Cameron Jeffries
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Who Is Cameron Jeffries?

I am someone trying to express their creative talents to the world. What a better place to start than the Internet. This is my first attempt at creating a web site. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I look forward to your feedback and await any emails you may have for me. Happy surfing!

Cameron The Shutterbug

While attending Fenelon Falls Secondary School I took a photography course. I quickly became interested in the subject. Photography is still a favorite pastime of mine. I have set up a few galleries for your viewing pleasure.

Gallery One includes black and white pictures taken while on a vacation in Europe during fall of '98. I found the ruins of Rome to be captivating. They were a wonderful spot to capture some great close up shots.

If you enjoyed Gallery One then perhaps you will find gallery two just as interesting, if not more. Winter is always such a gloomy cold time of year. If I had my choice I would spend all of it wrapped up in blankets with a few good movies to watch. But on occassion Mother Nature can show us her beauty, even on the darkest day in December.

Living in the Niagara region has given me the opportunity to capture brilliant images as you will find in gallery three. Being able to visit busy tourist attractions at off season times has proven to be a benefit for catching great pictures. However much of Niagara's beauty can be found "off the beaten path". Down side roads, small parks, and hidden trails are just a few places I enjoy capturing on film.

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