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Between 1969 and 1981, much research has been made by L Ron Hubbard and staff loyal to him on the subject that since 1978 has been known as NOTs. The unpublished research is many hundreds of pages long and includes dozens of NOTS Rundowns that for reasons that will become amply clear in the next few paragraphs, have never, until now, been released, or been only partially released.

Since its establishment in 1982, RTC has led a campaign of suppression of dissent and persecution of anyone it could not control.

RTC has repeatedly made it Clear throughout the years that RTC and RTC alone was responsible for the application and the standards of the Tech at Flag, in AOs, in orgs and around the World.
(subsequently, the Church senior executive would announce announce that RTC leadership had all these years been "the blind leading the blind", oblivious that according to very technical principle in which he professed to believe in, blindness in that context is merely the by-product of Unethical and destructive acts and behaviour).

The entire attention of RTC was in "Ferociously Closing the door" on what they viewed as "incorrect application", overlooking the fact that they had entered their own arbitraries and there existed hundreds of pages in NOTS tech alone that had not been released for lack of time and resources.Many of the RTC Technical staff had never done a Flag Internship, many trained in a hurry, and had very few hours under their belt, yet they viewed themselves as senior authorities Worse RTC saw itself above QUAL SENIOR LAW, written by L. Ron Hubbard himself, in that Qual must not accept orders from anyone as to what to do technically with a person. Later on, several of the Key RTC Technical Inspectors, including, Jesse Prince, the one in charge of forming them, would depart and public broadcast, and even boast that they had never had gains nor ever believed in the validity of the technology during all these years, yet they had enforced it ruthlessly and fanatically on everyone they could for years.

The Snr C/S Int Office and LRH Technical Compilation Units were depleted of resources and staff while RTC Technical inspectors ranks and resources kept growing by leaps and bounds like some sort of grotesque animal that ate and destroyed everything in its path.

Very soon, RTC inspectors became preoccupied, or perhaps more accurately "obsessed" with their new Police Powers, inflicting penalties, demotions and general invalidation and denigration of Technical staff with a cruelty that often bordered on sadism.

Inspiring itself on the "successful actions" of the GESTAPO (Nazi Secret Police) and Stazi (East German Secret Police: the most repressive and powerful Police in any of the Iron Curtain Countries), RTC made it a crime in a Policy Letter issued on July 22nd 1982 (written largely composed by RTC staff), for any staff or public not to become a dedicated and ruthless informant.

This was achieved by making anyone an "accessory to the crime" for the slightest failure to report not only acts of commissions, but omissions as well and even mere suspected commissions or omissions. The Policy went further by ordering identical penalties be applied to both the offender and anyone who had "failed to report" him..

While the penalty for crimes (or failing to report them, even if merely suspected) routinely involved cancellations of certificates, enforced disconnections and expulsion often without a committee of Evidence or even a simple hearing, on the other hand, wilfully false and embellished reports, (including those written with malice) carried only an elective Chaplain Court, where the maximum penalty allowable for the person who maliciously reported (and quite possibly ruined the others person life) was a private apology and damages in the amount of $5.

IN 1982, after too many technical disagreements with junior RTC technical staff, David Mayo was demoted into doing useless and unproductive manual labour and his office disbanded.

For nearly an entire decade, the numerous projects that office had worked on were forgotten.

In 1991, tired of hearing of the alleged contribution of David Mayo to the development of NOTs, RTC finally retrieved the materials they had themselves buried, claiming they had been been abandoned in the dust by David Mayo himself. Somehow the contradiction between the fact that David Mayo had been forcibly removed from his office and yet subsequently "hidden the materials" never dawned on RTC when they briefed all NOTs delivery technical staff in 1991 that the NOTs materials had been completely revamped and recompiled to remove the last trace of Mayo's influence in them.

The 1991 New NOTS materials were shockingly similar to the original materials issued in 1978 and 1979. Every bulletin had the same title and number. Every single step of the Original NOTs program had an identical name and was in the same location. While the original bulletins had been largely made of hurriedly written down notes and generally lacked cohesion, RTC reorganized the exact same materials in smoother prose and clearer organization. The changes were entirely cosmetic. To make their claim that it was "all new" more palatable, 3 steps of the original NOTs program were extensively rewritten and included, hitherto unpublished NOTs technology that had been sitting  gathering dust for over a decade, thanks to their obsession with witch hunts rather than make the technology available. The fault was entirely laid at the feet of David Mayo, who somehow is still viewed by RTC as an individual so powerful that nearly three decades after his departure, he is still viewed as the root of most Evil and down statistics on Tech lines.

Following the 1996 release of the Golden Age of Tech, whose avowed purpose is to turn auditors into mindless robots, the NOTs materials were again entirely revised to make them align with the "New Scientology Order" of things. Excruciatingly explicit patters were written for each step and procedure, and some of the original philosophical ideas of NOTs published in the 1970s were rejected as "not in alignment" with the Church current leader ideas and idee fixe. Patterns became so explicit, convoluted and restrictive, that the ideal auditor became little more than a mindless zombie whose new found panacea was that the only thing that could ever be wrong with anyone was their overts and underlying evil purposes.

It is a well known technical fact that unethical people, when on tech lines, routinely see in others what is actually wrong with them. It requires only the simplest of logic to see that since 1996, the transmogrification of auditors in the Church into zombies, automatons and robots is no accident but the intended aim of its self-appointed, self-elected current Technology Dictator to never be found out.

In spite of claims of it being a grandiose achievement, Golden Age of Tech training purpose is to re-educate auditors so that they audit in a way that aligns with David Miscavige own view of how the Tech should be applied. For some reason, which have a lot more to do with terror than competence, David Miscavige is currently acknowledged by the staff and Executives of Church of Scientology as Technically infallible . This he has achieved in spite of having never training beyond Class IV, never completing an a single Flag Internship, and not having, in his entire life, audited another more than a handful of hours. He has never personally audited a single person to Clear or an OT. On the other hand, he has admitted to ruining thousands of lives. At least three Class XII auditors have died, while still young, while they were on an absurdly long and denigrating Cramming that he wrote. He has made it into a crime punishable by reverse processing for any staff member to admit, even in the sanctity of a session that David Miscavige might have some of the traits of Anti-Social personality. David Miscavige has read the core L10 materials (which have never been publicly leaked) without receiving it, in spite of explicit warning by L. Ron Hubbard that doing so will make someone go crazy. He has no C/S training whatsoever. One of the early people he experimented on as a C/S was called Lisa McPherson. Her folder were "lost" (most people believe they were ordered destroyed, otherwise David Miscavige himself would have been indicted for negligent homicide)

Today, based on the testimony of dozens of recent defectors, NOTs technology is now delivered in a fanatically rigid fashion, where the auditor is not expected to understand anything, but deliver the rundown with the precision (and ARC) of an automaton.

The relatively simple and easy to grasp steps to validate and verify the completion of that level (called the Solo NOTS EP check) has been completely perverted. What was originally conceived as a short action often in a few minutes to verify, validate and properly rehabilitate the state, has become a convoluted, complex and arcane procedure, often lasting several intensives and producing in 50% of the cases a cowed and compliant individual, at the end.

From Class XII C/Ses and Solo NOTs C/Ses

More issues will be broadly released in the future so as to make the entirety of the NOTS materials available to all people of goodwill.