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To disabuse those who need it of the Falsehood that I would be "RTC Trained" let me show a few specific, to oppose that broad generality.


Considering the fact that none of the individuals who have spread that Falsehood ever once attempted to ascertain the value of my training by taking it up with me, I am tempted to believe that personal lucre, rather than "Seeking to live with the truth" is the actual motive at the root of their actions.


In all honesty judging by the quantity of abuse, unjustified punishment and even torture I was made to go though at the Hands of RTC and its duly authorized representatives, labeling me as their pupil and puppet is as obscenely false as labeling Holocaust Survivors "Nazi Lovers" or Mother Theresa a "cheap whore".


My Technical expertise and Training PRIOR to RTC


RTC was incorporated on May 16 1982.


By that date, I had already completed by a very long shot more Classed courses and Internships than any of the current FZ Opinion Leaders (save Captain Bill who was a Class VIII, - David Mayo is not counted because he has completely disappeared from any FZ activities).


I had cracked hundreds of cases, some of the most difficult cases, for several years. Those cases arewell beyond anything that one in the FZ is ever likely to have come on his line.


By May 1982, I was well onto on the SHSBC, I had completed 14 Flag Internships, done the NOTS course and Internship.


All the checksheets I did on the SHSBC since were written PRIOR to RTC being formed, so were all HCOBS therein. All the drills I did on the SHSBC were done with people who had trained on Class VI and above well before 1982.


By 1982 I had been Flag Auditor of the year twice. Per the C/S Series, the C/S, not the supervisor, nor anyone else is responsible for the auditor training and his skills. The caliber of Auditors is a direct measurement of the C/S and Snr C/S that trained him.


My C/Ses and Snr C/Ses exclusively were trained by LRH on the Apollo and at St-Hill. needless to say none of them still remains in the Church.


All of my training had been done and drilled under the scrutiny and direct supervision of LRH trained Class XIIs, often with one of them holding the cans.


In 1981 I had a TR Video tape passed by LRH.


There is a tape by LRH from 1971 that few people have heard of where he sets the standards for Flag auditing. Partial transcripts are available and excerpts have been published in a number of magazines, yet it is a reference commonly avoided by the practitioner who has an "anything goes attitude" or the one who seeks to self-proclaim himself the best while rabidly opposing any independent evaluation of his skills.


In March 1982 I received a Special Commendation by ED Int by a widely published SOED, which went to all orgs on all continents, where I was named "Flag Top Auditor" (This is the ED INT prior to the current one who was himself a Class VIII and left long ago).


In less than 2 years, I was promoted from the rank of Swamper (no rank) to the rank of

Lieutenant(one of the highest ranks in the Sea Org) based on my skills and actions an auditor.

Such as rapid raise in rank is unheard of in the Sea Org History, except when awarded by LRH personally.


In October 1981 my photo was published in a Scientology Magazine as "Top

Auditor in the World"


Some people think that on the day RTC was incorporated a sort of Evil magic Wand was cast over the entirety of the organizations and that even people of good will and skills suddenly turned to Evil and altering the Tech overnight.


Such a view is entirely childish and irrational, not to say implausible and not born by facts.


True, RTC has altered the tech, but they didnít do it overnight. If they had, they would have been caught by everyone, even the untrained an the gullible.


The truth is that I remained in the Church while many chose the easy option to leave, because I felt I could do something about it and I could help people.


How many thousands (yes it is thousands in my case) of people have those who call me "RTC trained" have they actually personally helped over the years since 1982???


The application of auditor's code in session and the Auditing Comm cycle did not change the day RTC took over.


RTC may very have altered the TRs, but I did my TR Course long before the advent of RTC and ever since obtaining a pass by LRH on my TRs in 1981, my TRs and presence have never been found to be at fault in any of the hundreds of Videos I have submitted since.


I was one of the first to report the Out-Tech of Gang-bang sec checking when it was implemented.


I wrote dozens upon dozens of reports for Out-Tech either sponsored or endorsed by RTC over the years. Never cowering about who or what I would be reporting. I made a lot of enemies that way, but I ensured I was, through my hard work, untouchable.


I was the top auditor at Flag for the numbers of hours in the Chair; nobody could find anything wrong with my auditing or the results of my pcs, in spite of repeatedly covertly listening to sessions and continual folder checks. Further, I was the only auditor trained on a number of High demand rundowns that spoke the languages spoken by some of the most influential Flag of public. This made my presence on Flag delivery lines absolutely crucial.



For the naive who would think that RTC lowered the standards, quite on the contrary, RTC raised the bar of standards to such an unrealistically high level and with a plethora of added arbitraries that their purpose seem to have been to make every auditor fail. The only reason I was able to survive at all, without obliteration of my own free will was my own mastery of the Tech and the basics, rather than as the ignorant would surmise, the relinquishing of my own knowledge and integrity, and NEVER giving them an opportunity to challenge me on their newly added and stupid arbitraries.


On the Class VIII course I did were the original materials, reel-to-reel tapes and not one HCOB from after 1982. The checksheet was written in 1981. My Course supervisor trained at St-Hill in the 1960s. Where is RTC in that training????


The Class X-XI-XII checksheets were written on the Apollo. The LRH

original sessions and materials are from the 1970s. My supervisors trained

in the 1960s and 1970s directly under LRH. My C/Ses were all trained long before the formation of RTC was even conceived.


So where is the RTC training, except in a few people imagination?


Every LRH lecture I ever listened at Flag to was a reel-to-reel tape UNALTERED

copy. How many FZ people can claim to have listened to over 1000 UNALTERED

LRH lectures?


The last set of lectures ever given by LRH (December 1975 - all 23 of them), I listened to the actual Masters. Can anyone of the "Opinion Leaders in the FZ can claim to have listened to 23 Master LRH lectures?


Note: there are less than 500 Non-altered lectures in the FZ, the rest are all copies from

Cassettes sets, which are known to be altered in some way.


So the next one who accuse me of being "RTC trained" should be asked: "Do you have a similar overt of your own?" and not let go of that question until they answer.


Pierre Ethier