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They told him that he got the Best of the Best...
What he got was mediocrity in disguise

Jason Beghe DID NOT get Standard Tech.


Only excerpts are here. LRH wrote it as a result of the last Course that he taugh in late 1975 (called the New Vitality Rundown).

Everyone in the Church or Free Zone or Independent Field should read in its entirety the following HCOB. It would put an end to a lot of disagreements and Know-Best attitudes.

"There are no failed cases. There are only failed C/Ses and Auditors.

In a recent test; this was proven conclusively. A number of no-case-gain, slow-case-gain, sickie and "failed cases" were rounded up. Using well trained Flag Auditors and the most basic of lists, every one of these cases was soon flying.

At another time, lists which had been "nulled" by a group of trainee Auditors were then taken over, on the same pcs, same lists, and renulled by Class Xs. Over half the reading items had been missed by the trainees—they simply couldn’t make the list read on the pcs. Yet the lists were as alive as skyrockets. The pcs, under the trainee Auditors, had accumulated all manner of by-passed charge by having reading items ignored. And in some cases, having non-reading items given attention.

To a trainee, all this seems incredible and mysterious. He does not realize how very bad his metering can be, how faint and fainting his TR 1....His Auditor presence is so poor and his attitude sounprofessional that the pc isn’t really in session. His own introversion prevents him from really observing the pc’s tone or reaction. All these faults can be cured and HAVE to be before an Auditor can call himself a real Auditor. Short of that he is just a fooling-about dilettante. ...

It isn’t "talent" that makes the good Auditor. It is practice and more practice until he himself knows first that he didn’t know and then knows that he really knows.

The source of out tech is only laziness and dishonesty.

FACT: "Well Trained Flag Auditors" are no longer being made at Flag and have not been made for some time. Those that were originally trained as Flag Auditors have been made to shift their allegiance away from the true Goals of the Technology of Auditing to "SATISFYING THE EASILY IRRITABLE,  ALWAYS UNFORGIVING AND RUTHLESS RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER"

To Challenge any of the arbitrary rules introduced by RTC (most of which, starting from the Top are NOT FLAG TRAINED to begin with), is for an auditor: INSTANT DEATH.

The auditor at Flag is therefore reduced to the same level as a soldier sent on mission doomed to failure because he must without question, obey the orders from an uncaring General who has flawed intelligence and near absolute arogance about his infallibility.

So anyone claiming that Flag still deliver the "Best of the Best" either velives the Claim of a complete "HAS BEEN" or believe Car salesman talk without any reservations.

For reason best known to Rock Slammers and Suppressives, the CHurch chronically gives some of its worst auditors to Celebrities. Jason Beghe is just another example.

The Church wants to give auditors it CAN CONTROL, not auditors that will refuse Executive interference and program cases based on the dictates of ignorant Executives, who merely see a "celebrity" as someone they can exploit for their own agenda and glory (and statistics).

For example, among John Travolta auditors one finds Peter Cook (The questionable auditor repair list was made after his auditing. Peter cook evaluated continually for his pcs), Jim Sydejko (Jim Sydejko was labelled "dangerous auditor" by LRH himself and declared suppressive for how bad he audited, David Gellie, who completely flubbed on Lisa McPherson and was therefore forever removed from auditing lines). These are some of the main auditors of John Travolta. I was considred the best auditor at Flag,but it was well known that I was labeled as wildcard before not once did I ever accept any ofbeat Case action on a pc even from RTC themselves, and wrote countless out-tech reports on RTC inspectors.

Al what Jason Beghe got is a shoddy substitute. He should at least be informed of that fact.

The so called Class XII auditing he got at Flag is what a flubby beginner Class IV provided in my days.

The Best Auditors and C/Ses are ALL LONG GONE FROM THE CHURCH. I can assure everyone of that fact.

Richard Reiss, who I know very well, is a joke as Senior C/S. He became RTC puppy Dog during the Travolta Flap in 1992 (Travolta became suicidal after auditing with Jim Sydejko).

The Snr C/S is responsible for Tech quality in his org. The F/N VGI ratio (The Senior C/S Statistic) crashed to an all time low and remain at a low level since.

The Golden Age of Tech who was supposed to make "PERFECT AUDITORS" has been actualy makng the "WORST AUDITORS".


In Fact LRH says on a taped lecture: "The PERFECT AUDITOR would remain "PERFECT" only so long as the session remained perfect, and as son as the session started to fal to pieces, they would promptly become "THE WORST AUDITOR"

Richard Reiss has been MAKING THE WORST AUDITORS. In the 1970s, most California Missions turned out better auditors than what Flag passes of as their "Class XIIs" right now.

RTC kept Reiss on post for 15 years, because as nice compliant Puppy Dog he said always yes to their arbitraries and brand of out-tech.

No less than 7 Flubbed Ls pc from Flag (in addition to the many flubbed Ls pcs from the Free Zone) have contacted me and I was able to repair EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM. Each Flubbed Ls or Class XII pc from Flag is from auditing received in the last 10 years.


Richard Reiss would remove from auditing any auditor who criticized RTC, even if it was in the sanctity of an auditing session...

Richard Reiss has agreed with the recent RTC redefinItion of F/Ns and every single arbitrary they ever enforced on him.

Richard told me personally that he viewed it as a high crime to criticize RTC and that he felt they could never be wrong on a technical call, no matter what reference I would show him

There are currently 20 flubbed Class XIIs pcs from recent years at Flag who are currently on my waiting list so I can fix them when I can get together with them.

Got the Best of The Best? Not by a long shot:

Of the 7 Flubbed Ls pcs I received: here is a summary:

1- Pc complained on "merely good results on L-10". Good but not rave.

My Review showed Gross OUT-TRs from auditor. The first list on L10 had originally less than 10 reads on it. I found 105 (ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE) missed read on the first list alone. L10 had to be redone from scratch.

2- Pc complains of headaches since L11 done at Flag. When he ran out of hours in review, was sent to Ethics as a "No case Gain".

Contacted me. I corrected three out-lists. Pc had a core MU on the Main step of L11 due to verbal tech and evaluation by auditor and C/S. Redid the step. Pc VVVVVGIs at attest. Rave succes story.
Pc has been stable since and still no headache a year later.

3- Pc crashed after L12. Went bankrupt, broke a leg.

I Corrected out-list. Found that several "good intentions" had been run out as eveil purposes, which is what had made the pc spin.

4- Pc feels ho-hum about L11. Coaxed to attest with no EP.

Pc had unflat Grade IV and was unable to properly run L11 as a result. I Flattened Grade IV then flaltened L11. Pc happy ever since.

5- Pc put on L10 when he had attention on unflat L12.

I reviewed L12 found it grossly unflat and without EP. Flattened L12 with original L12 remedies from original L12 case histories, which are no longer taught at Flag.

6- Pc covertly blew Flag after a "most boring L10"

I found core PT Missed witholds from audtiors at Flag (three different Class XIIs missed the pc PT overt and audited him over it. Once Pc M/W/Hs were all pulled pc went flying on L10 and had rave results.

7- pc going nowhere on L10. Instead of applying L10 tech, Auditor and C/S applied an inappropriate handling, which only upset the pc, then he was sent to ethics to do Conditions and Exchange by Dynamics (squirel mixing rundowns), THEN COVERTLY BLEW WHEN HE RAN OUT OF HOURS.

I did the two key repair list for L10 and found core errors in procedure, missed hidden standards and pc audited over out-ruds. Addressed the outnesses.
Continued L10 to rave results.

Need I say more?


Someone ought to contact him and indicate him as this as Bypassed Charge.

Pierre Ethier

True Class XII