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The Truth about "Golden Era of Tech" (A Fool's Gold Eulogy)

In my days prior to first being admitted in College, I undertook a serious study of Geology (Study of the Earth) and along with it Petrology (the
study of Rocks) and Mineralogy (The study of Minerals).

Because I was going on a lot of Field trips, one of the first things I learned was how to differentiate between real Gold and Fool's Gold.

Fool's gold is a naturally occurring mineral, also called Pyrite, frequently found in beautiful cubic crystal formations. It can deceivingly look like real Gold. Since it merely consists of Iron and sulfur, anything but the most naive and casual of observers (Fools) will quickly expose the fraud that it really is.

Around 1997, RTC came with its "Golden Age of Tech Eval".

Within it, the irrational analogy made between Piano Playing and Auditing, is actually a convoluted confession by David Miscavige about his own
frustration and failure at emulating his Father (a successful Musician and Piano Player), along with an effective demonstration of his crass ignorance on any topic that diverge away from "Controlling Bodies".

If Miscavige bombast were True, then how would one explain the fact that many of the greatest Pianists of all time were already publicly performing
as child prodigies, before they had even properly learned how to read?

Also, completely dismissed is the fact that beside innate talent, the genius of the Mentors that knew how to nurture the skills of their pupils was likely the second most important factor in their success.

All of them improved their skills studying under the personal guidance of the very best.

None of them robotically drilled under the Mediocrity of an ignorant "twin" or an indifferent supervisor. They most certainly were not learning
under the threat of "Eternal Damnation" for smallest flub. And lastly, nobody ever accused them of plotting the entire Demise of the subject of
Music, each time they happened to disagree with Musical Authorities.

Perhaps even more significant is David's Miscavige repeated use of the expression "piano player" instead of the more correct "pianist" to
describe the one playing one of Man's most celebrated Classical Masterpieces.

A few years ago, someone asked one of the World's most acclaimed Concert Pianist to explain the difference between a piano player and a pianist. He
simply responded: "Anyone can play the correct notes".

Indeed, the Hallmark of the True High Caliber Auditor (those LRH and his direct pupils made) is not only applying the procedures and technical
aspects of auditing "correctly", but integrating it seamlessly within a vast body of knowledge and delivering it with the professionalism in the
manner it was meant to be. This is something that a Robot (or more specifically someone made into a Robot by the continual threat of Expulsion for the slightest mistakes or unresolving disagreement), is unlikely to achieve even after several millennia of "drilling".

Playing entire works over and over and either correcting or improving their rendition is what makes the best pianists.

Instead David Miscavige would have them redo and memorize Musical exercises over and over and playing Octaves until they had reach an advanced level of Senility, before allowing them to perform in front of others.

Here we have a rare example of David Miscavige and RTC publicly dropping their guard, and exposing their true purpose.

By staying clear of the "Pianist making" business and churning out "Piano Players", by the truckload, RTC has now fully ackowledged their best ally:
Mediocrity. There is simply no better way to destroy a subject, than by attacking anything that will not fit into the mold of mediocrity and shoddiness. Mediocre people are always the easiest to control and also form the ranks out of which collaborators have traditionally always been recruited.

Does anyone honestly think that people like Horowitz, Rachmaninoff or Mozart would have continued their musical careers if they had been forced
under threats of "Ethics" to redo all of the "Theoretical Basics" with the most inept help, once they had achieved a true mastery of their skills?

Indeed, If David Miscavige had bothered to educate himself or to read the biographies of the most acclaimed pianists in History, he may not have
made this faux-pas.


The Second point is about the subject of Evaluation.

It appears clear to me that Mr. Miscavige, either through the burden of his overts, idée's fixe or plain misunderstanding of the Data Series has
misapplied that powerful technology developed by LRH.

I have been intimately familiar with the data Series and have applied them successfully for over three decades.

In the late 1970s, I completed the "Senior Data Series Evaluator Course" under the guidance of Suzette Hubbard, LRH youngest daughter. (My plans to become an "Evaluator" never materialized and shortly after, I started my long path into becoming a Top Auditor).

The main faults, I find with David Miscavige Evaluation are:

1- Violation of Data Series #7: Familiarity. "A PERSON MUST HAVE AN IDEAL SCENE WITH WHICH TO COMPARE THE EXISTING SCENE." The facts, that every Senior Tech Individual who trained under LRH has left the Church, the majority of all Class XIIs ever made have left, no new Class XIIs are being made, Auditors are now more robotic than ever and the state of Flag Refunds is now approaching a new high, are all indicators that, Mr Miscavige is entirely clueless as to what the ideal scene is.

The fact that he never released publicly what his "Ideal Scene is" is an ominous indicator that the Ideal scene being contemplated is simply too
unpalatable to be told , even to its faithful public.

2- Violation of data Series # 8: SANITY. "Whenever an observer himself has fixed ideas he tends to look at them not at the information". It should
have become amply clear by now that David Miscavige is not only a "chronic Downstat" by actual products and statistics, but that RTC's own actions
and implementations are time coincidental with most of the "Out-tech" or situations" the Church has had to deal with. Rather than look into its own
yard and clean its own the house, scape-goats are being looked for and found.

3- Violation of data Series #11: THE SITUATION. Mr. Miscavige's WHY of  "INSUFFICIENT DRILLING TO ATTAIN PERFECTION" is actually a situation and NOT a why.

From 1970 to 1976 LRH openly pushed the Slogan: "Flag is the Mecca for those who seek Technical perfection".

In the lecture "Welcome to the Flag Internship", LRH explains how perfect auditors are to be made at Flag. Every course that LRH taught at Flag of
which I read the original LRH C/Sed sessions (Standard Dianetics, Class VIII, NVRD, XDN, Introspection Rdn, Class X, Class XI, Class XII)
explicitly and in his own hand made it clear to all Interns they would not graduate until they had attained Perfection". There are scores of similar
references. These are merely the most obvious ones.

Beside the fact that Mr.Miscavige is now in declared conflict with LRH on that point, the correct question to ask that will bring the true WHY into
view is "Why are Flag Auditors no longer capable of attaining perfection?" The correct answer to that question is the true WHY. The true situation is
that according to LRH, Flag Auditors were once capable of attaining perfection and per David Miscavige own public confession, now cannot.

There has therefore been a CHANGE. Omitted drills is a situation that has existed for over 30 years and therefore is not something that has changed
since the days Flag auditors could attain perfection.

4- Violation of data Series #11: THE SITUATION. Mr Miscavige's WHY "THE BLIND HAVE BEEN LEADING THE BLIND." is actually a situation and NOT a why.

The first question to ask here is Who would allow (or encourage) the "Blind leading the blind?"
The second question to ask is why are all those people blind?". Followed by Who trained them?


It is certainly not a normal state of affair to find a Technology proclaimed to "Open up the Perceptions and Awareness of Individuals" rampant with blind people in a leading role!

This leads to the obvious conclusion that if auditors were blind then those who supervised them and trained  (responsible for the quality of their products per LRH Policy) are blind as well.

Along with its network of "Inspectors" since 1982, RTC has shouted on every roof, it could climb on, that it is "RESPONSIBLE" and the "GUARDIAN" for the Tech and its Application. Since Inspectors by definition inspect, the inescapable conclusion is that they were blind as well, and in fact most likely are responsible for this "newly found" Blindness Pandemic in the first place.

A fact of Interest is that per LRH people with overts (or PTS) become blind.

There is nothing wrong with Drilling, and it is no secret to me that a lot of useful practical drills (in particular drilling of procedures and processes) were "missing" from the Training line-up and many of LRH orders o make drills were never complied with.

This said, however, The Golden Age of Tech does not merely to fill a gap that was very much in want of filling, it seeks to entirely REPLACE the
entire practice and philosophy of Scientology training.

To confirm RTC's absolute and ruthless control, David Miscavige has now officially re-classified an error (miscalling a F/N) as a suppressive act.
There is simply no better method anyone could dream to discourage the formation of an auditor. In other words any error committed unwittingly,
unless EXPLICITELY reported in a session worksheet has now become a High Crime. It is merely a formality and up to the whim of the "Technical
Inspector" that failing to report any stumble, cough, flubbed command, or even physical reactions from either pc or auditor as is to be treated on
equal footing as embezzlement or willful sabotage.

If calling a non-existent F/N is suppressive act, then, the mandatory corollary is that bypassing one is one as well. After all, unless he is completely batty, an auditor who bypasses and F/n on a process, fails to notice it and will therefore not report it.

In similar fashion, failing to obnose an out-rud or out-of session-ness is again "Vital information" that is unlikely to ever find its way on a worksheet.  RTC now view those as serious offenses, where only someone with the skill and experience of a veteran auditor would dare going into his first auditing session.

Having now gone through a runway substantially longer than the average person on the original Class VIII course taught by LRH himself, the new
auditor who has dared doing his very first session will take, per actual calculation, no less than 5 decades before he is qualified enough to enroll onto the Class X course. So again we face the clear and open affirmation that the "Current management", in spite of hypocritical claims to the contrary, has serious disagreements with LRH on the subject of making auditors.

Since the implementation of the Golden Age of Tech, the Church has maintained some of its statistics in an Upward Trend.

Remove OT Eligibility, PTS-SP Courses Course, Training retrains and OT levels re-DO and the statistics show an entirely different picture and one
that ought to be seriously worrisome to anyone save those who wish to watch the Church fall.

7 years after the implementation of the "Golden Age for Fools", Auditors, even at Flag have become so robotic, so rigid, so inflexible and even
"inhuman" in session, that LRH would literally "turn in his grave" if it were possible.

One proof is that the number of people abandoning the path they have been coerced on by the Church is continually increasing.

It used to be that people who left the Church decades ago looked into the FZ to get up the Bridge.

Then it was those who dropped off lines a few years ago.

Now it is people who received services in the last few years or Months.

People no longer contact IFA or FZ auditors merely to get up the bridge, but to get their case Cracked!

Even a number of recent L-11, L-12 and L-10 "Flag completions" from recent months have approached "independent auditors" in order to get the repair they knew Flag couldn't or wouldn't do.

The Interviews alone reveal quickie and unflat core steps, mis-done steps and an overall sloppiness (or roboticism) from the auditors that is on a
par with people I have been known to publicly brand as "Squirrels".

Unless this shows to be an exception to the rule, something I am not inclined to believe at this point, it appears that the skills and presence
of a Class XII at Flag have now fully degenerated to the Level of a what we expected of a IV in my days and that "Class XII standards at Flag"  has
degraded to the level of a pipe dream.

Paradoxically, it is now demonstrably the "Field" that is doing Flag own Tech Flub catch and correcting, "The cases they couldn't crack".

Pierre Ethier

Class XII