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Ernest Mandel

Marxist theory of the state (Ernest Mandel) (or download zipped file)

Socialism and the future (Ernest Mandel)

Socialism or neo-liberalism? (Ernest Mandel)

An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory (Ernest Mandel) (or download zipped file)

Vanguard parties (Ernest Mandel)

Revolutionary Strategy in the Imperialist Countries (Ernest Mandel)

Communism (Ernest Mandel)

On Workers' Democracy (Ernest Mandel)

The Causes of Alienation (Ernest Mandel)

Workers Under Neo-capitalism (Ernest Mandel)

Rosa Luxemburg and German Social Democracy (Ernest Mandel)

Why The Soviet Bureaucracy is not a New Ruling Class (Ernest Mandel)

Renowned Marxist economist dies (Allen Myers)

The Life and Struggles of Ernest Mandel (Barry Weisleder)