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(Valid for all auditors whether still affiliated with CoS or in the FZ)

Many people have, over the years asked me for advice on setting up their own practice.

Here is a summary of my Technical advice on the matter.

It is my hope the following is of help to all auditors, whether they are field auditors, work with an organization or are associated with The Church, Thre Free Zone or somehing else.

1- Have as much certification as possible, as it instill confidence in prospective public

(for example IFA, or certified by me or recognized training either under CoS, Flag or an acknowledged auditor).

2- If you have received much training in later years (such as Golden Age of Tech) or from a source known to be questionable for its out-tech, get False Data stripping and other applicable Qual actions to clean up any mistraining received, as applicable.

3- Have certainty and be smooth in each level you are auditing.This means adress any areas of confusions, weaknesses and technical queries through Qual or training actions

- Ensure that you fully have drilled and checked out with a competent auditor each level you are delivering.
This means that for levels done outside CoS, that within a reasonable time you go beyond self-training, which may be good for starters, but inadequate to achieve true long term competence. It doesnt mean necessarily to stop auditing those levels (unless your auditing on them is truly flubby). It means to actively seeks proper training, instead of accepting expedient ad hoc training as a permanent solution, which is a typical attitude found in the Free Zone. Auditors who neglect eventually getting proper training will sooner later start to squirrel.

5- Do not avoid counsel from auditors more trained than you or properly trained C/Ses. This is a particular weak point in the Free Zone, where some auditors sometimes view others suspiciously as a potential competititors. Seek assistance when you are baffled by a case, if you are are concerned you may have put him on the wrong program, if you feel feel you are not making adequate progress with it or when some Bad Indicators are persisting in spite of your best efforts. Better yet, audit under a properly trained C/S for any level or case actions (such as repairs) you think you could use some help with. It is quite possible to C/S remotely. I have done it for years. DO NOT ACCEPT VERBAL ADVICE on how to handle cases, in particular from self-elected Free Zone Authorities who only have "self-certification" or from discussion groups. This is how Out-tech spreads. Always get the actual reference, from a published issue, a book or a taped lecture, never from someone's opinion..

6- Ensure each and every pc is fully setup for any Major New Grade or level before starting it. Use the existing checklists and the C/S Series. In particualr, DO NOT RELY on False and Verbal Data about the Meaning of the Non-Interference Zone outside of the R6EW-OT III band or as it applies to those who went Clear on Dianetics. Ensure pcs are validly Clear and their case has been reviewed by a C/S who has traned on the Solo C/S course, before putting them on the OT Levels. Putting pcs on OT Levels or Grades before they are truly ready for them will result in pcs setting a poor example either through aberrated behaviour or the manifestation of out grades phenomena in addition to robbing them of the gains they should have made

7- Last, but not least. Apply Professionalism toward your pcs and auditing at all times. Beside the obvious, it means that you should always strive to do the best you possibly can for any pc you are auditing because that is what each pc truly deserve. Never settle for sloppiness or half-dones. Always increase your skills, either through drilling, reading. Go over materials and Basics over and over again. (For example: I have read the auditor Code possibly 300 times. I have read most NOTs bulletins over 50 times).  You can never read something too often (unless you are violating one or more of the tree barriers to study)

Number of times over the Materials equal certainty.  (HCOB 8 May 69)

An auditor is most successful when he has achieved an inexorable self-confidence in himself, in his tools, in his attitude toward the preclear and in the results he means and determines to achieve. (Adv Proc & Axioms).

It isn't magic or luck that makes the professional. It's hard won know-how careful applied. A true professional may do things pretty easily from all appearances, but he is actually taking care with each little bit that it is just right. (HCO PL 8 Oct 64)


Pierre Ethier


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Pierre Ethier