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Randy Holland

Randy Holland, NATA certified athletic trainer, worked 18 seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays. During that time he moved through the minor league system and spent 5 seasons as the AAA Head Athletic Trainer. Most recently he was the Athletic Training, Conditioning Coordinator and Equipment Coordinator for the entire Blue Jays farm system. He has rehabilitated some of the premiere players in the game today.

Randy's fundamental success focuses on injury prevention, i.e. anticipate and eliminate sources of problems ("the only good injury is the injury that does not happen") through disciplined conditioning for optimum player performance. This proactive approach allows players to compete at top levels while improving aptitude and maximizing potential.

Randy is author and architect of a unique player training/conditioning program that has resulted in improved player conditioning, fewer early-season injuries, higher player availability and structured approaches to predict and prevent compensating injuries (such as elbow pain is usually in direct correlation to shoulder flexibility).

Randy and Roy combine their talents to offer a peerless package that allows skill training to develop the "complete" player.