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The Lair



The Lair is the home of the demented, the excellent, the scary, the funniest, the saddest and ultimately some of the best Power Ranger Fan fiction to be found on the Net

Here we have some of the most excellent and prolific authors in Power Ranger fandom.

A collection of some of their selected works is available for your reading pleasure.

This site is now divided into four separate sections for each of the web mistress's favorite fandom's. Power Rangers are naturally the largest section here as this site started out as a Power Rangers site but has since expanded slightly. So, below are the four sections for our four fandom's.

Then below that we have our links page which has a selection of some of the other Power Ranger fan fiction websites out there.

We then have our author's page with all our hosted authors listed, then a Power Ranger story by season index - trust me, after doing this for a while, it was something I had to put in! Even I sometimes can't remember what's where! So, sit back and enjoy your reading. If you have any problems with this site, or queries about the stories, or just general questions, please don't hesitate to contact the web mistress on the below link.

Updated September 20th, 2006: The Lair is back where it started out and won’t be updated for a long time as real life is catching up with Mouse the web mistress and she just doesn’t have much time these days to run The Lair. For the moment, story submissions are closed for new author's, but occasionally the existing authors will be updated with their latest stories.





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