations of Overts, Withholds and Evil Purposes on everyone I dealt with. (including Senior Management).


I had produced about 25 000 Well Done auditing Hours in my career as an auditor, which is more than any auditor in the world had ever done at the time of my departure. All my pcs (with very few exceptions) were rave about their wins and were smoothly progressing up the Bridge. I found the experience of auditing very rewarding, when I could see how much people changed and improved.


Become a Class XII is very though. If anyone thinks that a Class XII is merely an auditor trained to deliver the L-10,11,12 procedures, they have no concept of it whatsoever.


For one thing, a Class XII TRs and Metering, must not be merely good or even excellent, they need to be Superlative. The grasp of the Technology of a true Class XII is complete and unequated, even by a Class VIII.


I have completed, as of 1992, every single Technical Course offered at Flag. I have completed 28 Flag Internships.


I possess Video passes from every person that has held the post of Snr C/S Int, including David Mayo, Jeff Walker, Ray Mithoff, John Eastment, and many others.


In addition to my technical training, I have done a lot of Admin training as well. I am a Full OEC (Org Exec Course graduate). I did the Data Series Evaluator course under the personal supervision of Suzette Hubbard (daughter of LRH) (my twin was the CO ASHO). I did the Mini Supervisor Course.


One of the few courses I didn’t do is the FEBC, though I have read the entirety of the materials, and listened to each of the FEBC and ESTO tapes. I have read most of the “secret” materials behind the PR and “Intelligence” actions of the church. This includes the special edition of the PR book by Cutlip with handwritten annotations from LRH.. I have read dozens and dozens of LRH supervised sessions and supervised cases and all the R & D volumes


The number of LRH tapes that I have listened to or read a transcript of is probably over 1500. I doubt that even Snr C/S Int or IG Tech can boast to that.


In 1992 John Eastment (Snr C/S Int), in a briefing to the FSO, said that on the ship LRH had given him a TIP (Training Individual Program) to learn the Tech so well that he could re-write it from scratch.

I am sure he is still working on it.


At this point, I could conclusively said to him: “John, I have now done it”.


It is my intention to continue to help people.


I am currently advising and correcting people in the so called “Free Zone”


I am currently giving counseling as well. No copyright violation is involved since I have been able to re-write the technology without departing from any of the Hubbardian standards, concepts or ideals.


I do not believe in the alteration of the Technology. I consider that Squirrelling is the misguided attempt of someone who is incapable of getting results doing the standard processes, to invent unproven and unworkable approaches.


I was trained personally by the highest and most qualified terminals to literally burn KSW in stone, and I find that my attitude in that respect has not changed a lot. It is my experience that sticking to standard procedure and to not deviate from the known path always produces the best results.


I intend to post a number of essays of my own concerning the Hubbardian approaches to Spirtuality and the Mind.


Since RTC control has appropriated the name (and apparently is in the process of selling it to a bunch of non-scientologist power-greedy individuals, if I believe the rumours I read on a number of web sites and posting). I do not intend to use the word Scientology. That word has acquired unsavory connotations thanks to a number of inept handlings by OSA and RTC. The level of acceptance of that word is at an al time low. Since these goons pad their statistics or use statistics that simply do not reflect their products, they say they are “doing fine”. Eventually (unless they change their ways), their copyrighted word could become as unsavory as the word Al-Qaeda has become. This is not something I wish to be associated with.


I believe in freeing Man and that Freedom can never be achieved through slavery (a fact that it took the old USSR itself over 70 years to realize).. It is my intention to accomplish the Hubbardian ideals without sinking into the dark side.


So far I have been very successful in that endeavor.


Pierre Ethier




Some people in the Free Zone, pretend to be Class XIIs.


Except for Karen De La Carriere (aka Karen Jentzsch), I was the last Class XII, to depart. Class XIIs are simply too scarce of a commodity and too hard to make. It is my belief that in addition to any class XII being under the eternal scrutiny of Big Brother (through RTC ordered sec-chec, obsessively digging for the slightest disagreement or lack of enthusiasm for their ideas, and immediate action), any Class XII would be forcibly detained in the RPF until he has received enough “processing” to “come back to his senses”. Even Ray Mithoff and Jeff Walker were sent to the RPF until they change their Minds and no longer Disagree with the Sanctity of RTC teachings.


I became the 41st Class XII to be made.


This is the entire list of Class XIIs ever made. If that name is not on the list, they are not a Class XII, but a fake.


While I do not deny the possibility that a bonafide and competent Class XII may one day be made in the FZ, all people who have claimed to audit those levelsin the FZ have neither nor drilled nor been supervised by a XII. Further since they have not a clue as to the background behind those rundowns they audit with a level of alteration that would make LRH turn in his grave (if he had one).


Ship Trained Class XIIs (most under LRH)







OJ Roos ¹

Liese Klingvall¹

Tommy Klingsvall¹

Mike Maurer¹


Leon Steinberg¹*

Quentin Hubbard¹*

David Mayo¹

Jeff Walker¹


Brian Livingston¹

Alex Sibersky¹

John Eastment

Merril Mayo¹


John Ausley¹*

Ron Shaffran ¹

Robin Lindsell ¹

Paulette Ausley¹


Karen DelaCarriere¹

Murray Chopping ¹

Russ Meadows¹

Alex Gerber¹







Flag Land Base Trained Class XIIs as of 1993









Gwen North ¹

Ray Mithoff

Carolyn Webb

Alain Kartuzinski


Minty Alexander

Alan Stave

Myriam Stave

Jim Sydejko


Edie Lundeen

Jo Strutters


Malin Gelfan


Bodil Tucker

Linda Sydejko

Peter Buttery

Claire Reppen*


Richard Reiss

Lisa Rentschler

Carol Schwartz

Rick Alexander


Pierre Ethier¹






Total: 41 Class XIIs as of 1993




¹  Has either left or blown the Sea Organization

*  Deceased

** My apologies, I temporarily forgot his name, ( a fellow from the UK)  though we did co-audit together for a little while.




While at Flag I have been audited by 19 different Class XIIs.

I have audited 11 different ones.

There are only 3 Class XIIs, I have never met (OJ Roos and the Klingvalls)


Out of 41 Class XIIs,


1 was from Holland, 3 from Sweden, 2 from Canada, 1 from France, 1 from Denmark, 2 from the UK, the rest were Americans.


I have delivered the Ls in French, Spanish, Italian and English. I have used my own translations, since the existing ones were truly lamentable.


Few things beat translating materials into several languages to gain a very detailed and precise understanding of it.


Pierre Ethier


People can communicate to me via the email address





What it means to become a Class XII