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The Forgotten Story of Arcslycus


By Pierre Ethier




The story of Arcslycus is a very ancient one.


It is one of the earliest incidents on the track and has been dated to have occurred many trillions of years ago.


This story agrees with LRH statements about it. It is complemented by the accounts of dozens of people I have counseled throughout the years as well as my own.


P.S. People holding to the belief that Arcslycus is merely the beginning of the relatively recent Confederation that was destroyed 75 million years ago either need a better understanding of the concept “large numbers” or have their Time Track completely grouped as a result of faulty auditing.





Try to imagine a civilization that collapsed so long ago that its most stubborn remnant fell to dust before the Galaxy in which we live even began to take its current shape…


Try to think of the Universe as newly formed and the “Big Bang” as a relatively recent occurrence.


Try to conceive of an environment so dissimilar to our own that most of the laws of Nature we take for granted were actually quite different than those we know today…



Welcome to Arcslycus, the City in the Sky.


Nickname “Sky”, the city laid endlessly beyond comprehension. Towering buildings, narrow spires, majestic halls, landing platforms, interconnected by a profusion of bridges, arches and catwalks of all sizes going above and below further than the eye could see.


Through this gargantuan multi-dimensional maze, vehicles large and small hurried along and within seconds would be lost from sight, absorbed in one of its many tentacles. Everywhere one looked buildings were being built or extended.


You entered the city by crossing one of its many access ramps also known as Freedom Bridges.


After the mandatory but quick registration upon first entering, the city literally swallowed newcomers. Soon there seemed to be no beginning, no end to Paradise. It would be quite possible to travel for hours at full throttle in any one direction without seeming to come close to its any of its boundaries.


Located in the middle of the sky of an impossibly large planet, Paradise had no visible means of support. It did not matter to any of its countless millions of inhabitants. The city was very prosperous and the envy of the entire neighborhood.


Paradise was also known as the city of a million names. Felicity, Bliss, and Joy were some of the more popular ones. Religious minded people called it Heaven on Earth or whatever their language or belief would allow. A predominant sect, the Fehnari called it Arcslycus.





Have you ever studied the Fehnari language or culture?


No I said,


Maybe you should have.


You see the word Fehnari in their own language means Dichotomy. Every word in their language has two distinct, frequently opposed meanings: one for the Masses, and a completely different for the Initiates. For them the word Arcslycus means Bridge to Total Freedom, but for their Initiates it means an Elaborate Trap.


Al now realizes the full meaning of the welcome message, this time in the Initiates dialect:


You are now entering our Elaborate Trap. You will find escape quite impossible. We expect full compensation in the form of hard labor for any of the meager resources you are likely to consume. As a new worker Your Motto is now :”Hard work sets one free”. From now on, only if you work hard, will you find you existence tolerable.