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Calle Abasolo 3315, esquina Oaxaca - La Paz - BCS - Mexico
Col. Pueblo Nuevo - Tel.: 612-122-4575
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A real weaver working operation in La Paz, BCS, Mexico
If you ever come to La Paz, BCS, Mexico, you can't miss this small handcrafted weaver family factory with its huge looms spinning cotton, and cotton blends into rugs, blankets and tapestries, most of them handmade with materials of 100% pure cotton from Santo Domingo Valley, also located in Baja California Sur. We're located at one of the main streets of La Paz.
Artesanias Cuauhtémoc
Artesanías Cuauhtémoc
As we're a family based business, all the employees are family members and you'll be hosted by someone from the family. Everything begun with Mr. Fortunato Silva on the year of 1973 and now is one of the most important places on the manufacturing of handmade weaver. As a part of a complete and satisfactory service, Artesanías Cuauhtémoc also sells handcrafts from Oaxaca and Guatemala.
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